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Install Linux After Windows 10


Installing linux from windows

Is there any project like wubi that install linux from windows directly in a partition?hack.augusto wrote: yeah, 15 minutes to download the core, it takes about 2.5 hours to download all the other stuff (read other stuff as kde ) thanks for the sugge

Can I install Linux for Windows on my Apple Mac and afterwards use old windows programs as PageMaker on my new Mac. If yes where can I find Linus windows for Mac

Can I install Linux for Windows at my new Mac and afterwards use old Windows programs as Photo Shop and PageMaker on my Mac? If yes where at the Internet can I find Linux for Mac and Windows?What is your definition of a "Linux for Windows" ? The

How can i install Linux (Ubuntu or Kubuntu) and Windows at the same HDD?

Hi everyone I have Toshiba L20-148 and I have the Toshiba Product Recovery DVD and I have the Ubuntu DVD I'm only able to install Linux or the Windows XP Pro that i have with the recovery DVD and the only way i know to install them both together is b

Install Linux on a Imac 24 to an external drive

Hello everybody I have an Imac 24 and I am trying to install linux and windows on an external USB hard drive. Is that possible? So far that I tried I think I messed it up with the boot loader where to install it. Is anybody else facing the same probl

Can I install Linux and then use the original Windows 8 OEM product key for a virtual machine on the same computer?

I have ordered a new laptop and expect to receive it in 2-3 weeks.  The laptop comes with an OEM version of Windows 8 installed.  I wish to install Linux as the host operating system and create a virtual machine running Windows 8.  Can I legally use

How to install OBIA on windows having OBIEE on Linux?

Hi, I am going to install as many components on Linux as possible for BI Apps. Presently I have installed OBIEE on Linux 5.8 64bit. Now I want to install OBIA 7964 which is only available for Windows so far. How I can setup OBIA on Linux? Ma

Installing Linux, but keeping windows for VM boot?

Hello, I'm thinking about buying a new thinkpad. I'd like to install linux and wide the recovery partition, but I'd also like to be able to make a Virtual Box vm from the  licence of windows 7 that comes with purchase. Does anybody know if that will

I need to install Linux on my windows xp and then Oracle on Linux OS.

I like to know how I can install Linux OS on my home computer which has Windows XP. Next thing like to do is to install Oracle 9i or 10 g on to Linux operating system. Please let me know what steps are required to accomplished this task. ThanksIf you

Dual Boot Linux and Windows problem with HDDRecovery

Hello I`m using dual OS Windows Vista and Linux open SUSE distribution on Toshiba Satellite A350-10z, everything is working great except Windows Recovery. I have Linux (boot:dev/sda6) and Windows Vista (boot:dev/sda2). Windows has 2 partitions, Disk

[SOLVED]Arch Linux, and Windows 8.1 Dual Boot issue

Hi guys. I recently bought a new laptop, and decided to run Arch Linux and Windows 8.1. I installed Windows 8.1 first as recommended by the beginners guide, and then installed Arch Linux. I made sure UEFI was enabled in my BIOS, and made sure everyth

Wiping WinXP and installing Linux

Hello, I just joined today. I have a question about how I should go about updating certain things in my R51. I greatly favor Linux over Windows-- I use the Linux distro MEPIS 8.5 in one desktop tower, and the Linux distro sidux in another desktop tow

[SOLVED] Encrypting an external HDD for use on Linux and Windows

I want to encrypt an external HDD. I will normally use it on Linux, but there is a chance I might need to decrypt it on a windows machine, one day. After searching this forum, the wiki and Wikipedia, it seems that TrueCrypt would be the best solution

Can i install linux on a external HD

i have the 2012 MBP (not retina) & an WD 1To External hard drive can i install ubuntu-like linux distribution on it ?what about the boot (i mean if the DH mounted i get the grub but if not it open the OS X ? ) @etresoft thx but as @edex67 just said 1

Installing linux and unix on my macbook pro without using vmware

I was browsing through the forum and bumped into a topic where the best advice for installing linux application is the following: http://macdevcenter.com/lpt/a/7073 However, I have not tested this out therefore I am pretty reluctant to put this on my

Installing Linux as triple-boot?

I don't know if this is the right forum for this question, but it looks like the best fit. I have a Mac Pro that runs Mac OS X 10.6.7 and Windows 7 64-bit as a dual-boot system using Boot Camp.  This is set up with 2 partitions of a single 1TB hard d

HT5639 Can I use Boot Camp to install Linux on my MacBook Pro?

Can I use Boot Camp to install Linux on my MacBook Pro?Welcome to the Apple Support Communities Boot Camp wasn't designed to install Linux. Apart from that, the Boot Camp version included in OS X Mountain Lion will ask you to insert a Windows 7 or Wi

Install Linux/POSIX compatible software on 10.4

Hello everybody, i'd like to capture the RAW image data from a machine vision camera (XCD-SX910CR) through firewire. unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any software for OSX doing that, but i've found a Linux app called "Coriander" that suppos

Which operating system: Linux or Windows Server 2003?

Hi, it doesn't matter which operating system we install an our server. What are your experience with Linux and Windows? Which System do you recommend regarding performance issues? best regards FelixLinux has a higher per process memory limit. The fms

HT1349 hi Mmm ive been told that installing linux on mac book pro retina 15 and even others and using it as my first sofware will make the mac heaqt up and burn from inside!!!!! true??????????

hi Mmm ive been told that installing linux on mac book pro retina 15 and even others and using it as my first sofware will make the mac heaqt up and burn from inside!!!!! true??????????Hi shldr2thewheel,      it has been a while since we have last sp

Dual Booting Ubuntu Linux and Windows on a RAID 1 setup

Hi, I just bought a Lenovo W530 with Windows 7 and two 500GB hard drives in a RAID 1 setup, is there a way for me to install Linux with dual boot while maintaing my RAID 1 setup? Thanks. Hi Welcome To Lenovo Community if you want both in a raid on tw