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input type button submit onclick


html:link action="" input type="button"... does not work under IE browser

Greeting, I have the following codes in struts1.3.5. It works fine under Firefox, but it does not work at all under Internet Explore (IT) at all. Any clues why under IE it does not work? <html:link action="/private/search"> <input type=

Using a form with two input type="submit" ... buttons...

Hello All! I'm using a form to add and remove parameters for a service definition. <form action="serviceinput.jsp" method="post">                <table>                     <tr>                          <td><

How do you wrap the text on an input field with type="button"

I want to put 2 lines of text on an input field. The button size is fixed at 75 and if there is more than 10 characters it truncates the text. The input field is defined as : <input type="button" value="CI<br>Discrepency" clas

CommandButton type="button" generates a type="submit" (jsf 1.2)

Hi, Migrating from JSF 1.1 to JSF 1.2.... My CommandButton with type="button" ends up to be an Input tag with a type=submit. I looked at the JSF 1.2 tag api and it only accepts Submit and Reset. Any idea how to have a commandButton that will not

Problem in getting data on button submit

I have 3 combo boxes in a form & a button on the other html form when the user will change the combo box, the form will be submitted with the values of all three combo boxes. And when the button is pressed it will again submit the form along with all

Using a button of type=button to execute java code

Hello, I here what I need to do. - A user fill a form - He press submit - the button goes and execute some java code and then refresh the page (same page) Now I don't want to use a input=Submit, that call a a servlet that just update the information,

Getting access denied error while importing file using input type="file"

Hi All, I am using struts application wherein I need to import file for some purpose.I have used input type="file" for the same which goes like: <input type="file" id="uploadFile" name="uploadFile" size="50&

Changing button label;JSP; input type="submit" name="jboEvent" value="Search"

Hello everybody, I try to develop a multilanguage application in which the button labels will change accordingly with the browser's regional settings. The line in the generated DataQueryComponent.jsp file is the following: <input type="submit"

Unable to submit form wen convrting input type="submit" to a onclick=""

Hi I have used following code successfully to submit my form in JSP <form action="email.do" name="emailForm" onsubmit="return (checkscript())"> <input type="submit" name="actionSend" class="G

From browse button of input type=file, can I show the content of a file

Hi all, I am using, input type=file, where browse button appears. I am having a text area. My requirement is after I select the browse button, I need to show the content of the file in the text area. As of now I 've handled by having another button '

Changing the "Browse..." button label in input type file

Hi, I am facing a problem. I have got an HTML page. On this page, I have got a file selector(input type = file) in which I want to change the label of the "Browse..." button. Does anybody have an idea, how can it be done? Thanks, MayankI dont th

Which type of submit button to use?

Hi All, I am struggling with a form which executes BAPI script when user clicks submit. My submit button doesnt do any action for some reason. I dont know if the problem is in the type of submit button am using. Can someone please tell me what is the

I am web developer and I found that safari latest version 8.0 donot support tabindex for input type radio, checkbox and button.,

Hi, I am using safari 8.0 on latest mac system. I am web developer. My website do not support keyboard tab button for some of html controls for safari  8.0. I have apply  tab index for these controls( input type="radio" ,check box and button tag

Netui:button  submit button tagID

I use the repeater Wizard by dragging a member field in my .jpf controller file. public transient String[] mySPArr = {"A","B", ... "Z"}; from the Date Palette onto the index.jsp. <netui-data:repeater dataSource="{page

Struts 1.1 Iterate through input types of image

Hi everyone, I'm using struts 1.1, and specifically the logic:iterate tag. Basically I'm looping through a List of Users. I print out username, userAccessLevel, two image input types (edit or remove). My actionForm associated with the JSP contains th

Input type="image" only works in Safari, but not IE or Firefox?

Having accidentally discovered a form on a site I am working on was only working in Safari, I've just spent about five hours retracing my steps, before eventually discovering that the code that was making the form fail was my submit code. The page I


Trying to do session management using hidden fields. The fields that are suppose to be hidden show up in the query string of the URL. I have included the code, the output to the web page and the URL with the "hidden" fields please help. HIDDEN F

Radio Button  javascript onclick  show hide textbox

Currently, if the radio button is clicked then text box is shown else if radio button 2 is clicked then textbox is invisible. (only one textbox being shown or being hidden) I wish to have 2 text boxes If radio button 1 is clicked then textbox1 is vis

Input image and submit IE BUG

hello i use the login-wizard and i did a custom design for the login-form! works perfect on all browsers, except WIN IE! the submit button is a <input type="image" > button. i also already add the alt="submit", but still no submi

Is there an easy way to run an Ajax function from input type=file to test the file name in DB?

I've had the <input type="file">  ... <cffile ...> thing going for a few years now.  There is a database where the uploaded file names are stored once the files are uploaded to the server.  It sees things in terms of problems and sto