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Can iphone 5 preorder through iphone apple store app port numbers or only process upgrades?

can iphone 5 preorder through iphone apple store app port numbers or only process upgrades? for example, can you setup a new line of service to an existing verizon account and port the ATT number over using the apple store app on iphone?I have been w

Why is Total Mobile Protection required with iPhone 6 preorder?  How to remove it?

The iPhone 6 preorder process wouldn't allow me to proceed without adding Total Mobile Protection for $10 a month.  How do I remove this from the preorder?I'm sorry, it is not required, you simply did not choose the correct radio button. Unfortunatel

Upgrade to Iphone 4S (preorder) online using another upgrade

Hello, I have read other peoples questions on upgrading to the 4S using someone else's plan, I just wanted to confirm that I understand it properly. I will be using my moms upgrade to get the 4S as I understand, when I preorder, I will use her line t

Funds posted 3x for 1 iPhone 5 preorder. Anyone else???

Transaction (#1) posted to my bank account yesterday that funds had been removed for my iPhone preorder. When I logged on today, it showed that the transaction posted 3!!!!! times. I have B of A, it shows the transactions are "processing" but th

IPhone 4S Preorder for October 28th

Is the US the only one that gets a preorder for the iPhone 4S? I'm wondering when the preorder date is for Singapore. Thanks!Well it sounds like a pretty bad business decision to sell the phones before you actually received the new ones.  Who told th

IPhone 5 preorder at ATT store on 9/16, am I screwed?

I was out of town and not able to preorder my iPhone 5 untill the 16th. I think I already know the answer, but am i completeley screwed? Meaning I probably wont get the phone untill late October if not November?Your confirmation and ship date would i

Iphone 5 preorder - Sprint

Hi - I've been looking at the discussions, and I see a lot of tracking update requests, from those who ordered directly from Apple.  Well, I ordered from Sprint....this is what my current preorder status is stating: "Thank you for pre-ordering the 64


September 28, 2012.  Day 7 of Best Buy Preorder Captivity The Apple Overlord has not relinquished its merciless grip from my phone.  My captors keep me occupied with apology.  I am taunted relentlessly by regret and told the disclaimer be my thorn.  

Sorry another iPhone 5 preorder question

Will the preorder for the iPhone 5 be tonight or tomorrow night??I thought Verizon didn't allow upgrade/loyalty discounts on iPhones? This will be my 1st iPhone purchase.Read other 10 answers

IPhone 6+ preorder delay mess

I preordered a 128GB Space Gray iPhone 6+ on October 14th at a Verizon Store. I was given a shipping date of October 31. At 7:20 PM on October 31st an email arrived saying it had been delayed until November 21st. Naturally I wasn't happy that Verizon

Can I keep my white iPhone 4 preorder?

Can I keep my preorder for my white iPhone 4 so when it actually is released, I already have my preorder for it?I'm afraid not.  Please read the FAQ for more information about this. Regards, Jacob|Web Planner | Best Buy® CorporateRead other 5 answers

How many days will iphone 6 preorder delivery take

hhow many days will delivery for preorder iphone 6 take?That depends on a number of factors, including your location and available shipping services. no one here could tell you that, but you should get an estimated date of delivery (I believe) when y

How can you do an alternate upgrade for AT&T on the Iphone 5 preorder?

After doing a test trial Iphone order of a 4s, I noticed there is no way to select alternate upgrade or a way to use an available upgrade for one line on another line withing the same AT&T account. Is this something that can be done over the phone or

Adding a second iPhone 5 to another iPhone 5 preorder plan

Currently, I have an iPhone 4 on AT&T, and when I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 I decided to switch to verizon. So I ordered the CDMA version of the iPhone 5 and selected to create a new plan, and checked out and my iPhone was ordered. But now my brother w

IPhone 5 preorder in AT&T store

Just wondering. Did anyone else preorder their phone in store on Friday? If so, had anyone's status changed from processing? Or have you been able to track it on FedEx or UPS like other people have yet?no luck i just dont see why if other people who

IPhone 5 preorder 2 colors HTC One 1 color weeks later

Verizon, it's not fair that you are offering the iPhone 5 in two colors (black or white) in pre-order. Yet the HTC One that comes in (Silver, Black, Blue & Red) in only offered in one color, silver. When will you offer more color options?Spiral wrote

Would like to cancel my iPhone 6 preorder. How do I go about doing this?

I want to get the 32GB instead of the 16GB but cannot see a place to cancel my preorder, would love some direction. Thank you!    kcharvt, Oh no, sorry to hear the wrong device was ordered. Let's ensure you get the correct device shipped. The order m

What time does the IPhone 4S preorder start?

I live in California (pst) and wanted to know if anyone knows when the preorder will be available online, as well as if the start time is east or west coast time.This has been asked several times.  Look to your right under "More Like This" ----&

What happened to the "IPhone 4s Preorder Update" thread that you just posted Jacob?

It magically disappeared.For those who did not see the thread.. It was pretty much saying that bby received a tremendous amount of iphone 4s orders and they are trying their best to fulfll the preorders.  He said preorders will be taken care of in th

IPhone 5 Preorder confirmation email

Hey everyone so I Preordered the iPhone 5 last night though the apple website. I received an email saying my order is being processed at 3:16am est but have yet to receive a confirmation email as of now (1:40pm est). I called apple and they were unab