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PAL or NTSC for international distribution?

Hi everybody, we have a 5 hrs film shot and edited in Premiere Pro CS6 in HD pal, 50fps, 16:9  intended for international distribution on 2 double layer DVDs. How should we best author it to guarantee worldwide compatibility and best possible quality

Creating private ibooks for internal distribution - SLA

Hi, if we wanted to create ibooks for distribution to internal employees, can we distribute them for free as iBook files outside of the iBook Store? They would contain proprietary information and can not be made available for download to the public.

Distribution Strategy and Type

Under distribution function for automatic split, I see distribution strategies and types could any one please help me understand with an example what is 1. GLEI Equal proportions 2. Dispatch start and end and where and when are these used. Also I see

Office 365 - Add single external sender to internal distribution group

You may be able to do this by adding the external email address as a contact in exchange, I'm not sure though just an idea, I have never tried this.Similar to this question: http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/452106-problems-with-office365-distrib

Automatic rules to Internal distribution group failing when authentication is enabled

Hi Forum, I have set up a rule on a user's PC whereby when he ([email protected]) receives an external email (from [email protected]), it should be automatically forwarded to a distribution group ([email protected]) with cc to [email protected] and [

SCEP 2012R2 downloading Endpoint Protection definitions from Microsoft, rather than using internal Distribution Point

Hi all,  Need your help figuring out why SCEP definitions are being updated from Microsoft and not from the local DP.  * I have a new 5 site SCCM hierarchy with a Primary site installed in EMEA HQ and a secondary site in 4 x USA offices.  * A Softwar

Reg: Monthly planning of internal activity

Hi Experts In my internal activity, i would like to break up the quantity(work) month wise. It means my planned activity quantity should be monthly. I know that, in External activity distribution key will help to distribute. pl let me know how i can

Distribution function in work center

Hi All, What is the use of  distribution function, distribution strategy in work center. All responses will be awarded accordingly. Regards, jejesh Edited by: jejesh yal on Dec 29, 2008 11:41 AMHi Jejesh, Well, You use a distribution to specify how t

How to use Distribution Key for planning workforce

Hi, I have an activity named "Activity1": Start date = ST = 01/01/2008 End date = ST + 10 Work = 120H Duration = 10day Activity type = Labor I want to assign workers into the activity as follows: 01/01/2008: 10H 02/01/2008: 20H 03/01/2008: 30H 0

Ad Hoc distribution under Enterprise license

Hi, I have a customer who's workforce has a 1,000 iPads and is interested in distributing their publications either Ad-Hoc or through Internal Distribution, without going through the Apple Store. Are there any issues, limitations using the Enterprise

Delivery Report - Pending (Internal)

We're having an issue where users that are members of various distribution groups are not reliably receiving messages. We have a newsletter that is sent out weekly by one user. They use 4 internal distribution groups (some of them nested) plus extern

Conditional OTA distribution

Hi, We have a created an Appstore for internal distribution of apps in our enterprise. We use OTA for enterprise distribution in this appstore. Here for downloading the app we use a link like below : <a href="itms-services://?action=download-manif

Distribution key

Hi Experts, I have requirement to distribute demand per resource. For example: The demand  for finished product is say 100,000 pounds. and the capacity for the resource is 6000 pounds. So there is a need to create 17 Process orders.16 for 6000 pounds

Exchange 2013, a distribution group within a distribution group is not receiving emails.

Here's the explanation of what's going on: "A" is an internal distribution group containing other internal contacts, and internal distribution groups "B" and "C". "B" is a working distribution group that contains al

12.0.6/10g Upgrade Strategy

Hi Steven, We have a client on 12.0.6/ 10g and are seriously considering upgrade now. Can you please help with the following questions? - What are the upcoming patch set levels that we need to be aware of. -     R12 patching strategy, 12.1.1, 12.1.2

Retrieve mails lost for routing fail in distribution list

hi I read mails from external provider with a pop connector and write them in exchange 2010. (message tracking: EventID : RECEIVE   Source: SMTP) I wrote a wrong internal distribution list, so I got no mail delivered to the list (message tracking: Ev

Internal BT Junction box serving 25 flats

Am hoping someone can shove me in the right direction, I live in an apartment block of 25 flats, in the foyer of our building is the large junction box serving all the 25 flats - this box is connected to the usual green BT telephone boxes that you se

English vs English International

Does anybody knows the difference between Windows 8.1 English and Windows 8.1 English International distribution?I haven't personally explored the difference, but, from other discussions here in the forums, it seems the UK(en-GB) is pre-configured wi

Internal Publishing of apps

Does anyone know is the option to publish iPad apps for internal distribution only available on the Enterprise version of DPS or can you also do this on the Professional version of DPS?It's enterprise only.Read other 2 answers

Ad Hoc internal publishing

I have a professional DPS account and I need to publish 3 different apps for internal publication. I researched and found out that I need to use the Content Viewer and publish by Ad Hoc. But I couldn't find how exactly to publish by ad hoc, on apple'