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Is the only way to stop the iphone vibrating while on a call to set it to silent?

Is the only way to stop the iphone vibrating into your ear while on a call to set it to silent? Many thanks.Yes.Read other 2 answers

Why won't my iPhone vibrate anymore?

Why won't my iPhone vibrate anymore?Basic troubleshooting from the User's Guide is reset, restart, restore (first from backup then as new).  Try each of these in order until the issue is resolved.Read other 2 answers

Why the iPhone vibrates 2 times when the iPhone OS is starting?

Someone know why the iPhone vibrates two times when the iPhone OS is starting (and the apple logo appears) In my case, this rare event occurs when a problem with an application (3rd party) force to iPhone to restart or when occurs a problem during th

IPhone 5 silent button damaged? iPhone vibrates constant when I put it to silence.

As the title says. I have had this problem for a couple of weeks. When I turn the silent button on, my iPhone vibrates constantly. It even signals its turning off and on silence mode repeatedly. I dont know how or why it happened, it might have happe

Keyboard vibration while typing

Hi I have no vibration while typing and would like to have this on. I cannot seem to do it. How can I turn keyboard vibration on? Solved! Go to Solution.Settings-language and input-xperia keyboard-sound and vibrate-vibration on keypress. All we have

How to disable Vibrate on typing on lenovo a6000?

Hi. Please help me on how to disable vibration on typing on my lenovo A6000. Thankyou.Let the keyboard pop then long press the "," button it will show you Google keyboard settings. Enter settings Then go to prefrences and unchecked the vibrate o

My iPhone vibrated for about 3 minutes and died. I cant restart it because my lock button doesn't work. what do i do?

My iPhone vibrated for 3 minutes and died. The screen was black but the phone was still vibrating. I searched what to do but everything said to reset it. But one day my power button got stiff and doesn't work. I tried to plug it into iTunes but it wa

Since upgrading to iOS 6, my iPhone vibrates really weak?

I have a 4S. Sometimes my iPhone vibrates normal, while other times it is really weak (I can only feel it if I am holding it in my hand)resert network setting, airplane mode on and off, restore as newRead other 2 answers

IPhone vibrates out of nowhere

Hello ! My iPhone vibrates out of nowhere (iPhone 5S ) .It is so weird. At first I thought a fault in my vibrating motor or my mute switch! Thank you in advance. RamonHey There, Ramon-Ronnie - Check the settings for vibrate in Sounds and in Notificat

Iphone vibrates constantly

My Iphone vibrates constantly and won't turn on or off; i tried a reset with home button+on/off but this does not help either. What else can i try?If the device will not turn off and will not reset, there is nothing more you can do. Take it to Apple

My iPhone 5 keeps typing letters in messages and doing random things when not even touching my phone.

My iPhone 5 keeps typing letters in messages and doing random things when not even touching my phone.Do a reset press& hold power button&a menu button hold both down wait for Apple Logo you will not lose any data that should solve the problem. bsy

IPhone vibrates once a minute when connected to wall charger, nothing showing up on screen

Hello, I have an iPhone 3GS that I want to repair. The thing is when connected to a wall charger ( not USB ) it vibrates every now and then... There is nothing showing on screen, it just stays black... My Mac doesn't detect the iPhone same for my Win

My Iphone vibrates after upgrading to IO6 even with vibration off

After upgradin my Iphon 4 to io6 it vibrates even with vibration turned off.  What gives?back up to itunes, erase phone, set up as new, and then restore from itunes backup. This should fix the issues. If not then make an appointment with Apple becaus

Why wont my new iphone vibrate

why wont my new iphone vibrateIs it set to vibrate?  Settings > Sounds > vibrate on ring and Vibrate on Silent.Read other 2 answers

Is this true about iPhone vibrate feature?

Is it true if you keep putting the virbate off and on it will break or ruin the vibrate in your iPhone?? Is this true? So if I turn it off and on like 4 times in a row will I break my iphone or iphone virbate motor or whatever????? THANKS for the hel

My iPhone freezes while typing

Hello My iphone 6 plus freezes while typing. doesn't matter if I'm typing a text message or a URL the problem is everywhere. My collegue at my work has the same problem. I can still continue to type when it freezes, and when it unfreeze the letters a

Screen vibrates while typing emails

When typing a new message in Yahoo (using Safari to access YahooMail), the screen shrinks and enlarges with each letter typed, essentially "vibrating" and making it impossible to look at the screen.  What's up with that?  Just started yesterday.

Iphone vibrate only on incoming mail?

I can't get my iphone 5s to only vibrate on incoming email.  This is a business phone so I want it to only vibrate when getting new mail.Have you moved the Mute switch along the edge (near the volume controls) to the muted (Orange) position?Read othe

IPhone vibrate question

Hi all, My question is whether you can increase the strength of the vibrate function on the iphone? I generally leave the ringer off so that it doesn't disturb, but it seems like the iphone's vibrate is too weak to really notice. Does anyone know a w

IPhone 5s randomy typing and screen freezing

My iPhone 5s has recently started randomly typing letters when I'm texting or on facebook.  It also takes random photo's when in camera mode.  And the screen just freezes.  This doesn't happen all the time but can happen regularly.  Has anyone else e