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iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak


Is there any way you can get an iOS 7 theme without jailbreak?

I don't care if it gets me the update, only if it won't screw my iPod upIs there any way at all??Read other 3 answers

Cant activate my iPhone 3gs after upgrading it from 4.1 to ios 5, it says no sim card insert?

upgraded from 4.1 to ios 5, it was jailbroken before i upgraded it and i used another phone-card while jailbroken and now i've switched back to the original and it doesnt work whats the problem?yeah exactly, unlocked.. i could use any carrier's sim c

Does anybody know of a way to get PSX Emulator for iPhone 4s w/ out jailbreak?

Does anybody know of a way to get PSX Emulator for iPhone 4s (iOS 7) w/ out jailbreak? Im trying to relive my childhood on my phone. I have the gameboy emulator and i know the date and time rule. I was just wondering if anybody knew a good place to g

I am not able to restore my iphone 3g iOS 4.1

i am not able to restore my iphone 3g iOS 4.1Hello Jeetendray, For error 1015, that deals with a few different factors like having a beta version of iOS, downgrading, and potentially jailbreaking your iPhone. I would recommend trying the restore on a

Problem with distribution pack install on ios device

I had released the distribution ac hoc package for my mobile app. it works fine on my iphone(ios 4.3.3, jailbreak). However, it can't install on other tester's device(ios 5). the provisioning profiles seen has no problem. Is anyone knows how to fix i

Any plans for quick reply in iOS??

Does anybody know if quick reply is ever going to be implemented into iOS 7? I don't understand why actionable notifications have not been added to iOS yet. The jailbreak community has had them for years so why are they still not baked into the OS??W

Screen record iphone (FREE), no jailbreaking!

Is there a FREE way to screen record an ios 7 device without jailbreaking it, and FREE I've been wondering this for awhile now.See the link in this post from wjosten: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4893020?start=0&tstart=0 Cheers, GBRead other

I have a problem with actualization in my Iphone 4

I cannot update with wifi, Error "Impossible to install the update, A mistake has taken place on having installed iOS 5.1.1" Why!?? What must I do? I have a Iphone 4 with iOS 5.1 without jailbreak. ThanksYou have to go to autherized iPhone agent


My friends can only send me an iMessage if they send it to my email adress and if they have saved my email adress in their phonebook. If they choose my phone number I will only get an SMS and the text color is green. In the options I've already marke

My iPod Touch 4g is stuck in Apple Mode after attempting to install the Siri GUI. What can I do to restore?

I have an 8GB, 4g iPod Touch. It has the lastest iOS on it (iOS 5). Yesterday I used Cydia to jailbreak it. I had no idea what I was doing but I followed step-by-step instuctions and it worked! Needless to say, I've messed up several times (while reb

Carrier issues, Iphone 3gs: Carrier is in the carrier list but does not connect = no service

Right introduction, I live in the country signal for iphones under 02 in my area is 3-4 bars of GPRS signal. This is plenty to make and receive calls, texts and all that as use home wifi for internet simple. Everything working fine for about a year o

Urgent help about Interface problem

  Please take a look at the following picture: Description:The vitual keyboard doesn't disappear when I slide to the leftmost "Search :iPhone" and then slide to the right.Whatever I slide the interface It remains until I start an app ! What is t

Zooming with numpad '+' and '-' doesn't work.

Hi, As the title says; zooming using [ctrl + '+'] or [ctrl + '-'] doesn't work if I use the signs on the numpad. It does work if I use the signs on the qwerty (US-International) part of my keyboard. Obviously, I have my numpad turned on. Muse: v7.2,

The active tab is difficult to see on my Mac ver. Firefox with Personas. On the Windows machine in my office the active tab is in contrast to the persona. What can i do with the Mac version?

The Mac ver. of Firefox is 3.6.8 == When i selected a personaI suggest try getting it back to your stock iOS and forget about jailbreaking. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538 Try a manual install (using DFU Mode), as outlined in the link below. Basic

Touchscreen stops recognizing finger once in a while

Hi all, Since I did a total restore on my iPod, I have the following issue: When I use my iPod for bearely a minute he stops recognizing my finger. The iPod does frees for a few seconds. When its done freezing, the app respond again but then the iPod

Code error 1009

When I want to download an application an error occur:Error 1009? What can I do now?I am assuming that you are referring to an error code in iTunes? If that is the case, this Apple support document adresses error codes. It seems as though error codes

Anti virus for I Pad

What is good anti virus for I PadThere aren't any - I'm not aware of any virses for iOS devices (unless you jailbreak it), and there aren't any 'proper' anti-virus apps in the app store.Read other 2 answers

I am not able to active my i pad...getting error of server is  unaavailable..

i pad could not activated due to server unavailable..Hello Jeetendray, For error 1015, that deals with a few different factors like having a beta version of iOS, downgrading, and potentially jailbreaking your iPhone. I would recommend trying the rest

Itunes not recognizing my iphone 3gs

I have a 3gs with iOS 4.3.3 and it has a cydia jailbreak. I want to update iOS and remove the jailbreak but itunes does not recognize my iphone. Even when I click on computer it doesn't show up there either. HELP!You cannot get help here for jailbrok

HT1414 My Ipad is stuck in an " infinate loop" It goes from the" loading"( white apple on screen) to openning screen. I can slide but can't enter pass code. I let it drain the battery, no good. I have held the buttons, no good, can't enter the pass code

My Ipad is stuck in an "infinate loop" it goes from the "loading" (white apple) to the openning screen. I can slide to the passcode entery screen but it will not take the passcode. ( when I type it it does not recognize on the screen)I