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iis manager permissions missing


Unable to install iis manager on windows 8 home edition

Hi I get an error while trying to install IIS manager from "Turn on off windows features" on a windows 8 machine. Just before trying to install this I install Visual Studio community online and rebooted my machine. Visual Studio works fine.  I a

Manage permissions for a list sharepoint 2013

Hey A user, only have permission to contribute on Document Library. He can give permissions for items in this Document Library? This user don't have permission to  Site but just the  Document Library?  ThanksHi  Fabio, No, an account with contribute

How to remove or disable "View Properties, Edit Properties Manage Permissions ..." from Shared/Personal Documents in My Site?

Hello Community     Using Sharepoint 2010 Server and the UI I created My Site.     In My Content there is "Shared Documents" and "Personal Documents".     On each one if you click the carat on the right, you will see a group of actions

Exchange 2007 Renew Certificate via IIS Manager

I am currently in the process of renewing the Exchange 2007 certs and have searched through forums in regards to this topic and can't seem to come across a proper answer. Is it possible to renew the Exchange 2007 cert using the IIS Manager or is Powe

I have a prpblem in enabling webserver i get message labview webserver not running error 54 , i checked IIS Manager and www the services r running ok ..can anybody tell what might be error ,,,iam on labview 6.1 and win 2003 server.,

i have a problem in enabling webserver i get message labview webserver not running error 54 , i checked IIS Manager and www the services r running ok ..can anybody tell what might be error ,,,iam on labview 6.1 and win 2003 server.,If you already hav

AppFabric crashes IIS Manager when Powershell 4 is installed (Server 2008 R2 SP1)

When Powershell 4 is installed on a Server 2008 R2 SP1 box with AppFabric 1.1, IIS Manager will fail. If you go to IIS Manager and plus open the node for your server (to look at your sites or app pools) you get an error like the following: Descriptio

IIS Manager for Server 2012 Core

Is there a command that I can run to access the gui for IIS Manager. I need to access the certification request, but keep reading it is impossible to do from core. If so, how are you to create a certificate request from a core version?You have accide

IIS Manager won't start

I have a server 2008 R2 that can no longer start the IIS Manager.  It immediately stops without ever starting.  This happened as a vendor (FormFast) was installing some of their software.  We already had their software installed and working for about

IIS Manager 6.0 Wait Operation Time Out on connecting to remote server

I'm looking to configure SMTP on Server 2012 Core, I've installed the feature and remote management/administration tools and web management console and web management compatability. When I attempt to connect via IIS 6.0 Manager I immediately receive

Single mailbox manage permissions issues full access/send as

Exchange 2010 SP3 RU7 I have a weird issue with one mailbox.  This user has 2 AD accounts.  Say "userprimary" and "usersecondary".  This user was set up by another admin that is no longer here.  "userprimary" is the actual ma

IIS node permissions

Hi, We are using azure websites for our web app. It runs node.js We got the following error: iisnode encountered an error when processing the request. HRESULT: 0x6d HTTP status: 500 HTTP subStatus: 1013 HTTP reason: Internal Server Error You are rece

2008 R2: Authorization Manager Permissions do not apply

I used authorization manager to modify the initialstore.xml. I created a new role definition to allow techs to manage vms.  Start, Stop, Reconfigure VMs.  All View Options. and some more. I created a new role assignment and added the the technician a

IIS file permissions

Hi everyone,     I assume that it involves file permissions, not sure! I am running IIS 5.1 on Windows XP sp3. IIS WILL NOT display a ASPX file. If I enter the server name in another computer on the network, and have the default document set to iisst

How can Manage Permissions for DB in Shared Services Security Mode

In shared services security mode, after provisioning users for Essbase applications, only can assign database calculation and filter access. How can I grant permissions "Access Databases" like in native mode?Essbase will be default be in shared

SharePoint 2013 Library Upload document manage permissions

Hi, I have  ShaPoint 2013  Document Library. I want to add document to Library using Windows Explorer and   stop inheritance permissions automatically. I Can do this process using workflow or Event Receiver normally. But  using Windows  explorer .. *

Exchange 2013 EAC Service Pack 1 New mailbox cannot see all OUs when selecting Browse with "Exchange Organization Management " permissions

Single forest 2 Domains. When I go to create a new mailbox in the Exchange Admin  Centre and "Browse" the Organizational Unit. I can only see a few OU in the Parent Domain and most in the Child Domain. I have tried "expand All" and can

Correctly managing permissions (Python)

Hi, I am currently writing a script that is writing, sorting and merging thousands of files in a huge tree in my file-system. Several users on the machine have to use the program (let's call it P) and it is out of question to run it as root. I have a

Manage permissions check

Hi all, I'd like to know if someone solved the problem of checking with PL/SQL whether a user has the right to manage/modify an item or not. I can use a select on wwsbr_all_items or call the wwdoc_api.document_exists, but they will check just if user

Hyp Sys 11.1.1 - Prerequisite Installations (Oracle, IIS 6.0, Sys Req)

Re: Hyp Sys 11.1.1 - Installation Posted: Apr 12, 2009 2:23 AM in response to: JohnGoodwin Edit Reply okay, per the .pdf, i can have a successful installation having the following O/S: Boot 1 - Linux AS 4.7 Boot 2 - Windows Server 2003 SP1, or Window

Hyp Sys 11.1.1 - Installation

All, My name is Carmen Williams, ora hyp sys 11.1.1 self educational student with over 6 years DW/BI experience working towards Essbase & Hyp Sys Admin 11.1.1 Certifictions. I am delayed with the expected installation process where my hyp installer f