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Creative Mediasource ID3 Tags - Edit more than one year at a ti

I use a 60gb Zen Xtra with Mediasource. I take pride in the ID3 tags of all my files especially those of my Jazz collection and my player is well organised. The only thing I have to ask is - is there any way of editing the year of, say, an entire alb

Archiving cds and why do i need id3 tags

here comes another one of those questions looking at which codec to use to store music.....i also have tag questions..... i'm about to (re-)rip my cd collection and looking at some info re codecs and id3 tags now.....i believe i understand the benefi

My iTunes library and metadata/ID3 tags issue

Since 2010, iTunes is the only media player I use to play music. My library consists of music purchased from the iTunes Store, CD rips and stuff many artists these days release as freebies on the internet to promote a new album. Also, M4A and MP3 are

Bad bug with ID3 tags of different case for same artist

My itunes files and music library are on a different drive than my boot drive. It is an internal drive (always on) in my Mac Pro at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes with music library at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music. iTunes is setup to automatically kee

ITunes 11 Changing ID3 Tags

Ok, I've been using iTunes for years and like many I've found the new version, 11, to be frustrating. The main thing is ID3 Tags. These have always been customiseable. For someone OCD like me, being able to edit and customise ID3 tags is very importa

Question about id3 tags

i had all of the fields of all my songs just how i liked them. i thought itunes had written everything i had edited into the id3 tags of all the songs. apparently, it didn't work. i am using another software called serato. i took the mp3's whose tags

Itunes, ID3 tags, & hard drive corruption

My wife is having a strange problem with her iMac, and it’s got me a bit mystified. I’m hoping someone here can shed some light on what might be going on. I apologize in advance for the long post. The problem is that when she plays some songs in iTun

MP3 song information not retained after iTunes 7.0 - ID3 tags at fault?

I'm having some strange problems with track information in iTunes. I first noticed it when I tried to copy some mp3's from my Mac to my mobile phone: certain tracks did not retain the song information, like artist, album etc., while others did. A sim

Can not edit id3 tags since upgrade to iTunes 8.1: permissions problem (?)

Hi all, I am angry at myself for having upgraded to 8.1 before I knew that it's ok, and angry at Apple releasing this update with too many problems. Here is my list: (1) I cannot change ID3 tags within iTunes for certain tracks. I usually click on on

ID3 Tags, Organizer & Player & M

Description I name my mp3's for example 0 W. K. Mahler - Freedom - W. K. Mahler.mp3 Your ID3 Tag reader reads the above as Track 0.mp3 Track 0.mp3 is exactly what is read in the organizier and player (the most updated versions for Audigy 2 ZS). Do yo

ID3 tags taking So long to write

I am hopign someone can help figure this one out.  I'm using iTunes 11 on an iMac running Mt. Lion but had the same experience on Snow Leopard.  I have a bunch of music files that are about 2-hours each in length - all DJ sets from a BBC Radio show. 

How do i get all the tags i see in the iTunes library to be the ID3 tags?

I have a huge collection of mp3 in iTunes (the latest version), and they are all perfectly organized, but when i open those mp3 files in any other player i see old tags or no tags, because the id3 tags on the mp3 files are not the same as the ones i

Are anyone else's ID3 tags all jacked up after upgrading to iTunes 11?

I have a large library that I'm downright OCD in managing tag information. All are set at v2.4 and genres, album artist, groups, both track and cd #'s as well as album art have been MANUALLY scrubbed religiously upon import to ensure a manageable lib

Is there a way to rename files based on ID3 tags? Or, is it possi

to move the files to my computer in another manner that will name them correctly? I couldn't find an option in the Creative Mediasouce program that would allow me to do this. I have most of my music files on my desktop pc, but want to move them to my

How can I put ID3-Tag info into my MIDI songs

http://www.mp3machine.com/software/IDTunes/ says: "idTunes fixes those missing or wrong ID3 tags automatically, once and for all. Systematize, organize, remove duplicates and correct irregularites in your music collection, even add lyrics. Once and f

ID3 Tags and multiple Libraries

I think I really have 2 separate questions here. 1) I have an external hard drive at work with all my music files on it. I use iTunes to listen to these songs at work. I have spent a lot of time adding song ratings, and album art, and cleaning up som

ID3 Tags wiped out....help !!

Having imported my music library and converted ID3 tags to version 2.4, when I view the files in Windows Explorer all the tag information has been deleted. This problem stays even when files are converted to AAC format (also, rather than AAC the file

ID3 tags in MP3 files

Hello everybody! How can I read the ID3 tags from an MP3 file? Not just the title, artist and album. All of that. I know the last 128 bytes are reserved for ID3 tags in version 1. But in version 2 (and over) have a lot of other tags, like the album p

Id3 tags notes or comments field

I have MP3 files that contain ID3 tags with Comments fields that contain information. When inserted into iTunes library these show up with a blank Notes field. I don't see a Comments field available, so I assume that Notes is the label given that sam

ID3 Tags in MediaSou

Is there any way I can convert the tags in my Creative MediaSource library to the ID3 tags in the mp3s themselves? I've spent a whole lot of time tagging thousands of songs in MediaSource, but they can't be played in any other players since they don'