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Cannot install windows 8.1 on imac 5k - apple support says "Correct, that machine can't install windows" Boot camp fail

I have a brand new imac 5k, with 4ghz i7, 295x GPU, 3.1TB fusion drive.  Bought the machine so I could dual boot - I need windows for VR Dev work. I've spent the last week and a half on tech support calls with Apple Senior Tech agents, and Microsoft

Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter Problems in Boot Camp / Windows

I currently run Windows XP SP2 on my MacBook and recently purchased the Mini-DVI to VGA adapter so I could hook up the MacBook to an external projector, monitor, or TV to display what's on my Windows screen on the external device. However, when I con

DVI To Video Adapter on XP using Boot Camp

I bought a DVI To Video Adapter for my MacBook pro. Though is works fine on the Mac OsX, when I tried to use it on Windows XP (using Boot Camp) all I got was a black-flickering image on my TV. Anyone- anything-? Thanx MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.6)

I am trying to install windows 8 at my macbook air boot camp

I am trying to install windows 8 at my macbook air boot camp but Boot Camp Assistant i showing an error that the disk cannot be portioned because some files cannot be moved. Back up the disc and use disk utility to format it was a single Mac OS Exten

Can my MacBook Pro use boot camp with Windows 7 with BitLocker encryption?

I'm at wit's end with this, and I'm hoping I can get some advice here.  I've read so many forum, posts and reviews that I'm not entirely sure what I can trust. I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro (MacBookPro8,3). I need to run Windows encrypted for work

HT1461 can i use boot camp if i no longer have my windows xp installation disc?

i have my old PC with XP Pro installed but it's been years since i purchased the computer and no longer have the installation disc.  Can i still run boot camp without the disc?Brad Spalding wrote: i have my old PC with XP Pro installed but it's been

Boot Camp No Longer Boots- Please Help

Hello - all of a sudden Boot Camp does not show up when holding down the alt/option button when booting up. When I boot into MAC OS, Boot Camp does show up and is accessible. Is there any way to fix this without having to reinstall Windows? Parallels

Windows 7 Boot Camp no longer recognize my wireless mouse and Keyboard?

I have a mid 2011 27in iMac on 10.9.1 and I run Windows 7 via boot camp, sometimes Parallels as well. Today I tried to boot up in to Windows via Boot Camp, but I can not control the cursor or input anything via kayboard. This has happened before and

MacBook Pro 15" (Late 2013) will not install Windows 8.1 Pro under Boot Camp?

Have spent many hours trying to sort this out. I was told this morning in the end by a 'Senior Advisor' @ Apple that Boot Camp does not support Windows 8.1 Pro so effectively it seems like my only option for a new machine purchased earlier in the wee

Win 8.1, iMac Retina 3TB Fusion, Yosemite, Boot Camp fail!

I've got a new iMac Retina with the 3TB Fusion drive on which I wanted to install Win 8.1 using Boot Camp. I have VMWare Fusion installed and running, but figured Boot Camp might be better for my needs. I read the Boot Camp Assistant instructions and

Boot Camp- unable to install win 8.1 pro OEM on mac mini.

Hi, I have latest mac min with mavericks OS.  I have genuine windows 8.1 Pro OEM version. when I am trying to install windows OS, after windows 8 logo screen becomes blank and  not going ahead. I have tried with USB stick as well as DVD drive. The is

Boot Camp ?'s and Can I install bootcamp w/ Windows 7 64-bit?

Also wondering when I try to partition my disk I get this error message "The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved- back up the disk and use disk utility to format it as a Single Mac OS Extended (journaled) volume. Restore you

What hard drives are compatible with OSX Snow Leopard Boot Camp?

Recently when the video card in my desktop Mac died, I decided to make some upgrades, one of them being the hard drive. After doing some research, I fixed on the Western Digital 3TB Caviar Green 3.5-Inch and had it installed at the same time as the n

Can I install windows 7 on a potable Hard Drive using boot camp? or any other way to do so?? need help for college please

I need to use windows in order to use Visual C++ for college but I don't have enough space in my internal Hard Drive so I want to install windows 7using boot camp or any other method on a portable hard drive and boot from it. Please help I need it as

I can't reinstall Windows 7/8 via Boot Camp

Hi all, So, I've got an SSD + HD (in optical bay) drive combination in my Mid-2012 MBP. Originally, I had successfully installed Boot Camp onto my HD using Windows 8. Ran without problems. Then, I decided to remap the partitions on it, which messed u

Fat32 External Hard Drive does NOT mount on Windows XP Pro under boot camp

I have a gateway 160gb portable external HDD. When it came pre-formatted in NTFS. It mounted on Windows XP under boot camp or Vmware Virtual machine very well. I then formatted it under HFS+ to use it with superduper. Now that I want to convert it ba

Messed up Windows 8.1 install after using Boot Camp 4 drivers

Hey guys, I just finished successfully installing Windows 8.1 on my Mac with Lion. There were no issues there, but I royally screwed up the Windows partition after trying to install the Boot Camp support software from a USB flash drive. I didn't look

Is it better to install Windows 8 via Boot Camp than risk installing an unstable version of Windows 8.1, which isn't yet supported?

Apologies for asking this question as I note a number of similar questions have been asked. However, having read many answers on here and trawled the net I'm still not sure what the right answer is... The Boot Camp 5 FAQs state that Windows 8.1 is no

Cannot install Windows 7 32-bit using Boot Camp

I have one of the new iMacs (late 2012) and I can't install Windows 7 32-bit using Boot Camp. Whenever I try to being the installation using the Boot Camp Assistant, I always get the following message: "Need 64-bit Windows installation USB drive or D

Why Isight is missing?, how to fix boot camp on 2008 iMAC using windows 8.1? can't redownload Lion.

Basically I'm troubleshooting, I have been having problems with my webcam ever since I installed a new hard drive, it seem's to be turned on due to the light above so I'm sure what else to do about it because both Windows/Mac OS aren't picking it up.