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Assembly Code required ?

Hi Experts I want to know in every example of SDK there is a assembly code module Is it required and what is the role of this Regards GorgeHi Gorge, Assembly.vb or Assembly.cs just holds details of your project (eg version number, copyright etc). It'

Want to convert 32 bit assembly code to 64 bit assembly

hi Friends I want to convert 32 bit assembly code to 64 bit. extern "C" long sparc_atomic_add_32 (volatile long* p, long val); static void asm_code() asm(".align 8"); \ asm(".global sparc_atomic_add_32"); \ asm(".type sp

Anybody write Java assembly code?

I recently stumbled onto the Jasmin (http://jasmin.sourceforge.net/) and BCEL (http://jakarta.apache.org/bcel/) projects and have a question for all the Java developers out there. Have any of you ever written Java assembly/byte code directly instead

Insert Assembly Code into C++?

Hi, every one, I am writing a segment of assembly code inserted into the C++ code. During the compiling using Solatis Sparc v8 C++ compiler, I felt a bit confused at the following error: Linking Undefined Symbol first referenced in file lock ..../lib

Implementing CPUID assembly codes in 12.4 Beta C++ file results in iropt Error

Hi, In BOOST 1.56, the CPUID implementation is not available for Solaris 11.2 when compiling the file "libs/log/src/dump.cpp". So I have tried to implement the CPUID-equivalent code below: private:       static void cpuid(uint32_t& eax, uint

Assembly code in XCode

Hello everybody! I'm new to XCode. I have the latest version of XCode under Tiger. I would like XCode to generate an executable from an assembly code source file. I've searched in many discussions and technical articles in Apple site, but I didn't fi

Assembler code example to can application using 8051

Hi, I am developing a CAN application using 8051 family microcontrollers. I need recognize the information coming through Rxdc pin. So far, I was not able to do this. Where can I get some assembler code example for this microcontroller? Someone has o

Assembler in C-code for Alchemy

Hello all! I aspire to reach high performance my left unfinished 3D-renderer for Flash-player. Soon enough I have understood that my ActionScript-code is doomed. Then I have started to learn Alchemy. And thanks to the help Bernd Paradies could transf

Debugging code written in assembly with Xcode

I have a program written in C calling a function written in assembly. When I run the debugger, I can step through the C code just fine, but then when it reaches the function, it won't step through the assembly code. It'll just go on to the next state

Running DS-5 armcc compiled code (PIC) under Windows EC 2013

Hi All, i just wanted to know if it is generally (officially) supported to run code that is compiled via the armcc (5.03) from DS-5 under Windows Embedded Compact 2013. Or if this is discouraged (reasons?). The problem i have: The bootloader contains

How to view the source code for Native Method

hi i am using some native methods in to my code ; can anybody tell me how to view the source code for the same ; nikBuy/acquire a C/C++/assembly code disassembler and run the shared library through it.Read other 2 answers

Generating debug symbols from a source file in assembly

Hi, I have a file written in the SPARC assembly language, which I can successfully assemble using the "as" command and produce an object file. However, the object file that it being produced does not have any debugging information in it. So when

How to create a Url assembler in Webcentre for creating friendly url?

Hi, To create a URL Assembler I am required to code a java class  that extends the com.fatwire.cs.core.uri.QueryAssembler class. The friendly URL of a Page will be based on the "Friendly_URL" attribute Rule to generate the final URL URL starts w

Assembly error on Sun Studio 11 - Solaris 10/amd64

Hi All I am compiling my source code using cc. My cc version is cc: Sun C 5.8 2005/10/13 I am using Sun Studio 11 and Solaris 10 on amd64 for my build. I am getting following Assemply errors when compiling my code. cc -xarch=amd64 -Kpic gptas.c Assem

Is there anyway that I can view the program code behind the vi diagram?

e.g. to view the vi code in C++ instead of G.G is translated into assembly code directly. There is no low level language like c needed. So there is nothing to view except assembly coding. greetings from the NetherlandsRead other 2 answers

Code Contracts conflicts with custom SettingsProvider

I'm using Code Contracts in my project (static & runtime), and I'm trying to implement a custom class derived from System.Configuration.SettingsProvider. From what I've gleaned on MSDN and various other sites, I need to override the Initialize() meth

Protecting java source code

I heard about the possibilty of decompiling the java code and getting back the source code, is this flaw specific to java or is it common among all programming langauges? how is it possible to protect the source code? and how expensive is the solutio

Coding assembly on Mac

http://images.forstudent.com/is/34screen.jpg Hi... I'm a university student and my current subject is about x86 intel Assembly. The teacher provides the Assembly compiler and debugger for us and they run nice on the editplus source code editor but it

Web-based Assembler

hai if i want to build up a web-based Assembler system that can provided services likes MASM. It can compiler the 8086 assembly code enter by client and come out a result and send back to client and display the result on client screen. How to develop

How to access assemly code in java

dear i want to access assembly code in java . plz help me. thanx.Assembly, C, C++, Fortran, etc. can be accessed most directly via the Java JNI facility. For assembly, you'll have to write a native C/C++ layer to accept the JNI call and forward it to