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JCaps 5.1.3 Sun Solaris CPU performance issue

Folks, We are experiencing a serious CPU performance issue on our Solaris server with HL7 projects deployed. The projects consist of the sample HL7 inbound and outbound projects with an additional service sending to a batch local file external for wr

BSO Agg Times Drastically Increases After Increasing CPU

Hello All, I will make a long story short and then explain more if you guys need more information. We are running 64-bit Essbase with 1 Planning application. We were running load tests with 150 users, where users are running an Aggregation B

Urgent: regarding the increasing the performance of report

Hi, I had a report which is displaying the correct data but i execute on PRD Server,it gets Request Time Out.So i want to increase the performance of it.Plzz help me out in doing this. REPORT  ZWIP_STOCK NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING LINE-SIZE 150. TABLES

Report burst:To increase query performance in xcelsius

Is there anyway to increase query performance in xcelsius by using report burstingFremlin, Report bursting is only for distributing your reports to your end users. You can improve performance only by following the [Best practices|https://www.sdn.sap.

How to get the highest CPU performance in Maverick

I am currently doing many analyses in parallel using 10.9.2 on a 2013 MPB and came accross a problem that costs me a lot of time. I started another discussion yesterday, there it was not sure whether it is a software problem or operating system probl

How to increase the performance of a report

can any body tell me how to increase the performance of a report?//// i have prepared a report to show the expense detail .I have used BSIS and BSAS table. But whenever I am executing it is facing runtime error (TIME_OUT error ). Moderator Message: D

How to increase the performance in server 2008 R2 for RDP users

Hi, My application take to much time to load. If anyone double click on mail client the exe file will appear in task manager but it will open after 5 mins. how to increase the performance. My sever configuration is as below, SC2600 Intel  motherboard

How to increase the performance of a program

How to increase the performance of a program. Regards Lisa Message was edited by: Lisa RoyHere are some links that may help. http://www.sapinsideronline.com/searchspi/search.htm?page=article&key=20297&query_text=performance%7Ctuning http://www.sap

How to increase the performance of  Weblogic server 7.0?

How to increase the performance of Weblogic server 7.0 ? also, how do i avoid typing the server login and password evertime I start the webserver?How to increase the performance of Weblogic server 7.0 ?It depends on what is not running fast enough fo

X230 CPU performance issue on AC power without battery

Dear Lenovo & Community Members, I've recently received my X230 (model no.: 2320-24B), and discovered an issue related to the CPU performance of X230 on AC power. To make the long story short, my X230 is not running at full performance on AC power wi

Is there a real increase of performance using a 802.11ac router with a MacBook Pro 13 Retina?

Hi guys! First of all, sorry for my english. I'm trying to improve myself! I would like to know if could be a smart choice to change my router with a "802.11ac" router. Is there a real increase of performance? Right now i'm using a 10mb in downl

How to increase cpu voltage on A75A-G35?

Please tell me how to increase cpu voltage on A75A-G35(I changed pstates in BIOS but voltage not changed!)? and then tell me range of voltage in 1-7 Pstates? Thanks.Quote from: MSI service FAQ Q: I cannot adjust the CPU Voltage on my A55/A75 motherbo

How to check the usage of ram and cpu Performance for the particular application like sqlserver ,ms word

how to check the usage of ram and cpu  Performance for the particular application like sqlserver ,ms word rankiHi, You can use Performance Monitor and add the required counters. Check the below Technet article on Performance Monitor. http://technet.m

Increase the Performance of Search In Interactive Report

Hi, I created a report which has about 10000+ records. To load the report it is not taking much time. But when i make a search in interactive report it is taking lot of time. Please suggest me how to increase the performance of interactive search. I

Increase the Performance of a package while execution

Hi, i am using oracle 9i and linux.. in my pl/sql if i executed a particular package it will take 5 min. please explain how to increase the performance of the package how to extract the query from the package and how to build an explain plan.. and ho

Increasing the performance of the abap program

Hi , Anybody had any document regarding how to increase the performance of ABAP program. Regards, baijuhi,   Refer This link. <b> Performance tuning for Data Selection Statement</b>  http://www.sap-img.com/abap/performance-tuning-for-data-sele

Increase the performance of fileadapter

Hi, can any body tell me how to increase the performance of the FILEADAPTER & DBADAPTER? Regards, Krishna.As Anirudh has correctly stated you should upgrade if possible. In the DB adapter had many issues, plus was released 3 years a

Itunes causing CPU performance to get to 100 percent

Hello, Lately itunes causes my CPU performance to oscillate between 10 and 100 percent, which causes my computer to stall out every few seconds. Here is a picture of what my cpu performancee looks like:[IMG]http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/1906/com

Why all of a sudden I'm getting pop up's stating High CPU performance for plug in, anmd Performance allert, high memory use by firefox, never had these problems till I upgraded to the latesty Firefox offered???????

since I upgraded to the latest version of fire fox, I'm getting pop ups stating, And I quote! Performamce Alert,high memory use by Fire Fox, and High CPU Performance for plug in by Fire fox, never had this problem with the last version of Fire Fox, t

How to increase the performance of an Application

Hi, I am using jdeveloper11. and weblogic server10.3.2.I have lot of txn in the database.when click the txn menu then page landing is very slow.My Txn data is 24thousands records. My RAM is 8GB and 64bit machine .So how to fast my application?