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Install Ubuntu Dual Boot Mac


Dual boot Mac OS X and Arch: Arch installer cannot find CD drive?

Hi, everyone!  A friend convinced me to install Arch about a month ago on my desktop and I've loved it so much that I want to dual boot Mac OS X and Arch on my Macbook Pro 7.1. So I have a Macbook Pro 7.1.  I have partitioned the drive in Mac OS X an

Can I dual boot Mac with Windows?

Hi all, At the moment I have Windows 7 32 bit OS. I've always wanted either an iMac, or atleast the Mac OS. I've recently found out it's only £20.99, and i've always thought it was a lot more than that, which is a bargain! The only thing which is sto

Trouble dual-booting Mac Pro after moving - Boot Camp

Here's the story: My wife and I just moved a few miles away, and I transported my "late 2005" Mac Pro carefully on the front seat, on its side. Upon arrival, I am having great difficulty booting up. Generally, I dual boot into either Snow Leopar