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iOS 10 Text Message Features


After upgrading my ipad to ios 7, text messaging doesn't work

after upgrading my ipad to ios 7, text messaging doesn't workAssuming you have Messages on. You can try two things the first is a simpler than the second. Go to this site https://appleid.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MyAppleId.woa/, click on Manage yo

Why am I unable to use the text message feature on my Honda CRV with my iphone 6?

Am I unable to use the text messaging feature on my 2014 Honda CRV with my Iphone 6?mspacmn wrote: Am I unable to use the text messaging feature on my 2014 Honda CRV with my Iphone 6? Yes, you are unable to use text messaging feature with your iPhone

IPhone 4 (iOS 6) text messages disappeared and unable to restore from itunes. There's more...

I decided against upgrading to iOS7 on my iPhone 4, however I did download some of the latest updates for my apps (which I assume were iOS 7 updates). The next day, all my text messages disappeared. I tried to restore my phone through iTunes, but it

Iphone 5 ios 6 text messaging problems

I just purchased a new Iphone 5 ios6  Everything seems to have gone smoothly however there is a major problem with  test messaging. it is intermittent. At times I can get or receive a text  from either another Iphone or another android or non smart p

Text Messaging Features

Does anyone know how to change the colors of the text message bubbles via an app or something else besides jail breaking your iPhoneNot sure if this is what you want .. Go to Messaging and tap on + against the 'To' Field..then tap 'select' at the bot

Iphone 5 with ios 8 text message issue

My iphone 5 just got back from being at the Apple store for a week for them to fix the lock button issue that was under recall.  It now has IOS 8 and when I send texts, they show up with my email address instead of my phone number.  I have already ch

Iphone ios 5 text messaging

whenever i am texting with someone, i have to press the messages arrow on the top to get the new text the same person sent. before, when i would be texting with someone, the new text would just appear while i had that conversation open. can anyone te

Exchange2010/Outlook 2010 text message sync - can this be turned off at a policy level?

It is possible to turn off this feature in the activesync policy on the phone itself, but can this be disabled at a policy level so that any Windows Mobile 6.5 devices cannot sync text messages to the Exchange server or send text messages from Outloo

Adding several people to a text message

Can you please update the text messaging features to enable the user to selet various people to add to a textx message instead of one by one.  At the moment, when you type in a e.g. S, the list of people with S pop up but you can only add them one by

Two Months and Text Messaging still not working!

Why oh Why doest though treat me this way...... I have called 6 times about this issue. One night I was sitting on my couch play a game on my cell phone device.... I have the connect app on this phone. a message popped up that my text messages had be

Can I turn off text messaging?

I do not subscribe to this service yet i get them. i have to open them to delete them and i get charged .20 a pop. Is there a way to turn this feature off? I have to pay for something i don't want. TIAWhere's the Easy Button? "Thank you for taking th

IOS 6: texts sent to e-mail addresses arrive as .txt attachments

I located the follwoing Q & A on the Apple site. I have the same issue and cannot read the Verizon iPhone 4s/5 iOS 6 text messages on my Verizon Galaxy S III. Has anyone identified a solution? (Q) A friend just updated his iPhone 4 to iOS 6, and now

Forwarding a text message?

Is it me or does the Ally not have a forwarding text message feature? How can this be?panda23 wrote: Wow! That worked! You rock. This was not anywhere in the user guide. I love you!!!! Thought it would work. I love myself tooRead other 5 answers

IPhone5 will send but not receive Text messages

IPhone5 will send but not receive Text messages.  Specifically, I can send my grown son text messages, but he can not reply to them, nor can he send me new texts. He and I are both on Verizon, and he has a Droid phone.  His texts can be recieved by h

My pantech hotshot will send but not receive text messages

I have a Pantech Hotshot that was working fine then all of the sudden it quit receiving text messages but it will still send them OK. I have tried pulling the battery and calling *228 but neither of them worked.  Any suggestions?Your phone should cer

Samsung Galaxy s3 bluetooth text message

I have the new Samsung Galaxy S III and am not able to get the text messaging feature in my Ford Sync to work.  I previously had a Droid2 and had no problems.  I contacted Ford and they said that I needed to have the Message Access Protocol (MAP) act

Motorola Droid 4 not sending text messages after firmware update?

Ever since the most recent update I've been having major issues with my texts not going through. I have to completely reboot my device. Any ideas other than doing another factory reset?    Hi CyJoi83, I use my text messaging feature all day and I can

Charges for text messages that cannot be received

Looking at my Xoom usage online today I noticed that there were 5 text messages sent to the phone number of the line my Xoom is using.  But, as discussed in other posts here, the Xoom cannot receive or send text messages.  I called Verizon to turn of

HT4623 I uploaded IOS 7 and the feature to forward text messages is no longer on my phone

I uploaded IOS 7 and the feature to forward text messages is no longer on my phone how can I correct this issue? ThanksLong-press on the message and then press More. Then select the message to forward and then press the blue arrow in the bottom right

No text message forwarding option in my iphone 5 ios 8.1

Please help! I have downloaded the latest ios 8.1 on my iphone 5, and osx yosemite in my macbook. But i still dont have a "TEXT MESSAGE FORWARDING" option in my iphone 5. I have already included my icloud email in the send and receive options. b