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Install Linux Mint with Windows 10


How do I install Linux Mint 17 from USB on Flex 10?

Hello everybody, I want to install Linux Mint 17 on my Lenovo Flex 10 device. I tried to make two different bootable installation USB sticks using the Rufus software but when I try to boot from them, the boot menu show only Windows. It seems that Fle

Unable to install linux mint on my laptop HP g6

Hello ,I am using HP Pavilion g6 laptop with AMD A6 Vision processor and Radeon Graphic card alongwith Win7 home basic genuine version. when I am trying to intall linux mint , encountering a problem at the time of HDD Partition.I chose Alongside wind

Installing Linux, but keeping windows for VM boot?

Hello, I'm thinking about buying a new thinkpad. I'd like to install linux and wide the recovery partition, but I'd also like to be able to make a Virtual Box vm from the  licence of windows 7 that comes with purchase. Does anybody know if that will

I need to install Linux on my windows xp and then Oracle on Linux OS.

I like to know how I can install Linux OS on my home computer which has Windows XP. Next thing like to do is to install Oracle 9i or 10 g on to Linux operating system. Please let me know what steps are required to accomplished this task. ThanksIf you

Need to install Linux keeping the windows 8 os .

Hello,  I have a HP notebook laptop running windows 8 in it. My laptop is covered under warranty for another 18 months. I need to install another OS like Ubuntu in my PC in order to run some softwares as a part of my acads. But I also need Windows 8

My windows computer died,it now has linux mint 9.I installed itunes on a new windows computer.Purchased new songs but it wont let me download or dispaly my old music.But it did transfer 3 movies over to new itunes account.

   My windows computer died installed linux mint 9.(will not use for itunes) Purchsed another windows computer and installed itunes. Purchased songs  howeverwould not let me sync with new computer or transfer old library. However it did transfer 3 mo

Windows 8.1 will not boot after setting up dual-boot with Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon

In which forum should I ask this question? After installing Linux Mint onto a partition of my hard drive, Windows 8.1 is listed a choice to boot into after restarting my computer, but will not boot up. It suggests a boot repair and to obtain Windows

I need to reinstall my Linux Mint, therfore also Thunderbird. How can I save the adresses and all my messages (copy and past in new Thunderbird after install)

I need to reinstall my Linux Mint 17 mate, therfore also Thunderbird. How can I save the adresses and all my messages (copy and past in new Thunderbird after install)?Thank you for your suggestion. I have installed Linux Mint 17.1 with the Thunderbir

How can i install Linux (Ubuntu or Kubuntu) and Windows at the same HDD?

Hi everyone I have Toshiba L20-148 and I have the Toshiba Product Recovery DVD and I have the Ubuntu DVD I'm only able to install Linux or the Windows XP Pro that i have with the recovery DVD and the only way i know to install them both together is b

How do I transfer bookmarks from my XP PC to a new laptop with Linux Mint?

I'm currently using a 7 year-old laptop with Windows XP. I bought a new one and I plan to install Linux Mint. Do I follow the same instructions for transferring between computers when they have different OS?See also: * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Backi

Distorted microphone with Linux mint in Lenovo G50-70

I have installed Linux Mint 17.1 in Lenovo B590 and microphone works perfectly. I installed Linux Mint on a new Lenovo g50-70, microphone works low and very distorted. I've adjusted pavucontrol and I deleted to zero right channel mic, works perfectly

Video problem with Linux Mint 17 CInnamon on new Z70-80 laptop

I read that Lenovo has pretty good hardware support for Linux, so I bought a Lenovo Z70-80 laptop and installed Mint 17 Cinnamon on it. Mint runs without errors, but the video looks like it is underwater or hot oil. Text is hard to read with whole di

Linux Mint on Z580

Hi every one, I need support for installing Linux Mint on a Z580... I just bought a Lenovo Z580 with following specs: Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM (up to 3.2 GHz), Quad-Core 15" HD 16:9 LED Display (glänzend), Webcam 8 GB RAM, 1 TB disc , NVIDIA GeForce GT

Does lenovo Y400 motherboard support linux mint 14?

hey guys,    I want to install linux mint 14 on my new Y400 but was worried about the mobo whether it would support legacy mode or not. I have the installation process but I was not sure whether it will load or not. I really need to install linux min

Linux mint on my G780 - microphone not working

Hi, I just have installed linux mint on my new G780. The microphone doesn't  work. When I tried to test it (audio) the bar didn't react to sound. Speakers work fine. Can it be a faulty driver (?) with linux mint, should I bother to reinstall the oper

Firefox on linux mint won't load pages or takes forever to do so

Installed Linux Mint on my laptop. Came with Firefox. For a day or so it loaded pages quickly. Now it either takes forever or doesn't load them at all. I have a wireless connection with 5 bars (sitting within 3 feet of the N wireless router.) What's

Adding wireless device driver to Linux Mint 17.2

Hi, I recently installed Linux Mint 17.2  Cinnamon on an old Dell D620 laptop. It has a DW1490 wireless card (Broadcomm?).  It showed up once in the device manager but never worked. I think I uninstalled it because it doesn't show up at all.  Is ther

Is it okay to do a bare metal Linux Mint 17 install, or do I need to keep Windows 8 on my SSD drive?

I will be installing a new Samsung EVO SSD drive in a new T540p.  I really don't use Windows anymore, so I'm wondering if I have to keep Windows 8 on this machine and set up a dual boot with the new Mint 17 on the new SSD - or - can I just install th

How to install check speller for Serbian language in Linux Mint

Hello, I use Thunderbird 31.6.0 on my Linux Mint 17. I tried to follow the instructions that are on this web site for installing new dictionaries spell checkers but it does not work. It says that it's not available for my platform. However on my Wind

How do i install R --a stat operator (free) language on my system-- linux mint 11 is my OP SYS. Firefox nevers shows a run option when attempting to download and then install.. ??

no more details to offer.. R is a free downloadable statistics language and i can t install it with firefox as of yet.. i use linux mint 11 as my operating system...similar as you know to windows.....but NO OPTION TO INSTALL !! just no way to tell wh