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Command prompt issue from VBscript

So I have this script that works perfectly for parsing out a COM number and then sending data to said COM port via the command line (things like 'ipconfig > //./COM15'). The issue is that it only works when I use the /K modifier which tells the comma

Simulating a command prompt

Hi, is it possible to simulate a command prompt with captivate? so for example i want a user to double click the command prompt icon, get a command prompt window and then type in pre configured commands and get pre configred responses. EX: ipconfig /

E71: Is there somthing like ipconfig/command promp...

Is there something like a command prompt on the E71 where I can run something similar to ipconfig?  When I goto the address of, I normally get the local wifi routers prompting for passwords...... but now theres a new access point appearin

Command Prompt commands

I know that while I use the command prompt in windows to execute java application, I cannot use the other windows commands such as ipconfig, telnet... etc Is there anyway where I can use the java commands (javac, java) AND the other regular commands?

Query running on sql commands prompt not running on report region

Hi All, Facing a weird issue now. I have written a report query which is running absolutely fine in sql command prompt but when i trying to run this as a report it is just processing and the report is not loading. What could be the reason behing this

Unable to run discoverer report from command prompt

Hi, I'm trying to run the discoverer report from command prompt and i need to schedule the same. How could i pass multiple values for the parameters? If i don't pass the optional parameters, the parameter screen is getting pop-up? How to skip optiona

Error 5: Access is Denied While using OSCDIMG to create Winpe x86 ISO with Deployment Tools Command Prompt

Technician computer is Windows 7 HP x64. Running latest version of WAIK. Goal: To make a Winpe disc for each processor architecture (AMD64, x86, IA64) with an included Gimage.exe using this code for the default startnet.cmd file found in system32 dir

How to run a program as an administrator from within a non-elevated command prompt?

I have a project that is going to be running on a kiosk, and the user that is running the kiosk software is going to be restricted.  I have an alternate administrator account, but I cannot seem to figure out how to open my program running as this adm

How do i get sql plus to start in something other than command prompt?

I have just installed oracle 11g enterprise addition. I am use to a different type of editor for the sql plus, the one I am use to comes up in a white area and has drop downs for file, tools, spool, help and so on. You can also open notepad with a sh

How to print pdf file in SQL Server Reporting services report using command prompt?

Is there a way to automatically print a SQL Server Reporting services report on command prompt? For eg: We can save a pdf file using rs.exe utility. I want to print a pdf using rs.exe utility. Is it possible? I don't want to install any 3rd party sof

I have an hp p3005dn printer. how can i print to "lpt1" in command prompt mode. win 7.

I am trying to get my printer so I can print to it from "Command Prompt".  I have done the "Port" thing to allow Windows to accept "LPT1" as an alternate printer spool name.  I know there are a command or two that are require

How can I pass a value to the command prompt?

I was wondering how can I pass a value to the command prompt with Windows and Linux? I'm more interested in Linux's system than Windows though. Is there a way to return info from the command prompt?Here is a snippet from http://mindprod.com/jglossexe

Running a GUI application without holding command prompt

Hi there , I have developed a GUI application using Swing. After compiling the same successfully , when I run the same , presently , I am running it like , c:\> java xxx where c:\ is the general command prompt on a Windows machine where I can type in

How to print a PDF document in duplex mode using command prompt?

I want to print a pdf document in DUPLEX mode by command prompt.Already tried with /p and /t.Hello Ram, Please see this link - http://www.coolutils.com/Print-PDF-duplex-cmd ~DeepakRead other 2 answers

Error when running a scenario from Command Prompt

Hi I edited the parameter file and I am trying to run an interface that joins two tables from HR schema and loads into a table in different schema. I am able to run this in the Designer, but I receive an error message when I try to run it through com

Error while running a ODI scenario from command prompt

Hi, I'm trying to run a ODI scenario from command prompt. I've edited the tnsnames.ora and odiparam.bat file with exact host and port details. Even though I'm facing the below error. command:startcmd.bat OdiStartScen -SCEN_NAME=INT.CUSTOMER_STG -SCEN

Error while Invoking SQLPLUS from Command Prompt

Hi All, I am trying to Connect to Oracle through sqlplus from command prompt of windows and getting this Error: C:\Documents and Settings>sqlplus SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Thu Dec 28 10:08:43 2006 Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle.

How to execute a scenario from Windows command prompt

Hi, I have a package which is executing fine from Designer. But the same scenario if I am trying to execute from windows command prompt, then it is giving error. The package is getting a refresh variable, passing to interface which is creating a file

Error while executing ODI scenario from command prompt

Hi all, I am trying to execute a scenario of a package( that I have created in designer) in OS command prompt in Windows in the following way- C:\ODIHOME\oracledi\bin>Startscen DIM_TECHNOLOGY_PACKAGE 001 Global LEVEL5 However I am getting the followi

Errors while Executing a scenario thruogh command prompt...Pls help!!

hi, i am trying to execute a scenario in my command prompt.i am using windows operating system. i am getting the the following error when i run this command.. startscen COM_IFLEX_LIMITS 001 GLOBAL "-V=2"OracleDI: Starting scenario COM_IFLEX_LIMI