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Install Android Apps on Windows 10


Installing 11i apps on windows xp and Red Hat linux AS 3.0

Hi, I am a newbie to Oracle E-business suite............i will be very helpful if anybody could help me with the full procedure on how to install Oracle apps on windows on Windows XP and Red Hat linux AS 3.0.........starting with configuring ip.....i

Problem installing Facebook app in windows 8.1

when i try to install Facebook app  in windows 8.1 it says Purchase error  Sorry ,this app can't be installed because your PC might not meet some of the requirements. My PC configuration is intel core2 duo 3gb ram windows 8.1 osFor help with using Wi

Admin rights to install AIR apps on Windows?

Hi I have the  AIR framework 1.5 already installed on a Windows XP PC. After this, are admin/power-user rights required to install AIR apps on the same machine to the "My Documents" folder? I would assume NO. Pls clarify. If admin rights are req

How to create android app from windows app ?

i have windows 8.1 app and windows phone app created by app studio. i want to use these app in android or ios. how can i convert them ?Hi, I think there is no way to do this without the effort of programming.  Ether you use a cross-platform tools lik

Best Software to Run Android Apps on Windows Tablet

Hi I have been looking at some apps to allow Android Apps to run on a Windows Tablet.  Grateful if you can assist me with some recommendations  Key things are: ease of installation and use;  and long term stability Thank you in advance This topic fir

Push install iOS apps with Windows Intune

I am wondering, does Windows Intune allow us to push install an app to a iPad, or simply publish to the company store?  We have the need to silently install apps on iOS devices.If you integrate with ConfigMgr you can. Windows Intune stand-alone canno

How to install android apps

What is the solution to download any android appLet's Download and install firefox app on android device. #To download and install Firefox on your device just open your Google Play app. Then Search for "Firefox". Then tap on the First app on the

BB10.3 Upgrade would kill all installed Android apps, with deadly crashes quite often

BB10.3 alpha looks great and seems to be faster. I even entertianed the idea of writing a positive review about it. But after upgrading to BB10.3 and restoring all the apps using BlackBerry Link, all android apps would stop working. BB10.3 also have

Problem in downloading and installing adobe apps in windows phone.

How to download adobe apps. eg, adobe flash player in my windows phone Nokia Lumia 720? I tried several times but failed to download & installed, as showed my device does not support it! But I downloaded adobe reader from windows store, but did not f

Build event announced that you can convert your android app to windows platform ! How can I get the tools to do it?

From the build event I heard that you will be able to convert Android and iOS application to windows 10 phone platform! How can I do that ? Where can I get the tools ?Here you go! Universal Windows Platform Bridge for the Android Runtime: http://aka.

Can I install iTunes apps in Windows 7 pc?

Hi! I just want to ask if I can install apps from iTunes to my Windows 7 Ultimate pc? Help please?iOS applications can't be run on a computer. (83421)Read other 2 answers

Installing java app in windows

So I've created an application, packaged it in a jar and created a folder that contains the jar, the batch file to run it, a lib folder with all the library files, and a users guide. My original plan to deploy it was to just copy the folder from the

You Upgraded to OS 10.2.1 and want to run Android Apps on Your BB10? Install Snap to Your Device!

If you've upgraded to OS 10.2.1.x on your BB10 device you can now install any free Android app directly to your BB10 smartphone directly without any special converting and without the need to connect to your PC.  This opens up BB10 to the thousands o

Converting Android apps to run on Windows 10 (phone)

I used to develop Windows Phone 7 apps but moved over to Android a couple of years ago. I have a half dozen apps now on Google Play.  I read in the WSJ today that Microsoft has developed some kind of porting software that will make porting of Android

How to install oracle apps

hai i want to install apps my laptop is of 80GB and it has 70 GB available ,i also have 250 external Harddrive and windows professional.what i have to do to install it,i have 2003 windows server but my friends told we need 2000 server what i have to

Android apps not working on BB Q5

Hi, I updated my BB OS and tried android apps install my Blackberry device using DDPB tool. But it wasn't success. Something which I don't know getting wrong. For example I downloaded viber app bar files on http://apk2bar.org/ then I installed. When

How to install iphone and Android Apps in Mobiles

I would like to install top Indian social network "bharatstudent.com" [www.bharatstudent.com/bsmobile.php#1] iphone apps, android apps in my mobile. But I am unable to understand that procedure, If you have any idea about installation of apps in

How do I install itunes on a windows 8 computer. I keep getting the message that the app cannot run on my computer.

I cannot install itunes on my windows 8 computer. I get the message that the app cannot run on my computer.Hi mlheidt, If you are having trouble installing iTunes on your Windows 8 computer you may want to use the following article to help you get it

I get error 0x80073cf9 now and I need help to FIX Windows Store can't update any Apps & can't install any Apps now?

Hi I hope some one can tell me step by step how to fix windows 8.1, I can't update any of my Apps and can't install any new apps now and I get error code 0x80073cf9?  But my problem is different than most of the other FIXES I read about, because noth

Error while installing Oracle Apps R12 , on windows server 2003 R2

Hi Experts While installing Oracle Apps R12 , on windows server 2003 R2, I am getting the following error. System Utilities command: cmd.exe /c E:\oracle 12i dump\startCD\Disk1\rapidwiz\bin\adchkutl.cmd F:\cygwin\bin F:\VC\bin 'E:\oracle' is not reco