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initialcontext.lookup example in java


EJBContext.lookup() vs InitialContext.lookup() @ EJB3.0

current design of my application uses a helper class for retrieving the system resources. according the new ejb3.0 specs i can't use dependency injection in helper classes. so, if we wanna stay with the current design, we should continue with the 2.1

NamingException initialContext.lookup

I have imported a working eclipse J2EE project into JDeveloper and fixed some compilation errors by adding the proper libraries. When I run the dcount-ejb project it serves up the login.jsp, but when I attempt to login to the app I get thi

Using Portable datasource lookup for a java client in OC4J 10g

Hi, I'm in the process of porting a standalone java client to j2ee. At the moment I have a thick java client which uses jndi to access a global datasource configured on the OC4J server ( and it works fine. Using the 'Services Guide' I deci

Phantom Context lookup or Is "java:" some kind of keyword ? ? ?

I'm attempting to implement my own Context for capturing performance information out of a third party applications. I've run into a strange problem where the method call doesn't aways work even though the signature appears to be correct, with the onl

Understand InitialContext lookup - Understanding concepts

I am new to EJB, I am trying to understand the concepts. I am trying to understand example posted on https://glassfish.dev.java.net/javaee5/ejb/examples/Sful.html. What I don't understand is how Standalone Java Client is doing the lookup and against

LoadBalance in InitialContext Lookup

Hi, I'm having following requirement.An Ejb has been deplyed in a weblogic cluster which has two Servers Server A & B. In Server A the Ejb is in started mode,& in Server B it is in Stopped state.Now from the server B i'm using a standalone client

JNDI lookup from a Java stored proc?

Anybody know if a JNDI lookup, or accessing an EJB from a Java stored procedure is possible? I looked through all the docs and it says it is possible but doesn't specify how. In the java class thats resolved through the stored proc, how are the serve

Ramifications of caching results of InitialContext(().lookup?

One of the thing we discovered during our early efforts to port a 5.1 app to 7.0 was that in 7.0 the JNDI lookups were simply taking FOREVER. It was really horrible. So, the question is, what are the ramifications of caching the results of this: Cont

InitialContext lookup over HTTP using a full PROVIDER_URL (including path)

Hi, We have a standalone Java JMS client application that is sending messages to a queue on a WebLogic (WLS 9.2 MP3) server. It uses the WLInitialContextFactory (WebLogic implementation of InitialContextFactory) class to look up the initial context o

Where to lookup implementation of java methods?

Hi I need to find out the actual code that makes some of the methods in the API work. Anyone know a site where i can find this? Christhe JDK distribution comes with a src.jar. when you install the JDK, you have the option to put the source files into

Datasource works with java code but not with sql:query dataSource=...

Hello everyone! I have a small problem with binding a DataSource object via JNDI and retrieving it in a web application. This is the case: I did not wish to make the DataSource available through the server.xml, because I want to create applications t

Code to connect to database in  Webdynpro-- iviews

Hi All- Could you let me know the code to connect to database in WebDynPro-->iviews. Regards, CrisHi, Here are the two ways of connecting to a database through coding: ////1//// Class.forName("com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver");  

Database connection to MS SQL 2005 (URGENT Help Needed)

Hi all, Does anyone know how to connect my adobe form to MS SQL 2005? I have this code: try {      InitialContext initialContext = new InitialContext ();      DataSource dataSource = (DataSource) initialContext.lookup ("jdbc/MyAlias");       jav

Error in application onStart

Hi, I am getting this error while running Jboss server. I am getting error in starting my application. Why is it so? Please help me. 12:45:45,307 INFO [STDOUT] Error in application onStart. Could not dereference object 12:45:45,307 INFO [STDOUT] java

SQL- 2005 : User Input in select statement's where cond [Input Parameter]

Hi All i am using SQL Server 2005 , i want to select the data based on the user input in where condition, but i am not sure what to give in where condition,can anyone have any idea on this SELECT [NO]       ,[NAME]       ,[PAGE_COUNT]   FROM [DS].[DB

Web Dynpro and Oracle

Greetings to all! We had been two weeks trying to develop a simple application with Web Dynpro that brings data from an Oracle database. We have defined a table in the Java Dictionary with such fields and names that in the data base. We have created

Oracle or MS SQL Server, EJB Models and Web Dynpro Application

Hi I've a table in MS SQL database. I've created in Visual Admin, the datasource(jdbc/MyAlias) for the above. SQL Server has Employee Table with EmpId, FirstName, LastName and Description as its Columns. I want to display, modify , insert and delete

NPE when calling getConnection() with JBoss 3.0.0RC1

I'm getting the following exception only when I'm using JBoss 3.0.0RC1. No problem with earlier version of JBoss 3.0, so this maybe a JBoss issue. However, I can't debug this without knowing what URL Kodo is trying to look up. My guess is getTransact

Installing with Oracle or MS-SQL

Hello, Is there a PDF or some page with the necessary setup to install LiveCycle ES Reader Extensions with Oracle and MS-SQL Server? Thank you for any info. MarcosHi Srikant, I have worked on similar stuff, but the scenario was a little different. I

Steps to connect db2 through websphere

hello all, i am using db2 and websphere. i hv created datasource for my aplication. after that how do i acces my db through websphere. i am new to websphere environment. thanks in advanceIf datasource JNDI is jdbc/DB2DataSource InitialContext initial