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i7 dual core vs quad core laptop


Should I go with a dual core or quad core MacBook?

Hi all, I am going to be a college student this fall majoring in a science related field. My first question is what processor I should go with. I am looking at either a 13" MBP with a dual core i7 and 8 GB of RAM (750GB HD), 13" MBP w/ a dual co

2 Dual core intel xeon vs quad core. Whats the difference??

I came across someone who's selling his mac pro 1.1 (aprox 2-3 years old machine) which hosts 2 dual core intel xeon processors 2.66 Ghz (4 total cores) with an L2 cache of 4 MB per processor and 3 gb of RAM. He is asking for 1200.00 I wonder: 1. is