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How can i disable scrolling on firefox mobile ?

I want to disable scrolling for my responsive website, when a colorbox (like a lightbox) is layered over the page (as div, not as iframe). Scrolling should only be available for the colorbox-div, but not for body or html. Therefore, I set "html"

I will have to disable  scrolling with the in a AdvancedDatagrid

I think I will have to disable  scrolling with the in a AdvancedDatagrid when I am using custom icons and summary rows and grouping as the whole thing goes crazy(whole rows turning black and other horrible stuff). Has anyone encountered this before?

Disable scrolling of cursor in a xy graph

Hello, I want to use the cursor to measure two points in a graph and also disble the capability of the cursor to change the current x and y scale of the graph. I my current situation when i move the cursor beyond the gaph's boundaries the current x o

Disable scrolling in certain apps. Magic Mouse?

Is there any way to disable scrolling only on certain application on a Magic Mouse. I love the mouse and my beautiful i5 27" iMac. The trouble is I work with Adobe InDesign all the time and I am constantly accidentally scrolling the pages. I hate thi

Disable scrolling for an entire document

Can anyone help me with a code sample that will disable scrolling for an entire document?Sure! You could write a script which is executed from the top level subform's ("form1" by default) Enter event and looks for all fields on the form and sets

How do I disable scrolling tabs in Firefox 17?

How do I disable scrolling tabs in Firefox 17 without adding an extension from an unverified author? Please include the exact steps for Linux, OSX and Windows. Or I don't know put it back the way everyone wants it... Call me crazy.Do you mean by sett

Disabled scroll view scrolling becomes enabled when keyboard is up

I have a scroll view for which I have disabled horizontal scrolling. Normally this works fine. However, I have recently added functionality to make the view scroll when the keyboard is up so that text fields, etc. are not occluded by the keyboard. Wh

How2 disable scrolling msg "you can insert memory card to print photos with no computer" on display

so a long time ago, I placed a call to hp and they told me how to disable the above message that kept scrolling across the printer display.  a while back i had to restore printer to defaults and this message is back and hp can't tell me how to turn i

Can I disable scrolling on a PDF using Acrobat X?

I am making an interactive portfolio and my links are able to navigate through the entire PDF. Can I disable the user from scrolling through the PDF?Not possible.Read other 2 answers

Disabling scroll lock in New Imac keyboard

Hello world, I'm recently using Office 2011 for Mac and I have a problem with excel. Accidentally I made a mac key combination and I disabled the scroll lock. I want to enable it again in order to move the cell selected using the arrow keys. I can no

Matrix Edit:  How to disable scrolling thru unseen controller data?

I use key commands in the matrix window to navigate, select notes, move them, transpose them, change their length etc. Upon upgrading from logic 4.7 I find that Logic now scrolls one by one through controller data like mod wheel events that I CAN"T E

Disable scrolling via mouse wheel

Here's my situation. I have a TextArea that is filled with text(more text than can be displayed). I have the scroll bars removed so that you can not scroll with them, but you can still scroll with a mouse wheel. How can I disable this? I've tried a n

How to disable scroll up starting dashboard

whenever I rapidly scroll up, the system jumps to dashboard, which is counter productive to my urgency in scrolling up.  How can I disable this feature?Port number for incoming connections must not be empty. https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA148/whi

NB100 - How to disable scroll function?

On a new NB100, Everytime I use the scroll bar in Internet explorer two pointing arrows appear in front of the pointer and disrupt the scroll function of the side bar. I was unable to turn it off or find where it is coming from. I would appreciate an

Is it possible to disable scrolling of tabs with mouse wheel?

Often I close tabs using middle mouse button which is also the wheel. When I point cursor on the tabs, wheel accidently rotates and I close wrong page tab.You can't disable the tab scrolling with the mouse wheel AFAIK, so you need to use other means

Disable scrolling - possible?

This seems like a simple problem to me but I could not find any help on the net: Is it possible to prevent the user from scrolling through the pdf file which I create? I want to build up a document with several sub-categories together with a navigati

Spark List disable Scrolling

Hi I'm using a List and I disabled the scrollpolicy und allowed the hole drag/drop stuff. The visible rows are smaller than the existing ones. Problem when I try to drag/drop an list-item I could scroll through the hole content of the list. I want to

Disable scrolling animations in Mail

Hi everybody, I really like the new Mail-App in Lion. But is there a possibility to disablle the scrolling-animation (wenn you press FN+Down/Up-Arrow-Key) in Mail that it behaves like Snow Leopard Mail. If you want to flip through multi-pages-mails v

Disable scrolling text?

I have seen similar posts but have found no answer. I would like to limit text entered into a field by the actual parameters of the drawn text box. An option which was simple in Acrobat Professional (uncheck scroll long text). While I appreciate any

How to disable Scroller bounce/pull effect

I have a Scroller with VGroup as viewport in one of my app built with Flex 4.5. I have some long label texts inside the VGroup. As you scroll down and release, it bounces back to top of the page. I would like to have a normal scrolling where the page