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Layer Renaming in script

Hai  I  am creating a Photoshop panel using Adobe configurator4 and i want to do  buttons which have name already defined eg Silo, Retouch, Skin etc to rename both single or multiple layer which are selected . There are many script which will open it

Latest PS CC, generator bug when renaming layers

OS: Win7 64bit Problem: I can't rename layers while photshop is generating assets. I have a big web layout PSD file with hundrets of layers, 74 of them are named so PS generates them as assets. When "Generate Assets" is checked, photoshop aborts

Batch Process Export Layers Script

I know how to break down a layered file using the Export Layers Script, and it works pretty well for me.  What I want to know is if there is a way to create an action using this script, that I can apply to multiple files and batch process in Bridge? 

Is There An Extension that Renames Layers Based on Movie Clip Names of Files

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of an extension that could rename layers on the main time line based on the movie clip names that are found on the time line. I have a client file that is absolutely huge but all the layers are just named Layer

Rename layers with layer 1, layer 2 till and layer N

My Name is Sathya Murthy I have psd files with many layers each with different names I want to rename the layer which i have selected using right click with name Layer 1 Next layer which I right click with layer 2 and so on till layer N and layers wi

Can't rename Layers in Flash CS4

When I double click on a layer name the editable text field appears for a fraction of a second, then disappears. The only way around this is to right click and change the name in Properties... which isn't very convenient esp. since "Properties"

Renaming a SCRIPT??

hi please tell how to rename a SCRIPT.I had developed an script,now i need to change its name,please tell how to do this. vipin sharmaHi Vipin, The only way to rename is to Make a Copy of the original form and give it the new name. Regards, Chandra S

How Can You Bring Illustrator Cs5 Layers into Photoshop Cs5?

Hi everyone, Is it possible to bring Illustrator artwork into Photoshop so that the layers in Illustrator are layers in Photoshop, and so that all the content is arranged as it was in Illustrator. What I have been doing is bringing in a shape or a gr

HELP! Need a script for renaming layers

Hi- I've got an Illustrator CS6 document that has 500+ layers with individual words on them (a word cloud).  I'm needing to animate this in AE.  When I "Release to Layers (Sequence)", all of the layers become Layer 1, Layer 2, etc.  Is there a s

Is there a script for renaming layers in ID CS5?

Hello, I am new to scripting (I just started today) so far I have found some very useful existing scripts to help automate my workflow. I am wondering if anyone knows of the existence of a layer renaming script for InDesign. I have seen similar scrip

Script to rename layers comps batch?

Does anyone know any script to rename batch comps layers in a sequential numbering? For example: layerComps01, layerComps02, layerComps03 ...// 2014, use it at your own risk; #target photoshop if (app.documents.length > 0) { var myDocument = app.acti

PS3 script to batch rename layers

Sometimes, I make copies of layers (for example: copy little diamonds to align into a shape of the letter M). Each time I "alt+drag" the content in that layer (to make a copy of it), PS makes a copy and then appends the name of the layer to some

Script: rename layers?

Hi, is there a quick way how to renumber or batch rename all layers in a file so they would be named in consequent numbers? Doesn't have to start from exact number, I was wondering if maybe there is some sort of script that would help me with that? T

Renumber/Batch rename layers

Hi, is there a quick way how to renumber or batch rename all layers in a file so they would be named in consequent numbers? Doesn't have to start from exact number, I was wondering if maybe there is some sort of script that would help me with that? T

Saving Files from Illustrator CC layers palette?

Is there a way to save files directly from the layers palette in Illustrator CC? I'm working on a rebrand project with hundreds of logo variations and I'm trying to figure out if there's an automated way to save .ai files from my layers panel (so I c

Illustrator 2.0 scripts no longer work in 5.5

I learned applescript to write this script in 2008, and have no memory of how I did it. Now we've upgraded, as Illustrator 2.0 is not supported by new macbooks, and the script doesn't work in 5.5 (my new version). If someone has any insight into how

Rename Layers: Find and Replace style renaming

In Illustrator, you can use the following to find and replace layer names: var doc = app.activeDocument;  // name indexed object  var layernames = {  'Bob':'Bob Front' // loop through all layers  for (var i = 0; i < doc.layers.length; i++)  //Set up

Illustrator CS6 layers to single page PDF's

Hi, Zoals de titel al aangeeft heb ik hulp nodig bij het opslaan van Illustrator naar PDF. Normaal zou het onderstaande de oplossing zijn, helaas werk ik in één artboard met meer dan twee honderd lagen. Create a multiple-page Adobe PDF - Create multi

Can't rename layers in Muse CC

I used to be able to. What gives? I have rebooted my mac and still nothing. No other programs running. Double clicking does not open the text for renaming.I totally agree with the frustration of not being able to rename all layers. I have submitted i

PLEASE add the ability to rename layers in Muse!

Adobe, please allow us to rename ANY layer in Muse so we can know what each layer is. This is a very basic feature of nearly every Adobe software available and should be included in Muse ASAP. It is so difficult to find objects when the majority of t