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How do I import csv file into a SharePoint list?

I am trying to use a PowerShell script to load data into a SharePoint list from a csv file. When I run my code, it seems to go through the process of loading the data into the list. However when I go to my list, all I see is "System.Object[]" di

Excel issues with importing CSV or HTML table data from URL - Sharepoint? Office365?

Greetings, We have a client who is having issues importing CSV or HTML table data as one would do using Excel's Web Query import from a reporting application.  As the error message provided by Excel is unhelpful I'm reaching out to anyone who can hel

Help importing csv for birthday email campaign

Hello, I've used the downloaded data template and uploaded a list of customers. My list shows 153 customers. After I upload it, the name of the list has (84) after it, and when I hover over the name and hit "View Subscribers," it shows 94 items

Looking for a Notes app that I can import CSV files into?

As the title says, I'm looking for a good notes application for my iPhone that I can import CSV files into. I have tried both Appigo and Notespark, but I can't easily scroll through them, as I have 2,000+ notes. Is there any app that I can import my

Using PowerShell to import CSV data from Vendor database to manipulate Active Directory Users

Hello, I have a big project I am trying to automate.  I am working in a K-12 public education IT Dept. and have been tasked with importing data that has been exported from a vendor database via .csv file into Active Directory to manage student accoun

How to import csv-file in Numbers 3.2.2.

I start using Numbers in stead of Excel. I would like to import csv-files from my bank, but when I open the csv-file in Numbers, everything is imported in the same cell. I composed a testfile: 01/08/2014,"text","more text","even m

Import-csv how to make powershell ignore a line in a csv file if a column contains a certain value

Basically I got a very basic script that uses a csv file to input values needed to remove people from a distro list. That part is working fine. I'd like to add to it's functionality so it can look at values in a certain column, and if any of those ce

How to gracefully import CSV files into Numbers.app v3?

I've posted this as a question at Stack Exchange, also- I have a process, which has worked faithfully for years in Numbers '09, whereby I download my Bank account data in CSV format, then drag that data directly into my Numbers sheet (after creating

How do you Import .csv list into Contacts on iPad?

Can some point me in the right direction to import .csv contact list exported from a PC in an iPad? ThanksImporting a Contact List CSV to the iPad http://techchannel.radioshack.com/importing-contact-list-csv-ipad-2235.html  Cheers, TomRead other 3 a

Powershell: How to change the header name in a imported CSV file

HI All, I have a csv file in which I want to change the headers names in powershell. oldnames are name,id newnames I want to give are: company and transit respectively. Following is what I wrote in script:            $a = import-csv .\finalexam\emplo

Import-CSV and Takeown.

I'm currently trying to come up with a way to search an entire folder directory to find all objects that a particular user is owner to, export that list to csv, then import that csv and using takeown to grant local Administrators Owner. Scouring the

Importing CSV file and parsing it

First of all I am very new to writing powershell code.  Therefore, my question could be very rudimentary, but I cannot find an answer, so please help. I'm trying to read a CSV file and parse it.  I cannot figure out how to access nth element without

Mav Contacts does not import csv file

Trying to import my Outlook exchange contacts to Mavericks Contacts.  Exported from outlook to excel. Saved excel file to csv format.  Tried to import csv file to Mavericks Contacts:  Error message says the csv file is not compatible.  Also imported

Import-csv and export-csv

 Hi everyone, How do I modify the script so that I see all the entries in the computers_result.csv file.  As it stands only the last entry in the computers.csv shoes up in the computers_result.csv file.  Thanks so much. Import-Csv C:\computers.csv |

Import-CSV script to add mobile phone numbers to existing Active Directory accounts

Hi guys, I'm a powershell beginner and trying to make a simple script to populate the mobile phone number field for a specified number of AD accounts that are currently blank. I have a csv file mobilenumbers2.csv with two headers, "samaccountname,mob

Import CSV data to an existing populated XLS file

Hi Guys, Looking for some assistance, with some powershell I have never done before..  and don't know where to start.. I have a CSV file that contains some data - Several items exported from a standard powershell command. I also have an XLS file that

Skip Blank Values in Import-CSV

I am attempting to do a mass import of user attributes (phone number, address, city, state, zip code, title, company). All goes well until I hit a blank value in the CSV. Here is the Powershell script I am trying to use. Import-Csv IA-Test2.csv | For

How to import csv data into Oracle using c#

Hello, How to import csv data into Oracle using c #. Where data to be imported 3GB in size and number of rows 7512263. I've managed to import csv data into Oracle, but the time it takes about 1 hour. How to speed up the time it takes to import csv da

How to find out what was imported from Import-CSV

If I have an input file that could contain any CSV field names in the headers and after I run Import-CSV I want to find the names of the fields that were imported. How can I do this?Hi Patrick, generally speaking, you can figure out a lot about what

Importing csv with dates

Hi all, I am importing csv files that contain (among others) two columns with dates into Numbers. The dates are all uniformly formatted by dd.mm.yyyy, which is in Germany the usual date format. However, the import changes them into numbers, e.g. 26.1