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Installing Ubuntu on Windows 10


How to dual boot ubuntu and windows 8?

Hp envy 6 sleekbook 6z 1100 I have already disable the secure boot in the BIOS But I still cannot install the ubuntu 13.04 The installation was good and smooth But after reboot, there is no boot menu appear for me to choose which OS I want to boot I

I am tryed to install ubuntu 14.4 lts along with windows 8.1 in my HP 2000 - 2d49tu

I am tryed to install ubuntu 14.4 lts along with windows 8.1 in my  HP 2000 - 2d49tu, but ubuntu does not detect windows 8.1 in the systemIt is critically important for you to have created Recovery media before attempting to create a dual boot instal

How to install ubuntu along with windows 7

I have  HP 15-r062TU. In that i  am install windows 7 64bit os. Now i would like to install ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04  LTS os along side windows 7. For first booting from usb/cd-rom it shows along side with windows after hitting continue button it reboot

I had to wipe my computer as well as Windows due to a virus. I installed Ubuntu and now need to re-install photoshop CS6. How do I do this?

I had to wipe my computer as well as Windows due to a virus. I installed Ubuntu and now need to re-install photoshop CS6. How do I do this? Desperately need Photoshop back so any information would help. Thanks SamPhotoshop doesn't run on linux unless

ENVY J049 tx showing no windows partition while installing ubuntu 14.04

I am trying to dual boot my laptop with ubuntu and windows(pre installed), But while installation process i choose something else option and it is total 1024gb of space present in it , i've tried to install it and it overwrites my 8.1, tried many thi

Accidentally wiped out windows while installing Ubuntu.

Recently I bought a laptop at Best Buy (Lenovo Ideapad N586) and used a upgrade offer to upgrade to Windows 8. Today I installed Ubuntu and intended to dual boot but I screwed up and accidentally wiped the drive during the install. The laptop did not

I had the same UEFI partions after installing Ubuntu, and the Diskpart suggestion didn't work!

I have a system with a 128 GB SSD, and a WD15EARS drive. I was hoping to install Windows 8.1 PRO on a 90 Gig partition and the 64 bit version of Ubuntu 14.04 on the 30 Gig partition, and put all of the data and apps on the Western Digital Drive. This

Installing Ubuntu 12.04.1 on a partition MacBook Pro?

Hi, I am attempting to install Ubuntu 12.04.1 on my internal hard-drive on a brand new MacBook Pro. I have managed to partition the hard drive ok. But when it cam to attempting to install the alternative operating software on it. I arrived at a purpl

How do I install Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite L670D-102

Hello I have been trying to load Ubuntu 10.10 (tried both AMD64 and i386 versions of Desktop Edition) onto a Satellite L670D-102 using a Live CD. The CD spins for a while, there is some activity on the hard drive and then I get a flashing white curso

How do I install Ubuntu on Mac?

I was wondering about Ubuntu and learning more about it. I used Boot Camp once to install Windows 7 Ultimate, but I wasn't satisfied with Windows 7, so I removed it. I thought Windows 7 was really boring and I missed many of the games included with X

How to Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 8 on X1 Carbon G2?

I currently have a Windows 8.1 64 bit installation on my carbon x1 and need to install ubuntu. I was able to boot from the USB and install Ubuntu.  However, I have to change to Legacy Only in the BIOS settings if I want to go into ubuntu. If I try to

Installing ubuntu 13.04 on mac?

I installed windows 8 (64bit) beside OSX (10.8.3) thorugh BootCamp 5. i want to install ubuntu 13.04 beside my OSX and Windows. Can anyone give me some help how can i do it?They all perform similarly... they've all had years to mature at this point. 

Making new partitions after installing Ubuntu 11.1

Hi everyone First of all, sorry for my bad english, i'll do my best to explain my problem. I have a 2010 13" Macbook Pro (7,1), with OsX Snow Leopard running on it. Recently, I decided to install Ubuntu (11.1 version), by partitioning the main Macint

I (think) I accidentally screwed up my EFI or MBR installing Ubuntu

Ok. I was installing Ubuntu on my MBP. I didn't pay attention to where it was installing grub. I tried deleting ubuntu and grub. I symlinked the EFI partition, and deleted grub from there. When I boot, I get a black screen, and the sh-sh noise my mac

Need help with installing Ubuntu on Lenovo Ideapad Z500.

I just bought a new Lenovo Ideapad Z500 yesterday. It came with Windows 8 pre-installed. Now, I also want to install Ubuntu over it. The disk is partitioned as follows: Disk C: - 880 GB (approx) Disk D: - 30 GB (approx) (I don't remember exact partit

How to install ubuntu on z 580

dear anyone,                        hey i have purchased a lenovo z 580 ,and i want to install ubuntu on it along with the win7 home basic that came with the laptop ,when iam trying to install it is not showing the win 7 .... that it genrally shows w

Can anyone tell me how to update my bios in my Acer aspire 5610Z laptop. I installed Ubuntu Linux

I installed Ubuntu Linux in my Acer Aspire 5610Z laptop and all was fine until the latest updates came in. I inquired about the problem and I was told that I needed the newer version of bios. My laptop uses Pheonix WinPhlash bios and I cannot make it

How to install Ubuntu alongside Arch Linux?

I already have Arch installed and I have downloaded the Ubuntu 13.04 ISO. My grub file is auto generated following the beginners installation guide since I don't have much knowledge about GRUB2 commands or configuration. I looked up https://wiki.arch

Tutorial: how to install ubuntu on new alu macs.

Okay, to install the most popular distro. of linux, ubuntu, you must first go to the site and download a live CD (this is the type of installer i will be using on this tutorial). Now after the download is done, go to disk utilities and burn the img t

[Ubuntu] Can't install Ubuntu on my MacBook Air.

I want to install Ubuntu on my MacBook Air. Problem : each time the DVD-RW burning ends, the disc becomes unreadable. How can I install Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits on a MacBook Air late 2011 still with OS X Lion ? Hi there. I have a MacBook Air late 2011 st