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Insert Image as Background PowerPoint


How do I save a picture of a webpage and insert it into a PowerPoint presentation; don't want a live webpage inserted, just a picture of it.

How do I save a visual or picture of a webpage that I can then insert into a PowerPoint presentation. I don't need a live link to the web page, just a picture or visual.save as, pick formate .... HTML save to desk top drag into power pointRead other

How do I insert a white background all throughout my iMovie?

Apologies if this is a primative question, but I cannot find the answer anywhere. I'm on a Mac (10.9.2), using iMovie 10.0.2, and I've tried inserting "Maps & Backgrounds" white, which hasn't done the job (thought it would allow me to use it

Inserting text as background

I was wondering how to insert a text across a report and put it as a background. For example, I am trying to insert "SAMPLE" on a diagonal across the report and select the "move to back" option. When I do this, the bottom half of the r

Inserting excel object into powerpoint

I am in BPC for PowerPoint and trying to "Insert BPC for Excel Object" It comes back as an empty worksheet. No other worksheet works either. The same file works when I insert it into BPC for Word. Any suggestions?Hello, Perhaps I'm misunderstand

Inserting photos into a powerpoint presentation

Hello, I just returned from a Powerpoint class. I was trying to create a presentation by inserting my photos but my computer started to overheat and the scroll bar started to blink. The teacher said that I was using too much RAM memory and suggested

Centering background image [was: I have inserted an image background...]

Here is the code. body{ background-image:url(backgrounds/MOMANDDAD.JPEG);}. what do i need to do to correct this mistake? I have made an inline stylesheet on a html and put a background image in it and it will not center in ie8, but is okay in firefo

Pls help, i am inserting MP4 movies in powerpoint 2011 mac it is showing error that either quick time is not installed correctly or not supported format,os 10.9.2 ,mac book air, and all other mp4 is inserting properly

Mac os X 10.9.2ask on the microsoft mac forums since it's their software you're having questions with: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/macRead other 2 answers

Problem with inserting a chart into Powerpoint

A box appears telling me that I must first close open dialog boxes but I have none open.  Next box says some charts cannot be combined with others and to choose a new chart type.   I have not selected another chart.  I have made plenty of charts in t

Can't insert powerpoint 2007 slide in to captivate 3

Please how I can insert powerpoint slide 2007 pptx extension into captivate 3 . Now I can only insert after saving the powerpoint slide in 97-2003 format .ppt extension. Please let me know Thanks PolHi Pol Please don't ask the same question more than

Insert Captivate 4 Project Into PowerPoint 2003

I have been following Captivate's (v4) instructions to insert a project into PowerPoint (2003). When I get to the part where, according the Captivate Help, in PowerPoint I have to open <Properties> of the box I have created in PowerPoint where the p

Quicktime insertion to Powerpoint

I am inserting movies into a powerpoint presentation. When I am in the editing window the movie will be present in an image with editing dots and at other times a different movie will be present with only the editing dots and no image. Movies are in

Insert flash in PowerPoint

Can I create a flash in Captivate and then insert it on a PowerPoint slide to run in PowerPoint?Yup. Here are some instructions. http://www.indezine.com/products/powerpoint/ppflash3.html http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/powerpoint_tip_putting_flash_in

Inserting Random Background Images

Hi Can someone please please help me. I have a very simple Flash movie where I want to insert a random background image every time the movie plays or the web page is refreshed. I found the following script online but need a step by step idiot¹s guide

Inserting mov. into powerpoint

I am trying to insert a movie from Kodak Easyshare (uses quicktime) that is a mov. file. Windows will not recognize it and I cannot insert it into MS powerpoint. Any help is appreciatedWelcome to Apple Discussions! What happens when you try to play t

Insert scenes from commercial DVD into a Powerpoint presentation

Is it possible to take scenes from a commercially released DVD and insert them into a Powerpoint presentation?notwithstanding the previous reply, DVD images are MPEG files, and won;t go into powerpoint without some conversion (probably to DV) and thu

PowerPoint 2010 Hangs when trying to insert audio file

I am trying to insert audio into a PowerPoint slide program.  I have done this quite often with previous versions of PowerPoint on a Dell computer, so I don't think it is user error - although I am open to the possibility - anything to get this fixed

PDF changes color in PowerPoint

Hi all, I created an image (used color transparency for some parts) in Illustrator CC 2014. I saved the image as a pdf. and then inserted it in my PowerPoint presentation. Once I save the powerpoint and reopen it, pdf images that I inserted have a bl

Compatibility with PowerPoint?

I have edited videos in PE9 for Mac and saved them as both MOV and MPG files. Both formats play in VLC, and as expected, only the MOV plays in QuickTime. However, when I try to insert either format into PowerPoint (ver 2011 for Mac), an error message

Copy from Illustrator CC and Paste to Powerpoint issues

Hello, How do you copy and paste a graphic from Illustrator CC to Powerpoint? I know that sounds easy, and it should be...I used to be able to do this the standard way (ctrl+c in Illustrator, ctrl+v in Powerpoint), however now the result is just a lo

Transparent background for power point

Hello All,  I want to include a picture of the earth from space in a powerpoint presentation.  I cropped it to a circle in PSE and saved it as a tiff as I want there to be no visible background.  When I insert the photo into powerpoint, it's on a cle