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import test cases from excel to jira


Can I use Power Query to Import a table from Excel sheet range which starts not from the top row?

Hi, Being an experienced Excel user before Power BI, I am just starting to explore the M and Power Query capabilities, and need help already (ain't easy to google this use case somehow): I need to import the table which sits in the Excel file with he

Importing metadata from Microsoft Excel or Access to Adobe Bridge CC metadata

I'm trying to figure out how to batch import a substantial amount of metadata in Microsoft Excel or Access to the IPTC core fields in Adobe Bridge CC. I've seen the issue discussed, but many of the posts about it are six or seven years old. So here a

Is it possible to create a form that allows users to import data from an excel spreadsheet

I have not been able to start my reading on scripting or other livecycle features to be able to try to figure this out but I was wondering if anyone else had ever created a form with this feature or had any ideas of how it would be possible.  Our com

How do i import data in an Excel sheet into an Oracle Database table

I know one way to do is to convert the data into a text file and then use Sqlldr to load the data into the DB. Is there any other easy way, like directly connecting to the DB from Excel sheet itself. Any links to this wud be greatly helpful. Thanks a

How do I import the data from Excel (.xls) file into Oracle Database table

I have an excel file with 5 columns of 5000 rows. I have to import 5000 rows of data into my oracle table with same column names & Data types. What is the best advise for this ? Thanks. SriniYou can connect to Oracle from Excel directly. I know you c

Hirarchy import to MDM in excel format

Hii All, I am doing SRM MDM catalog, in that to import hirarchy I want to know the excel file format to get hirarchy data from R3. The excel template for importing hirarchy to MDM. Regards, Poonam KanadeUse DESFORMAT=SPREADSHEET http://download.oracl

How to import database created in Excel to appropriate fields in a PDF form?

I am trying to use Database created in Excel to fill multiple PDF Visa application forms. The fields in PDF forms are basically the same except the order of appearance on the form could be different. However the field names remain the same in all PDF