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Hyper V Manager Missing Windows 10


Installing Hyper-v manager on windows 7 home premium ?

hello, Can i install hyper-v manager on windows 7 home premium ?? ThanksNo, to install the Hyper-V manager you need to install the RSAT tools (http://blogs.technet.com/b/schadinio/archive/2010/07/09/installing-hyper-v-manager-on-windows-7.aspx), and

Connect is not working on Hyper-V Manager on Windows 8.1 ( vmconnect does not work )

Hi all, I have been running Windows 8.1 and in Hyper-V Manager, i can see 2 VM ( 1 Linux-Ubuntu , 1 Win 7 ) for couple of months. Few days ago as usual i wanted to connect one of them while they were running but it did not work. I tried actions below

Hyper-v manager in windows 8.1 cannot connect to hyper-v server. RPC server unavailable

I am setting up a new server. I installed Hyper-V 2012 R2 on it and want to manage it remotely with Hyper-V manager from a Windows 8.1 computer. I am unable to communicate with the computer with the server. Hyper-V manager gives me the following erro

Unable to Connect to WS2012R2 Hyper-V manager with Windows 7 version of Hyper V manager.

Just brought up a new WS2012R2 host server and created a gen 2 VM on it . I already have a WS2008R2 Host server with several VMs running. I manage the WS2008r2 WM from my Win7pro laptop using Hyper-V remote management tool. But when I try to connect

Does Windows 7 support Hyper-V Manager?

Does Windows 7 Support Hyper-V Manager?It already does. You can get the RSAT tools from here They include the Hyper-V manager for Windows 7. After installing the above download, go to Windows Features in Control Panel and choose the 'Role Administrat

Linux VM KVP IP can't be shown on Hyper-V Manager after querying its KVP/IP information on Hyper-V host several times

Hello [Sorry for asking the same question in the wrong place/forum of "Hyper-V"] I am using a CentOS 6.5 VM (Linux kernel 2.6.32-431) and (generation 2) CentOS 7 VM (Linux kernel 3.10.0-123) with Hyper-V KVP daemon installed, and I periodically

Hyper-V Manager - Access Denied

I have a Hyper-V Server Core 2012 in a workgroup environment and uses Hyper-V Manager in Windows 8.1 to manage my Hyper-V server.  It was working previously and when I try to connect to it today (it has been a month or two since I last connected to t

Hyper-V 2012 R2 Remote Management with Windows 8.1 using Microsoft Account (Workgroup)

Hello, I've set up a Hyper-V 2012 R2 Server and tried to manage it from a Windows 8.1 with a Microsoft Account. Everything is in the same workgroup. After many searches, the only way is set up the server for remote access, install RSAT and log on wit

How to up Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 created VM with Windows 8.1 hyper-v manager

Hi I have VM that created with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. This was up without a problem with the windows 8 hyper-v manager. I have recently upgraded my OS with 8.1. Now I have tried to import this VM but it throwme following message. This is a real

Can't connect to the Hyper-V manager after upgrading to Windows Hyper-V 2012 R2

I have some Hyper-V server based on the free version (Windows Hyper-V 2012). I want to upgrade to the new version (Windows Hyper-V 2012 R2). So I begin to test it with an already working server (aka I was able to totally manager the server remotely w

Could not intialitize a virtual machine on Hyper-V Manager on a Windows 8.1 laptop

Hello, I am receiving the following error when I try to start any virtual machine on Hyper-V Manager on a Windows 8.1 lap"color:black;">An error occurred while attempting to start the selected virtual machine(s): Morillo-DC could not initiali

Hyper V Cannot be installed as Hypervisor is already running inside windows 8.1 ( which is a VM inside a windows 8 hyper v manager)

Hi,  Although it is not concerned with windows server. Please help with this issue. I Installed windows 8.1 OS inside Windows 8 using hyper V manager. Then i installed visual studio 2013 update and i tried to run windows phone 8.1 emulator.  It said,

Managing Hyper-v 2012r2 Via Windows 7 or Windows 8 fails

HI guys I have a windows server 2012 r2 with hyper-v i have removed the GUI after configuring the server to my needs i have followed a few guides online to setup so i can remotely manage this server i can MMC to the server from windows 7 and 8 to eve

Hyper-V Management Tools not listed as an Addable Feature - Windows Server Essentials 2012

I want to run Hyper-V manager on a virtual machine running Windows 2012 Server essentials. I've seen videos of others using the Server Manager to add this feature to their Windows 2012 Servers, but when I follow their steps, I'm missing the selectabl

Default credentials not being saved in Hyper-V Manager for a single VM

Greetings, I have a Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard Hyper-V box running about 8 virtual machines on it.  The machine is  joined to a 2008 domain.  Recently, I moved the .VHD file for a single machine from one folder to another folder.  After doing so, wh

No longer able to view virtual machine from Hyper-V Manager

From the Windows 2008 R2 host machine, I can run the Hyper-V Manager and 'connect' to the Virtual Machine.  The window pops up with nothing but a gray background (clearly the same gray background of the log in screen), but no 'ctrl-alt-delete' prompt

MMC finds error with a snap-in when launching Hyper-V manager

From a clean install of Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit I had used the Hyper-V manager to test some virtualization.  After tinkering around with a few virtual machines I put that aside for a while.  Over the following weeks I continued applying updates as Microso

Hyper-v manager no new option - unable to create new/a vm

Hello, I have a leptop HP 450 , with Windows 8.1 pro . I am trying to create a virtual machine but I can not do it. In Hyper-v manager I don't have the "new" option. I have Only "connect to a server" . My leptop  is for home use. Thank

Virtual Machines disappear from Hyper-V Manager on reboot

I have a Windows 2012 RC server that has fail-over clustering installed (single server at the moment), and it has an iSCSI disk that is configured as a CSV volume.  When I create a new VM in Hyper-V Manager, I am storing the .vhdx and machine definit

Hyper-V Manager missing from tools menu

I've just installed a new domain. It has one domain controller (Windows Server 2012 R2), SVR0 and one Hyper-V Server (not the Hyper-V role...Hyper-V Server), SVR1. I joined SVR1 to the domain and now I wan to manage it from a Windows 8.1 client. I've