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Hyper Terminal Emulator for Windows 10


AT Commands , Hyper Terminal and java

Hi, I have following problem, i have PCMCIA Type -11 Wireless modem.its installed on my system COM4 port. Now first problem is that when i try to connect with hyper terminal to COM4 there is no response from it .It become Idle.but when i connect with

[SOLVED] Terminal emulator that allows free resizing?

EDIT: Answered my own question; terminator allows per-pixel resizing if you disable window hinting in the preferences. I have an annoyance with resizing terminal emulators. I use stacking WMs (xfwm4 on one setup, compiz standalone on another) but I u

Is there a terminal emulator with up- down output?

The idea just hit me but it's very hard to find something in search or on google (up and down are popular keywords...). Here's my idea: the terminal I use (urxvt) and every other I heard of always outputs text sort of 'upwards'. Meaning: the prompt l

Xmonad - Can't start any terminal emulator (xterm,urxvt,etc)

Hi, I've recently installed Arch Linux in Virtualbox-OSE and also installed xmonad. It took me a while to get it running. It is all working fine and I can start all kinds of applications with MOD+Shift+P, but the only thing I can't do is start a term

Using SecureCRT or other terminal emulator application for Telnet of LMS

Hi Everyone, How to I set SecureCRT/Hyperterm or other terminal emulator as the one that will be use to telnet a device from Device Center or Topology Services? Many thanks.For Device Center, it depends on which browser you use. If it's Mozilla/Firef

Multimedia key issue in a terminal emulator

My keyboard has a few multimedia keys(XF86AudioRaiseVolume, etc.) and they have been correctly recognized by X and have keycodes/keysyms. I can get them work on most programs, but they are not recognized by programs run inside a terminal emulator(urx

[SOLVED] Tmux in terminal emulator having strange effect on X session

Hello. I've searched about and googled for this problem for a while, but to no avail. The problem is this: When in an X session, in the Awesome WM, when I fire up a terminal emulator (so far I tried lxterminal, xterm, urxvt and lilyterm), the console

[Solved] Most Lightweight Terminal Emulator?

I'm currently using simple terminal from suckless.org. It is the most lightweight terminal emulator I could find. I use it with a combination of evilwm, the most lightweight window manager (besides tinywm). Does anyone know of a terminal emulator tha

Carbon - yet another terminal emulator

What is carbon? Carbon is yet another terminal emulator aiming at minimalism, speed, functionality, and aesthetics. As an added bonus, the code is very modular. Carbon is built on xcb instead of Xlib. There has yet, to my knowledge, a terminal emulat

SCO-ANSI Terminal Emulator

Does any one know of a Terminal Emulator that will run in Arch and emulate an SCO-ANSI terminal. Our office wants to migrate to 100% Linux from Windows but we are having trouble finding an emulator that works for our needs. Unfortunately our server i

Free Linux Terminal emulator

Hi friends, As you know, some oracle DB components  need be installed under GUI interface. Please advise which is a free best linux client Terminal emulator that can be easy configured a linux  GUI interface  for DBA? I do not think  putty is a good

Graphical Terminal Emulator for Solaris

hi all, can anyone recommend a graphical terminal emulator for solaris? i'd like to see the solaris graphical desktop from a windows PC. thanks!Quite good is commercial XWin by Starnet. Demo version enables 30 minutes of uninterrupted work. I assume

3270 Terminal Emulation

I am rearchitecting a group of about 20 screen-scraping automated processes with a J2EE-based framework. We are currently using an Attachmate Java product for the terminal emulation API. However, we have discovered that this particular product was de

Terminal emulation for sun solaris

Hi, I am trying to look for terminal emulation program such as reflection X which runs on Windows XP. I am not sure how to emulate my solaris 10 (sparc) system Can some body pls help! I already have WRQ Reflection X version 12.0.7 but have no idea...

Hyper-V Gen 2 Windows Server 2012 R2 VM cannot define static IP address

Hi, I have setup a physical server with Windows Server 2012 R2. It has only the Hyper-V role installed. The physical server has two NICs that I have teamed with Hyper-V port as the load balancer. I have created 1 VM on this Hyper-V server that is a G

DPM 2012 R2 - Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-v backup of Windows Server 2003 R2 - Non-retryable error 0x80070490

Hi, I have a hyper-v host running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard with Hyper-V on it, and on that host I got 5 virtual machines running and of those 5, 4 of those the DPM are able to backup but when DPM tries to backup a server running Windows Server

Terminal Emulation/TN5250 on a Blackberry

All - I am looking for some software to do terminal emulation on the Blackberry.  I used to use MobileSSH from Rove, but now that they have incorporated it into Mobile Admin, I can no longer purchase just MobileSSH and the cost has also rised about 3

Intall X3270 Terminal emulator on Solaris 10 x86

Hi! I'm trying to install IBM 3270 Terminal Emulator from source code on solaris 10 x86. I had some problems when I run ./configure but was PATH's configuration. Now I'm trying to run make but at certain moment the folowing erro return: makeconv -d .

Install solaris via hyper terminal

Hi, I just got my new ultra 5 box and I was wondering what type of cable and hyper terminal settings I need in order to get this thing rolling. The type of cable I used before was a null modem cable db9F --> db9F. Then I read I needed db9 --> db25.

Where has the mobile emulator for windows gone?

Posts going back a year or so, refer to the mobile emulator for windows. Those links don't seems to work/be there, is there currently a version for developers?No. Those tools were for old versions of Fennec that are now deprecated and essentially dea