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Unable to capture video off of Hitachi DVD+HDD combined hybrid to iMovie

I have video captured on a hard drive in my Hitachi consumer grade camera. I am trying to capture that media into iMovie. iMovie is not recognizing the files on the camera and I am unable to select the media to transfer. I am connecting to my Macbook

Unable to capture in FCP, Quicktime and iMovie, camera not recognized.

I am unable to capture in FCP, Quicktime and iMovie. I have been dealing with this problem for quite a while now, and I think I have tried everything posted on these forums regarding this issue. I have been to the Quicktime, iMovie, and this FCP foru

IMovie 6 HD Expanded Text Options Plugin

I would like to have more flexibility in the use of text in titles in iMovie 6 HD.  I'm looking for a plugin that will allow for more user control of text including multiple fonts, multiple sizes, etc in a single title.  Is there such a plugin availa

IMovie Text Options

I am working on a new macbook at work, and am starting my first movie (iMovie 11, I guess).  I have inserted a Title slide into my movie, and when I go to adjust the text, it won't let me into any font (or other) options.  It'll show me what font it

Loops in red & importing sounds from iMovie

There are some loops in red and I have tried to import them through setup but it says they are open, also when I try to import from iMovie it says "NOT INDEXED"?answeredRead other 2 answers

IMovie won't open and keeps unexpectedly quitting!!

I am a Youtuber and film student. I have a lot of projects in the making and am panicking that they're gone for good because iMovie won't open anymore!! If anyone can help me solve this issue, I'd be eternally grateful! Process:         iMovie [617]

After upgrading to Mavericks I cannot update iPhoto and iMovie. Why?

Just got my first Mac, an iMac. I upgraded to Maverick and once done I find there are updates available for iPhoto and iMovie. First I have tried to register "accept" the two apps. Nothing happens. Then I try to update them and get the answer th

Can i move an unfinished imovie project from one mac to another

so i started a project in imovie on my parents mac and now i want to finish it off on my macbook. is there anyway I can transfer the project????Yup. however, seeing as how it isn't finalized, well this ought to work. 1-connect up your macbook to your

How do I use iMovies 10 to continue my work from iMovies 9.08?

So iMovie 10 is out...but the interface is so different, I cannot immediately see how to pick up from where I left off with my projects.  Is anyone yet familiar with the basics?  How do I view my project, add clips from events, for example?Hi Terry82

How to move an uncompleted iMovie project from one hard drive to another?

I want to move an uncompleted iMovie project form one hard drive to another. What do I move to make sure that all of parts of the project: movies, photos, sound, are moved? Thanks, BruceHi, You can deploy the ADF Project as an ADF Library Jar file an

How do i add a second movie to an idvd project when 'sharing' from imovie always opens a new idid window?

I am creating an idvd project with multiple imovie projects.  I know I need to share my imovie project with Idvd.  WEhen I do that, idvd automatically opens.  Now I want to add a second project.  The problem is that when I share imovie projects a sec

TS3249 How can I delete an iMovie file reference to a server that no longer exists?

I am using iMovie 11 and used to have a NAS that I've removed. Whenever I open iMovie, i get a prompt stating that the NAS server (name) no longer exists.  I thought I had moved all my project files to an external hard drive but I must have missed on

Is there a way to speed up video clips in imovie on ipad

is there a way to speed up video clips in imovie on ipad? I'm currently editing some videos and would like to speed up a few clips to make the video shorter. Is this possible on ipad or just mac pcs only?actually, no 'add-ons' possible or avail for i

Is there a guide to iMovie 11 for someone who understands video editing in the normal way?

Yesterday, for the very first time, I used iMovie 11.  My son shot a little video on his iPod Touch, and then wanted to play around with the titles and transitions a bit more than the iPod would afford.  So, we did the import via iTunes dance, and op

How do i find highlight "templates" like the trailer options on imovie? I don't have much time for a youth sports team project

I previously used imovie templates that had trailers and themes. I found this easy when short of time, in addition I just got Final Cut Pro X and I'm trying to learn on the fly. Does Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 have these type of template features with mu

Please help me open an iMovie trailer, moved to my iPad from my PC. I can view it on my iPad but am unable to import it into the app to edit it.

I created a trailer on an iPad at a workshop to use in my classroom. I retrieved it from my PC and can view it on my iPad mini, but the iMovie app won't open it. I need to edit it. Desperately need help. I want to show it to my students tomorrow. Tha

At the end of my IMovie I want to write some text: as in" Happy Birthday Mandy we had a great time with you. etc..  How do I go about this? Which icon in IMovie lets me have a place to write text?? help please

Please see my ? above: Im making an IMovie and need the last frame to just be text (can be on a color). I don't know how to go about doing this.  Ive already done all my photos and captions. Need to have it ready for TOMORROW: Friday May 23rd. Help p

I need to add text over a still photo in iMovie.  Following directions that always worked before but not this time.

I am running OS 10.6.8, an upgrade that I did after Christmas.  A couple of times a year, I need to make a video of my students' performances, and have always been able to add text over the still photos before, using the directions in iMovie "help.&q