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Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is non-existent. VZW cares more about new customers than loyal customers. I would like to see a customer retention program since it is actually cheaper to keep a current customer than it is to recruit a new customer. And please do no

Importing a Custom Class

Hi everyone... I'm working on one final part of a Flash piece that's ended being quite a bear for me. So looking forward to wrapping it up! I'm a big-time newbie. This has been an amazing learning experience but boy it has made my brain hurt! The fin

Does customer loyalty mean anything?

How about taking some action on some customer loyalty. Never saw a company who does just not care about their customers. I am finishing up on my second 2 year contract you would think that Verizon would give a ****. Subject was edited for bevity by:

Customer loyalty program?

I have been challenging Verizon WIreless lately for (in my view) their lack of a decent customer loyalty program. I have been with Verizon since 1999, and my bill/equipment has went from 2 voice-only phones for about $50 a month to my current 5 smart

Importing a custom class error

In my testDB.jsp as follows, <body> <%@ page language="java" import="java.sql.*" %> <%@ page import="DBConn" %> <% DBConn DBConn1 = new DBConn(); out.print("bean test:" + DBConn1.test_bean()); %

Customer Loyalty Call

So, I finally answered a call from an 866 number I didn't recognize and found that it was from the "Verizon Wireless Customer Loyalty" department where they were trying to get me to agree to leave my unlimited data plan and go to another plan. 

I bought a 4G SIM activation kit on the advice of a CS rep, who said I could change out the SIM card on my Verizon Droid X (currently in use with a customer loyalty plan) and switch it to a prepaid plan. But now it appears there is no SIM card to switch o

I bought a 4G SIM activation kit on the advice of a CS rep, who said I could change out the SIM card on my Verizon Droid X (currently in use with a customer loyalty plan) and switch it to a prepaid plan. But now it appears there is no SIM card to swi

API needed to import the customer PAN No, TAN NO in the India Localization

Hi, We need to import the customer PAN No, TAN NO and etc.., in the India Localization (Additional Information). Please assist me, is there any API available to import the above details. If any, please provide me the API Name ASAP. Regards SureshAre

MDG File Import for Custom Object

Hello Experts, We are in MDG 6.1 and trying to implement the File import for custom object. Basically the idea is used to DTIMPORT transaction.Apart from the configurations in MDGIMG, What are the classes that has to be implemented? Can anyone share

Importing/using custom package

Hello all, I've been having trouble find a solution (likely because I'm not sure how to properly word this question, so bear with me). FYI, I'm not really sure what I need to do here... this is a gap in my Java knowledge. I've written a custom class

MDM 5.5 SP02 Error during import of Customer Data

Hello, I am a beginner in MDM 5.5. I tried to import the customer data via the import manager. I got the error message: <b>" E1KNA1M wasn't found in the source "</b> What's wrong with this repository ? I used the DEBMDM06 for extract

How do I import a custom mobile app UI in Flash Builder?

Hey everyone.  I'm new to mobile development and just Flash Builder in general.  I created a custom UI using Photoshop and now that Catalyst files aren't supported in FB 4.6, how would I go about creating or importing a UI for my mobile app?  I can't

Can I import a custom component from Flash 8 into Flex?

'm creating a custom Flash Video Playback component in Flash 8 using AS2. I understand that I cannot import this to Flex as stated in Livedocs: "You can use SWC files created in Flash 8 only for skinning, not as components. Until the next version of

Import PO custom invoice cin

Import PO done custom invoice through MIRO and changed the excise value in MIRO. Now how this changed value will flow to MIGO?After posting customs MIRO,system should not allow you to change excise values,because it creates FI documents. If MIRO is h

AD Import using Custom Attributes?

by default when you run AD import in UC, it fetched whole AD domain accounts which contains service accounts and a lot other stuff which one don't want to import. So choice is to search using a particular Base DN which query only one OU. But this sim

Why a transfer to "Customer Loyalty"?

I have been a customer for close to 10 years and I'd guess $30-35K (never a late payment), had a question about an early upgrade due to a phone issue (first request in 10 years) so they transferred me to the "loyalty" department where they essen

Where is Verizons customer loyalty?

I've had this account for well over 20 years. Why am I paying the same rates as a new customer? Why do I need to jump through hoops to get new equipment? With all the companies and plans out here, you should provide more for your customers. Why aren'

Disappointing customer loyalty

My Phone was stolen recently and had an old crap phone as a replacement for the past few weeks while i make up my mind about a phone.I  was due an upgrade anyway so rang the loyalty team to see if they could do me a deal on phones 3 weeks ago, they w

Imports Procurement-Customs Payment Issue

Dear All, I'm Implementing Material Imports Process,facing following issues: As BOE is received with material so user dont want to enter following conditions in the PO as these condition's rate are changes everytime.And at the time of PO creation use

Import Purchase - Customs office vendor in PO

Dear Gurus, In Import Purchase order, where shall we have to maintain Customs house vendor number ? my understanding: In import purchase the flow is : PO - IV (customs house) - GR - IV ( for main vendor) before posting GR for Materials, we have to po