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IOS - Library/Cache - Database question

Hello there, Some time ago I've read on this forum that the correct directory to use on iOS for storing data is Library/Cache and since then I've fixed my app to use that directory. Here it is the link to an article written by "our" Saumitra: ht

Did you know that the User Library Directory is not Backed Up by TimeMachine unless its visible?

It is the default both in LION and Mountain LION OSX systems to hide the user's Library Directory from visibility. This actually causes a nasty problem with Time Machine Backups and the inevitable Restore. Because it is invisible, it is never picked

Unable to write to library iPhoto library Check that you have permission to write to the library directory

I think my iPhoto memory is full. I cannot get in to delete photos.  When I open it I get the Unable to write to library iPhoto libraryCheck that you have permission to write to the library directory" and i can't do anything else. I tried alt/cmd fir

"Check that you have permission to write to the library directory." I had this error pop up when trying to access a iPhoto Library from Finder.

The error, "Check that you have permission to write to the library directory." Displayed after trying to access a iPhoto Library from finder. The file is located on the local hard drive and was accessed not 5 minutes before the error displayed.

~/user/library directory go

Where did the user library directory disappear to?  I opened my HDD and under username I don't see it anymore. I was looking for ~/username/library/preferences locationYou can access it by going to Go on menu bar, then click the option key and the li

IPhoto Library Directory shaded

Hello All, First of all, I finally found how to browse the iPhoto Library directory without having to open iPhoto. This feature I'm hoping to be able to disable. Is there a way to browse the directory for when attaching files to an e-mail through gma

Obant reports ORABPEL-00005 (collaxa library directory not found)

Hi, I´m trying to deploy some tasks using obant and several build.xml´s. I´ve done this for dozen times now, but today I got an error message that says: build.xml:42: ORABPEL-00005 Collaxa-Library-Verzeichnis nicht gefunden. Das angegebene BPM-Librar

Xcode - Downloading iOS Library fails: "...not found on server"

Hi, I have a problem with downloading the XCode library. I get following error message when I try to download the iOS-Library/documentation at xcode->preferences: "Failed to download documentation package for iOS 5.0 Library. Documentation package

Many com.apple.mail.plist files in Library directory

I have 1,779 com.apple.mail.plist files in my library directory, all of which are dated September 12, 2010 at seemingly random times all in the PM. These files are supposed to contain information about Mail preferences and account, right?  Seems like

Library directory (8.2 ini file/preferences)

I would like to move the library folders, and I found in the help files the option to change the library directory, but it doesn't show up in the preferences window, and adding anything to labview.ini does nothing.  Is this a problem with the documen

Why can't I see user /Library directory?

I wanted to find the filename(s) for the Contacts file on my machine.  I wanted to save off the file, and then start pruning old contacts from it.  I wanted to save the actual file w/out having to rely on TImeMachine. I found from other searches that

Library-directory in application.xml

Will WL pick up all the jars that are specified in the lib directory or the directroy specified in the library-directory element of application.xml ? Do the classes all HAVE to be jarred up ? Can I just put a classes directory under lib and get WL to

Netbeans 6.9.1 & J2EE 6 & Shared Library Directory = Classpath errors

Wohoo, starting as a forum newbie....again :s Anyway, I've run into some troubles during the setup of my very first J2EE 6 project in Netbeans. I've installed Netbeans 6.9.1 and the included Glassfish v3 server runtime. Then I've created a new J2EE 6

Changing my iTunes library directory

Hello. I am trying to move my existing music library to a network storage device to free up my computers hard drive. I have tried (without luck):- - copying my music files to the storage device and then setting my new folder as the iTunes music folde

Library directory hidden?

Hello, I've just realized, that Photoshop is saving configuration files in the Library directory (below user account level). In Finder I cannot see this directory and I even do not see those files, if I search for them with the Finder tool. Is this d

Library directory compatibility

Hello all, I've got a Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 machine. Sometimes - not always, and I have not been able to detect a pattern here - a user who has previously logged into their NIS-authenticated account on a 10.5 or 10.6 machine can not do so on t

Where to download MAKit for iOS library distributives from?

Hello experts, I have SMP 3.0 SDK installed and want to use Mobile Analytics Kit (MAKit) for iOS library for iPad development. But I can not find the required libs anywhere. I have searched at http://service.sap.com/swdc and in my local SMP installat

Where does "Library" directory location belong.

Where does Library directory location belong.  Had to move things around and not sure it got back in the right place.. /Users/forister/Documents .. forister is the administrator and only user now after trying out profiles. Then I wanted to install so

Delete Library Directory

Hi, I uninstalled an application and its uninstall instructions tells I have to remove some files (belonging to that application) from my home Library directory. Attending to the purpose of the files stored at Library, is there something wrong in del

IOS library to open fillable PDF

I need a library/api for iOS to open and fill fields inside an app (no an app-to-app but everything inside the app). Does Adobe has something similar for this purpose? ThanksAdobe makes Reader Mobile SDK (a.k.a. RMSDK) available through resellers.  B