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Installing Ubuntu on UEFI


Impossible to install arch in UEFI mode on my Acer Aspire S3-391

Hi there, I am trying to install arch-linux on my Acer Aspire S3-391, which came with a pre-shipped Windows 8. I am trying to make a dual boot, so I would like to keep the UEFI mode at startup. However, my computer won't boot on the Arch Linux USB Fl

I had the same UEFI partions after installing Ubuntu, and the Diskpart suggestion didn't work!

I have a system with a 128 GB SSD, and a WD15EARS drive. I was hoping to install Windows 8.1 PRO on a 90 Gig partition and the 64 bit version of Ubuntu 14.04 on the 30 Gig partition, and put all of the data and apps on the Western Digital Drive. This

Problem in installing ubuntu 8.10 on Lenovo 3000 G430

Hi all, I just brought a new lenovo 3000 G430 , it is great with XP but when I am trying to install ubuntu 8.10 as my other OS it is giving some input/output error,Please let me know what should I do. Is this G series is supported for ubuntu, I have

MBP won't boot - "GRUB_" - tried installing ubuntu on an external drive

so i tried installing ubuntu netbook remix onto an external drive, and upon restarting my MBP won't boot to my internal HDD, once it displayed "GRUB_" with a blinking cursor, but is otherwise unresponsive. now i just get the folder with the ? on

Installing Ubuntu 12.04.1 on a partition MacBook Pro?

Hi, I am attempting to install Ubuntu 12.04.1 on my internal hard-drive on a brand new MacBook Pro. I have managed to partition the hard drive ok. But when it cam to attempting to install the alternative operating software on it. I arrived at a purpl

I am tryed to install ubuntu 14.4 lts along with windows 8.1 in my HP 2000 - 2d49tu

I am tryed to install ubuntu 14.4 lts along with windows 8.1 in my  HP 2000 - 2d49tu, but ubuntu does not detect windows 8.1 in the systemIt is critically important for you to have created Recovery media before attempting to create a dual boot instal

How do I install Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite L670D-102

Hello I have been trying to load Ubuntu 10.10 (tried both AMD64 and i386 versions of Desktop Edition) onto a Satellite L670D-102 using a Live CD. The CD spins for a while, there is some activity on the hard drive and then I get a flashing white curso

How do I install Ubuntu on Mac?

I was wondering about Ubuntu and learning more about it. I used Boot Camp once to install Windows 7 Ultimate, but I wasn't satisfied with Windows 7, so I removed it. I thought Windows 7 was really boring and I missed many of the games included with X

How do I install Ubuntu GNU/Linux on my iMac G4?

I do not wish to keep Mac OS X 10.4.1 on my old iMac, and I wish to install Ubuntu Linux. How do I go about booting to disc, and subsequently installing Ubuntu Linux?The Moderator moved the thread here. I have no idea if or how well this works, but h

Installing ubuntu 13.04 on mac?

I installed windows 8 (64bit) beside OSX (10.8.3) thorugh BootCamp 5. i want to install ubuntu 13.04 beside my OSX and Windows. Can anyone give me some help how can i do it?They all perform similarly... they've all had years to mature at this point. 

How to install ubuntu along with windows 7

I have  HP 15-r062TU. In that i  am install windows 7 64bit os. Now i would like to install ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04  LTS os along side windows 7. For first booting from usb/cd-rom it shows along side with windows after hitting continue button it reboot