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i erased my macintosh hd


Accidentally erased entire Macintosh HD without backup

Hi there, whoever is there who can help me with my problems. So this is how it goes, my coach own a Macbook white and he has been saying that his macbook white run very slow. Even the startup of the system takes ages and when it is started up, the wh

I want to erase all personal information on my mac.  When i format the HD, should i only erase the macintosh HD or also erase the other options it gives me?

I'm selling my Macbook Pro and would like all personal information to be gone FOREVER! No possible way for the buyer to be able to recover my information.  Do i only need to format the Macintosh HD or do i need to erase every option it gives then jus

Please help me install Mountain Lion from my USB on my ERASED Macintosh HD partition.

Hi, So my Macbook 7.1 (running macosx 10.6.8) was running really slow due to poor user maintenance. I decided that i should purchase Mountain Lion and install it over the 10.6.8 version. That worked but my computer turned SUPER SLOW. So i decided to


ive been trying to restore or erase my macintosh hd. (iMac 24inch early 2008) but i don't have the cd that came with it. so i tried erasing it but i can't select "Mac OS Extended (journaled)" *If u don't know what im talking about here's a scree

Can't erase Macintosh HD with disk utility in recovery mode

Hello Apple users, Two days ago, my MacBook pro was suddenly forced to turn off and after restarting my MacBook it did not turn on anymore. Every time after the *boing* an apple sign with a status bar appears and if this bar is at 1/4 the macbook tur

Macintosh Hardrive Accidentally Erased

I was trying the fix a problem with my macbook pro. It was freezing on me. I accidentally erased my macintosh hard drive using disk utility while trying to fix the problem. Is there a way I can get it back?Ok I do not mind that but when you say I may

Macintosh HD won't mount

Hi, I'm fairly new to Macs, just got my first a year ago and I'm not familiar with the system. So I have a Macbook pro with Bootcamp installed. The mac side crashed and wouldn't boot, so I tried all the solutions for a fix but nothing worked, so I wa

Is my HD Dead? Reformat Disk Utility Error: secure disk erase failed with the error could not open disk.

Hi, Fed up with seeing the spinning beach ball I decided to reformat my MacBook Pro... After backing up everything on an external hard drive I put in the OSX install DVD, restarted the machine and held down 'C'. I followed the install prcedure, click

I want to format my macintosh hard drive

To format macbook pro hard drive, we need to press power button + option button when startup but when i do so I dont see recovery hd coming. instead i only see macintosh hd. im using OS X Yosemite 10.10.1BalaTheBalaji wrote: I have tried that too. wi

After Hard Drive Erase...Macbook Pro Won't Boot

Hi, So I was trying to do a fresh install of OS X on my 15" Mid 2012 Macbook Pro (Modified with a 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM). I turned the computer off and booted it into recovery mode.  Then I went to Disk Utility and erased the Macintosh HD partision.

I erased my main drive: how to install Mavericks?

I was running Yosemite Beta on my iMac, but it was acting funny. A dialog told me to back it up and erase and reinstall. I copied the internal drive to a FireWire drive as a clone. Then I booted from the firewire drive. Then I did something very stup

Problems trying to erase and install osx mavericks

Hi all, so ive just bought an imac off my parents and have tried to do erase system, I have erased the macintosh hd as i am supposed but when it comes to re-installing the os x and I sign into the app store to start downloading i get an error saying

Clear my hard drive without erasing osx?

I already upgraded to Mountain Lion and want to pass the 2011 MBP after getting my retina.  I want to erase everything but the Mountain Lion.  Obviously, no disks.  Any help?revearp wrote: I want to erase everything but the Mountain Lion. Any program

Disk utility can't erase my HD

Hi, I would like to earase my entire hard drive to reboot my macbook pro from zero. Problem is that in Disk Utility the Format dropdown and the Name are grey and wont let me make any changes. Does anybody know how I can slove this? Thanks!Since you h

Macintosh HD partition delete.

Hello All, Simply, my problem is that I do not have a selectable hardrive to either load a back up copy of timemachine or to download a copy of Yosemite. To get to this sorry state I went through the following steps: 1. My Macbook Air SSD, was comple

Miss erased disk? and reinstall MAC OS X problem!

NEEDS HELP... very new to mac... "160.04 GB Internal SATA Disk" "Macintosh HD" Im completely erased the "macintosh HD' on my macbook using disk utility.... then i try to reinstall MAC OS on it.... but then it couldnt find any disk

Macintosh HD not visible / deleted in Disk Utility, cannot re-install Lion

Hi Any help for the following? Excuse the unclear terminology MBA 2011, trying to do a clean install of either Lion or Yosemite.  I erased the 'Macintosh HD' in disk utility in preparation for this, but something went awry during the process and it s

Can a Windows PC HD be erased using my Mac Pro?

I have an older Windows PC that I want to clean for recycling.  I would like to use my Mac pro to do that job, and then hopefully also clean an Imac that barely is usable (it runs but has to use the Windows monitor.  Can any one advise on this, Pleas

How do I erase my computer?

How do I erase my 2009 MacBook Pro? I am selling it this morning and want everything deleted. Thanks!You get the original system install DVD that came with the Mac (probably carrying Snow Leopard), put it in the drive and boot from it by holding down

Easiest fastest way to erase hard drive

I Just brought a Mac Book Pro Last week, Image retention problem. The Store, not Apple, asked me to return it. What is the eastiest way to remove all my personal data?Throwing your personal file in the trash won't get ride of your User Name or the Ap