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Install Pandora One Desktop App


Install Adobe CC desktop app

I am an Adobe CC member and am trying to install the CC Desktop app. I down load it ok then run the installer. It asks me for my Apple id to make changes but then a pop up window appears asking me to give my Adobe id and password. Unfortunately this

Can't install the CC desktop app (MacOSX)

I am signed in to the Creative Cloud on a new MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) running OSX 10.10.2. This is my first install of CC on this laptop. When trying to install an application, eg Muse or PS, I am prompted to install the CC desktop ap

I keep getting error messages when installing creative cloud desktop app.

I was having a problem with downloading photoshop.  The creative cloud pop window is just showing a spinning wheel, so I tried to reinstall the creative cloud desktop app but I'm getting an Error 1: Creative Cloud failed to install message. Help plea

Lightroom won't install through CC desktop app

I have a CC subscription, and when I got my new iMac today I started to download some of the adobe applications. It worked all fine with Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects, but when I tried to download Lightroom I got some problems. For the first

Cannot install Creative Cloud desktop app. It just freezes at a certain point.

I have a brand new machine running Windows 8.1. I don't know much about specs, so if you need more information on my setup, please tell me where to find it. I cannot install the Creative Cloud desktop app. It just freezes at a certain point. I had th

Unable to install Adobe Story desktop app on OS X

Hey everyone.  I'm a recent owner of the Retina MacBook Pro and subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud. I'm having trouble installing the Adobe Story desktop app on OS X 10.8.2. When I go to the Story Plus web app and try to install the desktop app, the

Cant install creative could desktop app, but application manager!?

Hi there, i downloaded the cc-setup file and it installed the application manager, but not the creative cloud desktop app. So i am able to install Photoshop, but not Acrobat for example. This is only possible in the CC-App. How can i fix this? EDIT:

How to install CS6 without desktop app

I have a Creative Cloud subscription and want to run InDesign on my laptop as well as on my iMac. I downloaded InDesign CC to the laptop but what I really need is to install CS6. Problem is that my laptop runs OS X 10.6.8, so I can't download the des

I installed creative cloud desktop app and my apps wont download

I'll selected the apps I want to download in my creative cloud desktop manager and they are just sitting idle at 0% nothing is running I have a good connection to the internet. I'm on a company network could this be causing any interference?Link for

Having difficulty installing the Photoshop desktop app.

When I attempt to download it, the Creative Cloud window comes up but it is blank.Dave_the_duck is the Apps tab blank within the Creative Cloud Desktop application?  If so then please see App doesn't open | Progress wheel spins continually for inform

Safari crashes on open after installing 4shared desktop app

Safari crashes on open after installing the 4shared desktop app, i have included the error report in case anybody needs it!!!! Any help would be great5 as using chrome at the moment and want to go back to safari many thanks Process:         Safari [3

CC desktop app not showing correct install status for Photoshop

I have Photoshop CC, Bridge CC and Lightroom installed but the desktop app shows Photoshop is not installed. Photoshop runs without problems via a shortcut on the desktop. The Home tab shows Photoshop CC was installed. The Apps tab doesn't show it -

CC Desktop App doesn't recognise installed apps

Using Windows 7 I have installed CC Desktop App and then installed several apps including Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, etc. When I was installing everthing the desktop app recognised that it had installed all the apps, but since reboot it now thinks I

Installed apps have disappeard from CC Desktop app

I've run into some trouble with the last CC Desktop app update (thanks a lot Adobe) and have been attempting to trouble-shoot the issue. One part of this exercise has involved me uninstalling and then re-installing the CC Desktop app. In doing so, it

The 'Apps' tab in my Creative Cloud Desktop app shows a Download Error

I have tried uninstalling, downloading, and reinstalling Creative Cloud Desktop and continue to get the Download Error prompt.  It either shows the Download Error prompt or it continues to just think and think and think.  All the other tabs work norm

CC Desktop App constantly requires clean reinstalls to work on Mac!

Hi Adobe community, I have had constant problems with the Creative Cloud Desktop App not loading on start up or unable to launch it manually thus crashing every single CC application on my Mac running 10.7.5. Worst still, this is at least the 3rd tim

Creative Cloud Desktop App. No apps in window ?

Hi, CC has been working fine since months but today I've got no apps in the "Apps" list of Adobe CC Desktop App but an error message : Download errror Contact customer support Download CC No answer to this problem on the following page : http://

CC Desktop app no longer lists anything.

The Creative Cloud desktop application no longer lists anything.  Period.  (See screenshot.)  All applications that have been installed are working.  I get notifications of updates, but nothing is listed at all, even the things that are installed.  I

App list not showing up on desktop app

Hi! I installed the cc desktop app on my second computer, a macbook pro using Yosimite. The app installed fine, but when I wanted to start installing my programs the app list never loaded and just gave me a never ending spinning wheel. I have re inst

Error Code 201 and 213 when trying to install any Adobe application / Update my Creative Cloud Desktop App. Have tried troubleshooting with Online Chat Agents, no luck.

I have been trying for 2 days now to get this resolved. Computer hashard wired internet connection, running Windows 7 Home Premium. No other issues with downloading or uploading from any other sites or programs. No other network issues reported on ot