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import test cases from excel to jira


How can we upload test cases from excel to MTM 2013

Hi, In my current project we are using Microsoft Test Manager 2013. We have prepared test cases in excel. How can we upload these test cases from excel to MTM 2013. I have tried with TestCaseMigratorPlus but it is giving some exceptions. Thanks, Nave

I bought Numbers because my Excel files would not work with Mavericks. How can I import a non-functioning Excel file into numbers? (As of now, the file NAME transfers but data is not.) but

I bought Numbers because my Excel files would not work with Mavericks. How can I import a non-functioning Excel file into numbers? (As of now, the file NAME transfers but data does not.)HI Dave, I'm surprised you get no message when you attempt openi

Character problem in toad import table data from excel

Hi everybody, I want to import data from an excel file to an Oracle table, so I'm using Toad's "Import Table Data" tool for this purpose. The problem is Oracle doesn't import non-english characters properly. My database is XE and character set i

How can I execute the test case written excel sheet

Hello I have written the test cases  in excel sheet. Please tell any one how to execute test case from labview.please send some sample viI'm sorry, but you've provided zero information on what you have. All you've said is that you have an Excel "shee

Set a particular column's Color when importing a list to Excel

Hi all, I am displaying a list by using REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY. It works fine.Now i import this List to Excel sheet by custom program to set the formatting part and for color prospect which is not working with standard Import functionality.I am using

Which ActiveX command do I use to IMPORT TEST FILES INTO EXCEL?

Happy New Year! I am trying to write large data files to XL, but they take very long to write. Now I am trying to write text files and then near the end of teh program import them into an Excel file. IS there an ActiveX command I should use for this

Automator-How to batch import txt files into excel

Hi I have been using Automator to import hundreds of text files into one excel workbook using the "Import Text files to Excel Workbook" action. Automator works great for all files that are tab delimited. However I have another set of data that a

How can I change the import options for an Excel table in InDesign CS5.5?

Hi, I have a problem with an InDesign script that works this way in ID CS4 and ID CS5, but stops working in ID CS5.5. What the script should do, is to change the import preferences for a table saved in an Excel file so that I can place an unformatted

Importing data from Microsoft excel file to Oracle Database with Multiple Data Tables. Need expert advice and guidance

I posted a query on Importing data from Microsoft Excel to Oracle Database (Multiple Data Tables). I got some answer and reference from the forum. I presented to my Oracle consultant and representative from Oracle Malaysia. They said impossible. I do

How to import a file from Excel or Access?

I use Oracle816 on windows2000 Server.. Let me know!! How can I import a file from Excel or Access? nullTreat the excel file as you would any other file you load into the Repository. Files can be loaded into the Repository from the Repository Object

Import Meta Data to Excel

I have never needed it before, but nowe it becomes very important: I need inm Excel the clip name and the exact lenght. Before, I just copied the lenght from the thumbnail (not accurate, because it does not show the frames) and very big strain on the

How do i import a table from excel into dw8?

I want to import a table from excel into a table in dw8, i just want the data inside the excel table to be imported to the table in dw8. The tables has the same stracture - number of rows and columns. is it possible? btw special paste is no good, sin

Can I use Power Query to Import a table from Excel sheet range which starts not from the top row?

Hi, Being an experienced Excel user before Power BI, I am just starting to explore the M and Power Query capabilities, and need help already (ain't easy to google this use case somehow): I need to import the table which sits in the Excel file with he

How to import data from all excel worksheet ?

hi I want to import data from excel worksheet. There is a fm ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE but it read data only from "actual" sheet. How can I    read data from all exel spread sheets ? krzysHi, check this code, this is gathered from one of the

Importing metadata from Microsoft Excel or Access to Adobe Bridge CC metadata

I'm trying to figure out how to batch import a substantial amount of metadata in Microsoft Excel or Access to the IPTC core fields in Adobe Bridge CC. I've seen the issue discussed, but many of the posts about it are six or seven years old. So here a

Is it possible to create a form that allows users to import data from an excel spreadsheet

I have not been able to start my reading on scripting or other livecycle features to be able to try to figure this out but I was wondering if anyone else had ever created a form with this feature or had any ideas of how it would be possible.  Our com

How do i import data in an Excel sheet into an Oracle Database table

I know one way to do is to convert the data into a text file and then use Sqlldr to load the data into the DB. Is there any other easy way, like directly connecting to the DB from Excel sheet itself. Any links to this wud be greatly helpful. Thanks a

How do I import the data from Excel (.xls) file into Oracle Database table

I have an excel file with 5 columns of 5000 rows. I have to import 5000 rows of data into my oracle table with same column names & Data types. What is the best advise for this ? Thanks. SriniYou can connect to Oracle from Excel directly. I know you c

Hirarchy import to MDM in excel format

Hii All, I am doing SRM MDM catalog, in that to import hirarchy I want to know the excel file format to get hirarchy data from R3. The excel template for importing hirarchy to MDM. Regards, Poonam KanadeUse DESFORMAT=SPREADSHEET http://download.oracl

How to import database created in Excel to appropriate fields in a PDF form?

I am trying to use Database created in Excel to fill multiple PDF Visa application forms. The fields in PDF forms are basically the same except the order of appearance on the form could be different. However the field names remain the same in all PDF