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IPhone 5S Voice Memos

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the voice memos. I am using an iPhone 5S -> iOS7, back up from iPhone 4S (the voice memos were recorded in iPhone 4S). Previously, my iPhone 4S had the same problem too. The voice memos can't be found in the iPhone

Is there a way of getting a "schedule view" in iCal on a mac and on iPad in the same way you can get one on iPhone?

IS there a way to get a schedule view of events on a busy day in iCal on the iPad 2 Air and on the Macbook Pro?  I can get this view on an iPhone.I am paranoid that some untrusted technician is going to make a copy of my music (11,000 tracks) or shar

How can I use one account on 2 Iphones?

Hello, I want to use same icloud account on 2 iphones. The problem is with contacts, each iphone use different contacts and if I sync both phones with same account contacts mixes and is added from phone 1 in phone 2 and vice versa.  It is an option t

IPhone 3G no longer recognized by iTunes

I don't know what happened. I haven't changed any settings on my pc. I updated my phone software to 4.0.2 last week with no apparent problems. I think I've charged on my pc since but can't remember for sure. Now when I hook to usb, it goes on and off

Cannot send email from an iPhone to a Outlook group.

Hi, My question is simple and I'd like an exactly same answer : Can iPhone users send emails from their iPhone's to one or more groups created in Outlook? This is my situation: our organization is using iPhone to provide email, calendar, contact, tas

Cannot send email from mac account on iphone

i'm getting error CANNOT SEND MAIL ...the connection to the outgoing sever "smtp.mac.com:myaccount" failed. I'm able to sent email from other email account ie. yahoo, gmail thx for your help Message was edited by: gman1023You can try deleting th

Cannot send email from my mobileme on iphone 3g

Suddenly coudn't access my mobileme email account. So I changed my password; and since I couldn't send email from my iphone 3G I can send/receive emails from icloud webpage or Thunderbird. Any clues?outgoing mail server SMTP - Yahoo! SMTP Server prim

Cannot send email from Iphone. A setting is off.

What are the correct settings to send email from my aol account that's included in my I Cloud acct. any suggestions???? Thanks SueRead this How do I set up AOL Mail on my iPhone or iPod Touch? - AOL HelpRead other 2 answers

Cannot send email from new iPad 2 or new iPhone 4s

I have a new ipad2 and a new iPhone 4s.  I cannot send email from either.   I had an iPad and an android before with no email issues.  Phone is Sprint and ipad is Verizon.  I have tried using my wifi and have tried turning wifi off.  Nothing works. 

Cannot send email from my iPhone or iPad. The server rejects a recepient for no apparent reason.  The recipient is not new.  This issue happens on reply or reply to all or froward; not a new email. What is happening?

Cannot send email from my iPhone or iPad. The server rejects a recepient for no apparent reason.  The recipient is not new.  This issue happens on reply or reply to all or froward; not a new email to the same recepient. What is happening?I talked wit

Cannot send email from my iphone

Cannot send email from my iphone 4s with the bell mobility network.Hi. You need to double check the outoing server used here. You can verify that with Bell and good luck.Read other 2 answers

Cannot send email from iPad & iPhone with Virgin Media

I cannot send emails from my iPad and iPhone. I have a virginmedia.com address and I can receive but just cannot send. A message keeps saying the smpt settings are wrong. However, I have followed the tutorial on Virgin Media web site (this is how I m

How do I rename voice memos that were on iPhone 4 and are now on iPhone 5s

Hi - I've got a hold load of voice memos that were on my iPhone 4 which I did not label at the time.  Now I'm trying to do some housework on my 5s and would like to label said memos but I can't.  Any ideas please?  Many thanks.You can email it to you

How do I export voice memos from my iPhone 5S to my iTunes?

I have numerous voice memos that I want to get off my iPhone.  However, I don't want them deleted.  Some of them are of my mom's voice (she recently passed away) so I REALLY don't want to lose those.  I've searched the forum and I've been unable to f

How do you [playback voice memos on iphone 5s

I cannot playback voice memos.When I hit done it just continues recordingTapping "Done" should stop the recording. Have you tried resetting your iPhone? Reset: Press the Home and On/Off buttons at the same time and hold them until the Apple logo

Voice memos in iOS7, on new iphone 5s cuts off recordings

Hi, Voice memos has always been super reliable in previous versions but on a new iphone 5s with ios7 I'm finding it cuts off recordings very unpredictably - sometimes after less than a minute sometimes after a quarter hour or so. I've seen other thre

Voice memos on iPhone 5s

I was able to use my video memos on my iPhone 5s by tapping the red button once to record and once to stop.  By tapping again, it asks me to name the message. The named message shows up on the bottom of the screen. At that point you can record again

Voice Memos, iPhone 5S, iTunes - wont show my recordings

Okay so I have 34 Voice memos 3 hours long each, they are present on my phone, but my itunes shows only 14 of them. I switched computers, so I did complete backup on new computer, it started spitting out messages that if i sync music then "iPhone wil

Voice memos from Iphone not playing on ipod

Is anyone having a problem playing voice memos, that were recorded on the iphone, on the ipod classic. It shows up as a song on my ipod but when I got to play it, the ipod shuts off and reboots. Does anyone have any insight on this?My wife just had t

Voice Memos on iPhone/iPad

Can Voice Memos be added to my music collection on device? When sync my iOS devices my voice memos are not in my Music collection. Tanks for the repliesHello Artotture, The following page from the iPhone User Guide explains the process of transferrin