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"Window" menu doesn't show a list of all my open tabs in Chrome, Safari nor Firefox

It's a weird thing, but recently, I found that the 'Window' menu item Mavericks is not showing a full list of the tabs that I have open in any of my browsers.  I've tried with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I even tried uninstalling Firefox as a test an

Is there a way to drag tabs like Chrome?

I recently migrated from Google Chrome to Firefox, and so far I like it. I want to be able to drag tabs like in Chrome but in Firefox, add-on or not. With Chrome, when you left click on a tab and move it vertically, the tab minimizes so that you can

Should I be worried about a scam UK Gov website taking over an open tab on Chrome?

Hey all, just experienced this scam take over a browser window on my Google Chrome. I can't remember if I closed the window manually or using command + w and I was wondering if it makes a difference. A little pop-up came up after, and I clicked the "

CPU at 100% when flash running on tab in Chrome

A site I have started using has placed their text online; flash player is the reader nd it immediately causes my CPU to jump to 100%. As soon as i switch to another tab the CPU drops to normal, as soon as I flip back it immediately ramps up to 100%.

Yoga 3 pro and chrome?

Just curious, I am only using IE 11 right now although I used to use Chrome mostly. Chrome seems to perform very poor on this machine? Is it just the CPU that is too weak, or is it something that can be fixed? For example if I watch 4k clips in IE 11

How can I capture and take screenshots of all the browser tabs and not only windows ?

This class identifies all minimized windows and take a snapshot (screenshot) of them. I want to take screenshots also of all the broswer for example chrome tabs windows that are open but not in the front. Same idea that it get now the minimized windo

Can't open pdf files in IE8, but can in Chrome, using Reader 9

Settings for Adobe Reader 9 include, under "Edit->Preferences->Categories:Internet->Display PDF in browser (enabled)", (Adobe Reader 9 settings should be all default).   Internet security settings in IE8 are also default. Opening a link

WebHelp Search Doesn't Display Search Box on Chrome or IE With Chrome Frame

I have RH10 (recently upgraded from RH9) and WebHelp projects are having issues displaying the Search box within the Search tab on Chrome as well as IE with Chrome Frame installed. Instead of getting a search box, I get what almost looks like an inde

MBP crashing when multiple browser tabs stay open for too long

Hello all, I have a tendency to open quite a few tabs in chrome and since I don't always have time to read all of them, they stay open for a few days. It seems like after a few days without any reboot and all those tabs open, my MBP becomes unrespons

How to make netflix go full screen with multiscreen on chrome

i have not touched my netflix since i got mavericks installed because every time i fullscreen the video it never covers the screen entirely. when i make my chrome window on my other monitor fullscreen there is always a small sliver that seems to be r

Magic Trackpad issues with opening tabs into new windows.

I used to be able to double tap and drag a tab out of the row of tabs in Chrome and put it into it's own windows. Now the double tap and drag doesn't work.  I have to depress the trackpad with my thumb while tapping on the tab and then drag it into a

Clicking/switching tabs and menus has sluggish/slow performance.

Clicking or switching through tabs has sluggish performance. Going through Menus and Options is sluggish too even with one blank tab opened. I doubt that it is my laptop because browsing through files and folders is fast and immediate. Google Chrome

How To Force Open Document In Edit Mode From Code-Behind (Chrome and Firefox)?

Hello, Currently I am developing an IHttpHandler which at the should redirect the user to an Edit mode of a document located in a Document Library. The Problem is that in Firefox and Chrome it downloads the document in the temp folder. In IE it works

Safari 5.1 Pin Tabs?

In Safari 5.1, is there a pin tab option, like Chrome and Firefox? I looked for an extension, but I also cannot find a search button in the Extensions library of Safari.I am sorry to say it is not possible I did alot of reasearch and it did not show

Chrome & Safari sync

If I was to use Safari on my iPhone and Chrome on my Mac, both as my default browsers, would that allow tabs and bookmarks to sync across iCloud between the two devices? Or does that work with only Safari? I only ask because a friend of mine said he

Macbook Pro start up issue

I have a problem with a mid-2012 Macbook Pro 8gb ram, 500mb hard drive, Mavericks. The problem started when I loaded up about 100 tabs in Chrome for a long airplane ride. It crashed and would book up to the flashing folder. My speculation is that I f

Macbook Air Mid-2013 slows down after upgrading to Yosemite

Dear support community, After upgrading my computer to Yosemite, it started performing much slower than usual. Some of the interactions are sluggish, sometimes switching tabs on Chrome will stop the music for a few miliseconds, etc. Here's my EtreChe

Upgrade or replace mid-2009 MBP for 4 year doc program

My question: I'm new to this forum - thanks in advance for your help! I love my 5 year old MBP, and I loved the one I had for 5 years before it. I assumed I would buy a new one for this doctoral program that starts in 10 days, which I expect will tak

Mid-2010 MacBook Pro: freezing and spinning wheel

Hi there, I have a mid-2010 MacBook Pro (I know, old) that's been in very good condition. I upgraded my OS to Mavericks in May, which is when it started being slow and crashing/freezing around twice a week. For example, just doing normal things like

MacBook Pro crashing / freezing all the time

Hi, Earlier this year (2014) I bought a new MacBook Pro from the Apple Store and have been plagued by it repeatedly crashing. If anyone can help me get to the root of the problem then that would be very much appreciated. The model is a MacBook Pro 13