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iphone voice memo stops playing


Iphone voice memos does not stay open

iphone voice memos does not stay openTry a reset: Simultaneously hold down the Home and On buttons until the device shuts down. Ignore the off slider if it appears. Once shut down is complete, if it doesn't restart on it own, turn the device back on

Syning iphone voice memos to itunes

I am having trouble syncing iphone voice memos to itunes. I am selling my iphone and need to ship it off, but I really want the vocie memos. I went to the music tab and checked include voice memos. I have backed up and synced my phone after,and I can

Iphone Voice Memo Sync Solved?

Recently got an Iphone 3GS. Couldn't get the iphone voice memos to sync to Itunes, except once by trimming the memo and that seemed a fluke.  I didn't want to go through the steps of consolidating my itunes library which has worked for some, as I did

IPhone Voice Memos Interrupted By Incoming Calls

I notice that every time I use my Voice Memos software on the 3G(s), if an call comes in, the Voice Memo stops recording and I won't know it till I look at the phone later. Is there ANY way to stop that for that not to happen and you can have perhaps

IPhone Voice Memos Won't Sync

I have an iPhone 3GS and an iMac operating on OS X 10.6.8. When I sync my iPhone to the iMac, all of my voice memos transfer, except key memos dated before a certain date or 5/4/11. I can't figure it out. I've looked through all my preferences in iTu

IPhone voice memos can't be deleted

I have unchecked voice memos and eleted others from my itunes library, but they still show in Voice Memos on the iphone (when viewed from itunes. How do I get rid of them from the iphone. I think this is why I have 4GB of OTHER cluttering my iphone m

Why my iPhone Voice Memos sometimes randomly stop recording

Hello everyone, I'm using my iPhone 6 Plus Voice Memos app to record my lecture in the university, the problem is sometimes the app stop recording and this is causing me major problem. Note that I'm putting my iPhone on Airplain mode to avoid stoppin

Iphone voice memo issue?

So when I record anything with my iphone I give the voice memo a name by taping the blue arrow at the end of the recording, however when I sync them to my itunes the name does not sync and only the date and time...! does anyone know how can I fix thi

Iphone voice memo xfer to ipad from macbook .. why not?

I've started using voice memos on my iphone to sketch out riffs and song ideas, they transfer just fine to my macbook pro and show and play just fine in itunes. I use my ipad to store itune playlists off of my macbook and have no difficulty playing.

IPhone 5S Voice Memos

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the voice memos. I am using an iPhone 5S -> iOS7, back up from iPhone 4S (the voice memos were recorded in iPhone 4S). Previously, my iPhone 4S had the same problem too. The voice memos can't be found in the iPhone

Iphone 4s voice memos not syncing to itunes?

hi all, i have an iphone 4s, purchased in october 2011. all the software is up to date, as is the software on my macbook pro (running 10.5.8). the itunes version i use is 10.5.3. i used the voice memos function for the first time recently, have two r

IPhone (4) Voice Memos not Syncing to New iTunes 10.0

I'm currently on an iPhone 4 (4.0.1 firmware) and I've been experiencing issues getting my voice memos to sync to my iTunes library. The last time this worked was August 27, 2010 which added 3 voice memos to my iTunes library successfully. Since then

IPhone 4 Voice Memos not working/saving

Hi there, I'm having trouble with my voice memos too. Up until yesterday they were working fine and now, even though the record button works, the stop button does not and I can only pause them. Worse again is that the button to go into the menu to vi

My voice memos are not syncing to my itunes library from my iphone 5c

I have tried everything I can think of, everything but the voice notes will sync. I made sure to check the box that says "include voice memos" and also have tried deleting the voice memo playlist from itunes library on computer, and tried syncin

Voice Memos not syncing from my iPhone 3GS to my MacBook Pro. Sync music is ticked in iTunes along with include Voice Memos box

Hi, I am trying to get my voice memos from my iPhone 3GS to my MacBook Pro via iTunes and it is not working. I have ticked sync music in the music tab of the iPhone device and the include voice memos box is also ticked. So, apparently this should wor

Voice memos not syncing to iphone

I can't seem to get my voice memos to sync back to my iphone 5 from the computer.  I have all the voice memo boxes checked.  The "voice memo" playlist is not showing up at all. On the second playlist, made up of a mixture of a couple of voice me

Transfer voice memos from iphone to itunes

I can see all my voice memos in iPhone but iTunes is not transferring them in its library. The most wired is that it transfered just only one of them and the rest has been remained in the iPhone but cannot not in the iTunes library. Could someone ple

Voice memos are not syncing

I've used my iPhone 4 to sync voice memos to iTunes previously and it has worked seamlessly. My new recordings on a 5s are not syncing across. I have checked the sync voice memos box. Even within the 'on this phone' tab the recording aren't visible..

Voice memos on phone will not transfer to iTunes.

A little help. I recently updated my iPhone 4 to the iOS6 software and my iTunes to 10.7. Since I did this I can not sync my voice memos on my phone over to iTunes. I have a Macbook Pro. "include voice memos" is checked.  Desired voice memos to

Voice Memos won't sync to iTunes anymore

So for some reason when I sync my iPhone 3G, the voice memos won't sync to my iTunes library. The "Sync voice memos" box is checked and older voice memos from April and before synced in the past. Now there's just a Voice Memos folder under my iP