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I have an iPod mini and classic and I to load the music library on to my iPod classic

How do I transfer my music library from my iPod Mini to my iPod Classic. THe control wheel on my mini will not work!recovery system,trying?Read other 2 answers

My first gen ipod mini does no longer sync with itunes 11.0. It says "cannot write or read". Ist this the end?

My first gen ipod mini (that I use in my car) does no longer sync with itunes 11.0. It basically says "cannot write or read". Is this the "end of life" of that ipod?You mean you can't get to the Summary pane? If you  have iTunes 11 tur

Deleting songs from an ipod mini

If I delete a song from my playlist for my ipod mini does that mean that when I reconnect my ipod to the computer and it updates the ipod then the deleted songs will no longer be on the ipod? If this is not the case can someone tell me how to delete

Funky changes in itunes when I went from ipod mini to video ipod

I had an ipod mini. Just got a video ipod. Ever since I got the video ipod and hooked it up to my computer for the first time, when I play music in itunes, it will only play the song that I click on, it won't play subsequent songs and if I click on t

What docking stations work with the ipod mini gen 2?

Looking to get a docking station for my ipod mini gen 2.  Are there any out there that are known to work?Well, I don't have any specific recommendations, since I've never used them myself.  There are so many choices, just make sure the specs say it w