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Fan error on IBM thinkpad X60s notebook

       When I switch on IBM thinkpad X60s notebook. I can hear a sound from fan like it is try to move and then stop. After awhile an error "fan error" appear on the screen. I would like to know is it related to fan problem? If yes, Do I need to

HELP was doing a bios update on ibm thinkpad z61t

had a power outage as i was doing an bios update on my ibm thinkpad z61t now when i boot it comes up black screen n two lights on the battery n the one to the left first one what do i do or is it shot please help me xxxxx ty Moderator comment: Email

[SOLVED] IBM Thinkpad 600E 3.6.11-1 rt73usb weird wireless issue.

Hi guys and gals. I have been researching this for 3 days now. I have also asked at the #Archlinux channel but they don't seem to know the answer and I cannot seem to find anything relevant... so here goes nothing. I have this Belkin rt73usb card - i

Fan error at startup in ibm thinkpad t42

i always get fan error at startup in my  ibm thinkpad t42 since 1 week. i press esc key at error and that is the only way my system startup. its not in warranty and will like to try to fix it on my own. please help. i am worriedTry bblowing some air

Sun Solaris 10 installation problem on IBM ThinkPad R31Notebook

Hello, I have tried to install Sun Solaris 10 on my IBM ThinkPad R31 notebook, but the system has problem at initial stage of loading the installation software from CD. Here is the message I see on the screen when the CD is loaded: loading stage2 ...

No sound with alsa on IBM Thinkpad R50e / Intel 82801DB-ICH4

I'm having trouble getting sound working on a new install of Arch on an IBM Thinkpad R50e. Here are some details: $ sudo pacman -Ss alsa extra/alsa-firmware 1.0.25-2 [installed] ALSA firmware package extra/alsa-lib 1.0.25-1 [installed] An alternative

Cannot connect IBM Thinkpad to Linksys Router Wirelessly

I recently moved in with a friend, and my IBM Thinkpad T42, with Windows XP, cannot connect to her Linksys WRT120N router wirelessly. I am able to connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable, and I am able to connect to other public wireless netw

I can't reinstall Windows Xp pro SP3 from installation disk on my IBM Thinkpad T40

Dear folk, I have bought used IBM Thinkpad t40 in Germany. It has Windows XP in German, wich works well but it makes some dificulties while I am using some functions. I decided to reinstall Windows XP Pro in English. My Windows XP Pro CD instructed m

How to disable IBM Thinkpad 600X's tracking point ?!

To whom it may concern: How are you? This is Daniel. I have an IBM Thinkpad 600X notebook. The tracking point already doesn't work. I want to disable it and use an external mouse. Could you please give me a favor how to solve this problem? According

Will the IBM Thinkpad T-40 work with this power adapter: 83H6339

A friend of mine had an old AC Adapter laying around his garage from a real old IBM Thinkpad and gave it to me. The part number on the AC Adapter is 83H6339. My wife purchased an IBM Thinkpad T-40 that only had the docking station with power but does

How to install Solaris 8 on IBM Thinkpad T20 laptop

Hello, I would like to install Solaris 8 on my IBM Thinkpad T20 laptop and I am facing two kinds of problems: -1- I cannot boot on the Matshushita DVDROM which is shipped with : i have got a boot panic ; -2- My SAVAGE/IX 8MB Video Card is not recogni

IBM ThinkPad A21p

Healthy people At IBM A21p laptop I installed xubuntu and I have a problem with graphic card or display. Monitor is divided into three acts. I looked a bit by the net. I found that it was possible to fix this problem with "Screens and Graphics"

Install on IBM Thinkpad X20

Has anyone successfully installed Solaris 8 on IBM Thinkpad X20? Anything can been shared? I have Windows 2000 Professional on it already, and two empty partitions as well. Thanks!I have installed Solaris 8 on a IBM ThinkPad 390 with a NeoMagic Magic

T43 IBM Thinkpad, I installed Windows XP pro on a new harddisk, found no netowork

T43 IBM Thinkpad, I installed Windows XP pro on a new harddisk, found no network,  so installed drivers for the chipset and network. Still no way to go on inernet. Folloing drivers i installed from following site. What do I do now: http://support.len

IBM thinkpad connecting to AEBS.

Just connected the AEBS last weeekend and both my mac mini and my son's G4 ibook connected without a hitch. However, my other son's IBM Thinkpad does not. It does see the name of the network I created. On my son's Thinkpad, before clicking on the con

IBM Thinkpad not connecting

HI All, please help spent HOURS!!!! with tech support and nothing. My macbook works ok, not great but it works, however I setup my wifes IBM thinkpad w XP, and it does not seem to work when I have it setup with security. When i dont have security it

IBM Thinkpad 600x OS boot issue

Hi All i am new to the forum world and would really appreciate your advise on a issue i have with my IBM Thinkpad 600 X. The issue been that i replaced the cmos battery and set the time and date but yet i am still having a issue loading windows XP. I

IBM Thinkpad Z60t help

Well I reinstalled windows xp pro sp 2 on my grandpa's old ibm thinkpad model Z60t, because he gave it to me and i didn't need half the stuff on the hard drive. So I reinstalled xp and I don't have any driver disks or backup discs. So I went to the L

IBM Thinkpad not printing to Airport Express.

Gurus, I recently purchased a new IBM Thinkpad laptop, I wanted to sent it up to print wirelessly to the existing Airport Express and it doesn't work. The Apple has always printed with no issues. I followed the setup instructions and followed trouble

IBM ThinkPad 390 2626 HDD volume limit

What is maximum HDD capacity for IBM ThinkPad 390 2626? Can I use 30 GB Toshiba MK3021GAS HDD with my 390?Welcome to the forum! Yes, you can use a 30GB drive, as long as it's PATA/IDE and laptop size. Hope this helps. Cheers, George In daily use: R60