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imac will not turn on after power outage


What can happen to an intel-based iMac when a power outage occurs while it is on and I unplug it to avoid a surge when power comes back?

The power went out today, while I was using my intel-based iMac (2008) and I rushed to unplug the power from the wall, before the poser could surge back on. Did I do damage? I have a surge protector that it was plugged into, but I thought just to be

After a power outage my imac will not let me log in to the adminstrator, it just comes back to the log in screen

Can somebody help? We had 3 power outages in quick succession and now my imac will not let me log in, it just comes back to the log in screen.Hello, What OSX version? If 10.7.0 or later... Bootup holding CMD+r, or the Option/alt key to boot from the

After a series of very short power outages in my town our Imac boots with the pinwheel going and a progress bar, then the users screen comes up but our passwords no longer opens up desktops, just returns to the users choice screen.  What should I do?

I'm on the choose a user screen and when I enter the password the screen goes white then returns to choosing a user. The system is rebooting differently when I tried turning off then back on, the pinwheel screen has a progress bar and it takes minute

Unable to load OS bound to a domain after power-outage

I currently manage 200 2013 iMac but since installing Yosemite I've noticed that after the macs are joined to the domain and a network user is using the machine and a power outage occurs ALL iMac running Yosemite will not boot up. The boot process re

Imac will not boot up after power failure

Does anyone know why i have to unplug the power cable from the back of my imac after every power failure at my home to get the imac to boot up.  I've tried resetting the surge protecter and unplugging there.  However, the only option is to unplug the

Photoshop fails to run or re-install after power outage

I experienced a power outage while performing an update to Photoshop via Creative Cloud on my iMac.  Since then I have been unable to use or re-install the app.  Initially when trying to re-install, Adobe Application Manager would run through most of

Everything works fine, but my LEDs are flashing amber since a power outage

I'm not having any issues with my new Airport Express base station, except that it's flashing amber all the time. This happened recently after a power outage in my house. It was odd also that a soft reset reset the base station as if I had done a har