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External usb ultranav keyboard; no trackpoint using ibm/lenovo driver in Win XP

I just got an external USB ultranav travel keyboard (product #31P9490) and I am trying to make it work with Windows XP. When I just plug in the keyboard, the default windows USB keyboard and mouse drivers work well enough that I can use the keyboard

[SOLVED] IBM Thinkpad 600E 3.6.11-1 rt73usb weird wireless issue.

Hi guys and gals. I have been researching this for 3 days now. I have also asked at the #Archlinux channel but they don't seem to know the answer and I cannot seem to find anything relevant... so here goes nothing. I have this Belkin rt73usb card - i

Connection from SAP 4.0B System to IBM MQ Series

Hi is it possible to connect <b>SAP 4.0B</b> System with <b>IBM MQ Series 6.0</b>,is the connection supported by SAP 4.0B? If supported I am confused with what is the <b>RFC Destination</b> to be used is it <b>R/3

How to Set Up SSO Between IBM WebSphere and SAP EP Using JAAS

Hi I have read the article on SDN called "How to Set Up SSO Between IBM WebSphere and SAP EP Using JAAS", which is also the name of my posting. The reason why I post this is that I've tried to follow the links in the PDF to get the file Webspher

Fan error on IBM thinkpad X60s notebook

       When I switch on IBM thinkpad X60s notebook. I can hear a sound from fan like it is try to move and then stop. After awhile an error "fan error" appear on the screen. I would like to know is it related to fan problem? If yes, Do I need to

Fan error at startup in ibm thinkpad t42

i always get fan error at startup in my  ibm thinkpad t42 since 1 week. i press esc key at error and that is the only way my system startup. its not in warranty and will like to try to fix it on my own. please help. i am worriedTry bblowing some air

Unable to continue Oracle Database 10g R2 installation on IBM AIX 5.3L

I am facing some difficulties in installing the above. My environment is as follows: Server is a IBM system P, OS is AIX 5.3L and oracle version is Oracle Database 10g R2 (10.2). I encounter my problem when asked to changed/edit the shell script when

Oracle 8.1.7/9iAS installation problem on IBM AIX 5.1 - loadext fails

Dear colleagues, tried to install Oracle 8.1.7 and then Oracle 9iAS over AIX 5.1 on IBM eServer p-series. The installation fails in the very beginning - loadext for post-wait Kernel Extension (/etc/pw-syscall) fails with 'exec format error'. Document

Sun Solaris 10 installation problem on IBM ThinkPad R31Notebook

Hello, I have tried to install Sun Solaris 10 on my IBM ThinkPad R31 notebook, but the system has problem at initial stage of loading the installation software from CD. Here is the message I see on the screen when the CD is loaded: loading stage2 ...

Solaris 10 installation problem on IBM Thinkpad - T43

Dear All, I have a major problem while installing Solaris 10 on my IBM T43 Laptop. Here is my problem: - I boot from Solaris 10 DVD - I select the option "Solaris" from the grub menu - I get 6 installation options 1. Solaris interactive(Default)

Not able to add driver update during Solaris 10 installation on IBM x3550

I am facing a problem with installation of Solaris 10 on IBM x3550. My question is not specific to IBM server. I am trying to add SAS driver during Solaris 10 installation. I selected option "Apply device driver update" (option # 4). It is askin

Java does not work on my Win 7 IBM-compatible PC using Firefox as my web browser

A typical example of a website I would like to access & view is "www'cut-the-knot.org", a relatively mathematics-related website with a lot a very nice math content, where (roughly estimating) 70-90% of all web pages on the web site use Java

Cisco Phone Control and Presence with IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.2 (Integrated Sametime Client 8.0.2) - No presence status visible

Hi community, I am trying to integrate Cisco Unified Presence with IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.2 with the integrated Sametime Client version 8.0.2 via the Cisco Plugins Phone control is working fine, whereas the presence status is

Never had such bad support - Think(g)s have changed since IBM

I just wanted to point out that lenovo has one of the worst support i ever had with businnes products. I was always a thinkpad buyer and spend a lot of money to ibm. OS updates went well and the hardware compatibility was good. I always used the supp

I do not know my apple administrator username and password? How do I find out what it is? I am trying to download IBM Notes and Domino onto my MacBook Pro and I cannot download the software without verifying my apple administrator username/password

I do not know my apple administrator username and password. How do I find out what it is? I am trying to download IBM Notes and Domino onto my MacBook Pro and I cannot download the software without verifying my apple administrator username and passwo

How to synchronize PI service registry and IBM WSRR

Hello All, In our current project we have developed one web service which resides in SAP CE and is registered in SAP PI Service Registry. But our client has IBM websphere that acts as a middleware for all ther services (interfaces/web services) Now,

Database Performace Is Very Poor On IBM AIX Compared To Windows NT

Hi, Recently we have migrated Our Oracle 10g DataBase from Windows NT to IBM AIX Box. Unfortunately, the Database Performance is gone down when compared to Windows NT environment. Since been a week we are working to pick the problem. We have altered

Com.ibm.db2.jcc.b.SqlException: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-973, SQLSTATE=00000

Hi, We are running WebLogic 10.3.0 on RHEL 5.3 with JRockit JDK 1.6 and DB2 Version 8 on mainframe running z/OS 1.9. We are getting below exception in webLogic logs from connection pool connecting to DB2 database. > ####<Jul 23, 2010 10:05:49 AM EDT

Problem with IBM JVM or the Thread

Hi All, I have a class which implements Runnable. The purpose of the program is to read a file and count the number of lines present in that. I am using the IBM JVM. The logic runs like this.. For each 2048 bytes read , it spawns a new thread with th

20" cinema display with IBM Thinkpad X61??

is it possible to connect the 20' cinema display to my ibm x61 thinkpad????? and, what cables would i need to purchase??? Thanks!!!!I connected this display to a Thinkpad T40 yesterday. The Displays cable has USB, which is all you need to connect to