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httpclient example c#


SSO with a website using Apache Httpclient form post

Hi , I am trying to obtain, SS0 with a website, that accepts the user information via post. I tried using app Integrator, but the website sends a cookie in first request, and redirects to another URL. App Integrator is only catching the first respons

HTTPClient for Windows Phone 8.1 gives error "NotFound" on PostAsync Method

I am using HTTP Client in Windows Phone 8.1 to hit EWS and get Inbox. When I run the app it works fine for first time and I am able to get the data.However when I refresh and the same code is executed it give me an Error "NotFound". I am surpris

Cannot get HttpClient to work for Windows Phone 8.1

I am new to development and trying to create a basic Windows Phone App that uses HttpClient with no success. I keep getting an unhandled exception. I get the same error whether using my own code or the downloadable sample RSS Reader: 'RSSreader.exe'

Exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: HTTPClient.HttpURLConnection

Hi All, I am getting below exception when I am trying to establish HTTPS connection using Exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: HTTPClient.HttpURLConnection sometime my code works and some time it gives me this exception below is the exception whi

Sender Agreement not needed when in httpclient to file scenario.

Hi,   I will like to understand why in the httpclient to file scenario, a sender agreement is not needed?   Thanks.HI Integrattion server - IS expects the messages in XML format. If you see the HTTP request you will see that we pass all the info cont

Difference between common-httpclient 3.0 and httpclient 4.0

Hi, I am using SSL communicaiton between client and server machine.The JDK version is 1.6.0_19.I am using HttpClient 4.0 now.I used common-Httpclient 3.0 earlier. The client and the server both are having the certificate.Here we are doing mutual auth

Need help on how to use HttpClient.

I am using HttpClient to implement login functionality of a website. This website has a login page(username, password, comapny number) and a submit button. On logging the server redirects the customer to Welcome page. When I supply all the details ne

"Connection timed out" with HttpClient.

Hi, My goal is to consume a web service using Apache AXIS. This web service uses Integrated Windows Authentication. I use IE have configured Proxy server address and Proxy server port using IE's Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections Tab -> LAN