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Installing Sirius open-source intelligent assistant for Ubuntu on Arch

I'm looking to install Sirius an open-source intelligent personal assistance similar to Apple's Siri or Microsoft Cortana   http://sirius.clarity-lab.org/. As of now all of the install scripts and packages are set for Ubuntu. What would be the best w

HT1267 My home was vandalized several times each time my iphones were stolen is there any way that i can locate these phones by serial numbersfor the police or to assist the police.

i have all of the serial numbers to my stolen iphones. i just need to locate these phone to help assist in finding out who vandalized my home. or if the columbus police dept contacted apple if the location of my phone could be given based on the seri

Lack of intelligent assistance when a fault is rep...

My elderly neighbour lives alone (her dog died yesterday to make things worse).  Her phone stopped working on Monday and since then she has been housebound without any form of means of contact whatsoever.   No mobile works at her cottage as it is dee

My ipad was stolen this morning. what steps should i take? I am filing a police report; does Verizon have the serial number of the ipad that I purchased through them? I have total moble protection; how do I file a claim?

My ipad was stolen this morning; can Verizon track the location of the device an assist the police department in recovering the device? I am filing a police report does Verizon have the serial number of the device for me to include in the police repo

Can final cut pro x open a final cut pro 7 file?

I editied a file on Final Cut Pro 7. I am looking to purchase Final Cut Pro X and I am wondering if I can open and edit my Final Cut Pro 7 project in Pro X?You have to use Intelligent Assistance's 7toX to be able to bring it to FCP. If you're talking

BEWARE - 7toX DOES NOT yet WORK with PAL (50HZ)

Philip Hodgetts wrote: It is neither "shambolic" nor "amateurish" but rather simply unfortunate that one CCIR format was not correctly identified. Sorry Phillip - I think it's shambolic and amateurish that a week on down the line, you

Can Apple Retrieve A Stolen iPod If I Give Them My Serial Number Of My iPod

My car was broken into and they took my iPod and I someone told me that I could give Apple the serial number of my stolen iPod and they could see where it was last used. Is this true? If so then how do I go about telling Apple about my problem? Thank

Question about lost iPod - Please help me out!!

My iPod was stolen and is there anyway to relocate it if it connect to someone's computer? Could Apple track it down? And I am not sure whether I have registered my iPod online. Is there anyway to check??Apple have no process in place to either repor

Why can't Apple help track stolen iPods

I had my iPod stolen sometime between curbside check-in and baggage pick-up during a recent trip on American Airlines from Dallas to St Louis. Someone found my 30GB iPod that I had hidden in the pocket of a pair of jeans in my checked baggage. I have

Reveal amount of footage from particular bin in FCP sequence

Hi all, I am trying to figure out a way to see how much (and which) material from a particular bin is in my sequence. The thing is, we're working with old 16mm material in our montage and for rights clearing we need to know which clip and for how lon

Possible to find Stolen iPod?

My iPod was recently stolen, and I figure that eventually the person who stole it will have to recharge it, so is it possible for Apple to track my iPod or something and tell me where it is at? Or at least lock it so the theif can't use it?Apple have

My iPod Stolen, I have a few questions

My iPod was just stolen(lost). Two questions, since my iPod was registered can it be tracked? Also, if I buy a new one, can I hook it up to the iTunes already on my computer? Dell   Windows XP  Apple cannot trace your iPod and don't provide such a se

Ipod Stolen, my games could be transfered on other ipod?

Hello, I had one Fifth generation ipod 80gig. It was stolen last month. Can I transfer my games on other ipod? Where can I declare the steal on Apple Site ?*Can I transfer my games on other ipod?* If you have games on your computer then you can put t

Stolen iPod Nano - How can I locate it?

I recently purchased my iPod Nano and use it daily in the gym. Tonight I was at a drug store and the iPod Nano was stolen from my van. I have (of course) the serial number and previously registered the product through Apple. Is there anyway Apple can

Can You Track A Stolen Nano?

My daughter's beautiful red engraved nano was stolen from work last week. I purchased it from the Apple on-line store for her for Christmas last year so Apple has all of the information. Is there any way to track this nano if the thief tries to use i

What features should Nokia's Future Smartphone sho...

I recommend following features in Nokia Future Smartphone Series after Lumia. Intelligent Assistants Addition of Google Maps Flexible Screen Phones 3D Screen Fast LTE Wireless Ultra HD Playback           I hope it will help Nokia to built a more appe

Shipments - How Often?

I pre-ordered the iPhone 4S 16GB ~ Sprint Battle Creek, MI When I first pre-ordered the phone at approx 12am noon Friday (should be high on the list), the store rep told me that all first shipments will be free for all. (no reservation for pre-order)

Reporting Stolen iPods

Is there anyplace in the apple system to report stolen iPods (or any other items for that matter). I doubt there is, but I thought I'd give it a shot. My step-son's iPod Shuffle was stolen, but I have the serial number recorded. I'm hoping that apple

Lost IPod, have serial number, what to do now?!....

My iPod was recently lost/stolen (not sure), and I retrieved the serial number. What do I do now?Report the theft to your local police, if you have the serial number make sure that you have it quoted in the report. If your iPod was registered with Ap

IPod Theft Recovery

My video ipod was stolen tonight. I have the original box with the serial number but other then reporting it to the police dept. is there a way that iTunes reports or records ipod information like serial number and/or ip/computer name? I'm hoping the