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iPod Touch 8GB 1st Generation


When i plug in my ipod touch (8gb, 3rd generation) it doesn't turn on and the apple logo flashes on and off. how can i stop it and turn on my ipod??????

when i plug in my ipod touch (8gb, 3rd generation) it doesn't turn on and the apple logo flashes on and off. before this it wouldn't turn on unless it was plugged in.Try: - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on - Also try DFU mode after try recover

How do you disable iPod touch 8gb 4th generation 6.1.3, How do you disable iPod touch 8gb 4th generation 6.1.3

How do you disable iPod touch 8gb 4th generation 6.1.3 for 21,000,000 minutesTo undisable the iPod Place the iOS device in Recovery Mode and then connect to your computer and restore via iTunes. The iPod will be erased. iOS: Wrong passcode results in

My ipod touch 8gb 3rd generation keeps dropping wifi.  I hate to reset since i've downloaded all of my itunes directly to my ipod.  Help!

My ipod touch 8gb 3rd generation keeps dropping wifi.  Doesn't matter where I am - happend ALL the time.  Almost useless now except for all of my songs!   We don't have any other problems with other computers in our house.  I have downloaded all of m

IPod Touch 8GB 1st Gen squealing kind of sound problem.

I have a 1st Gen iPod Touch 8GB and recently it's been making a really bad squealing noise whenever a sound is emitted from the device and when I listen to music or watch Youtube the sound just crackles and dies and is overtaken by this squealing noi

IPod Touch 8gb First Generation Problem

Dear Apple Discussions: I just recently acquired a iPod Touch 1st Generation from Ebay.com on May 3rd 2010. Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180501743808&ssPageName=STRK: MEWNX:IT ~~~>And it just arrived here

IPod Touch 1G (1st Generation) Battery Issue

Hello. I realize there has been a ton of conversation about battery life on the Touch - so much so that it makes it difficult to search through in the Forum. So here is my battery problem. Recently, I updated to the latest 3.1.3 firmware on my wife's

Why does my ipod touch 8GB second generation appears to be a 2nd gen while I bought it online and that Apple has well marked on its advertising that it was a third generation?!

I bought an ipod touch online called 3rd generation 8gb and saw that the apple site make him 2nd generation and I can't upgrade for 4.3 ! You may have noticed the 8GB description was missing a few parts. And they were not advertising it as a 3RD GenR

Ipod Touch 16gb 1st Generation Problems

Hello I bought my Ipod Toch 1st Generation June 6th 2008. I am having problems with my Ipod Touch, at first after about 2 weeks of owning it dust started to build up under the screen, I did not think much of this but after I really looked at how much

I bought an ipod touch 8gb 3rd generation and I can not install IOS5 why?

Hello when i boughted my ipod touch 3rd generation 8gb everything was perfect until ios 5 was released i uptadedmy iphone with ios 5 but when i try to update my 3rd generation itouch it says that the ios 4.2.1 software is updated HELP HELP PLEASSSEEE

IPod Touch 16GB 1st Generation - touch screen area stopped working

Hello there, the last 2 days I'm experiencing a problem with my 16GB 1st Generation iPod Touch. One cm under the top of the touch screen and for about 10mm height, the screen is not functioning. I noticed this when I was on the AppStore and tried to

Price of Ipod Touch 16Gb, 1st generation

Hi everybody... Recently, in june, i bought in a no warranty exchange my ipod touch 16Go almost 244€. Now I want to sell it, but what price should i ask ? I'm thinking of 150€ for it... Do you think it's too high ? It's a first generation. Thanks for

ITunes and iPod touch 8gb 3rd generation

I had downloaded some songs to my iPod from iTunes and then something happened when I was syncing the iPod and the computer and now some of the songs are gone off of the music list in my music app on my iPod. I tried to redownload them and it said I

Can I updated my iPod touch 8GB 2nd generation?

Hi.. I have a old iPod touch with ios 2.2 and i try to update it but I couldn't do it, because a mistake takes off "iTunes couldn't restore ur iPod error (-1)". What Can I do?Error -1 Attempt to restore your iOS device two more times. If the iss

IPod Touch 8GB Second Generation Unable to Upgrade to 3.0

Hi, I recently purchased the abovementioned iPod Touch. It's a 2.2.1 OS version. The problem that I have is that I am actually able to download the 3.0 software update from iTunes but it won't install. I have downloaded the update twice. Will Apple c

IPod Touch 8Gb 1st Gen Crashes and shuts off when using apps

When using Safari to browse the web, or using any application other than the music player, my iPod touch crashes and shuts off, often with a loud POP if I have my earbuds in my ears. When attempting to turn it back on, I get the standard Apple bootup

Need to sync calendars between two iPod touchs,  8GB 3rd Generation

I use Microsoft Works on my PC and iTunes does not recognize the Works calendar. Therefore I use the iPod's Apps calendar. I recently purchased an identical iPod for my wife and can't find a way to sync the calendars between the two iPods.I think you

Why won't ipod touch 8gb 4th generation add mp3?

i have been trying to add mp3 material on my itouch and for some reason it will not go on the ipod. is there something in the update that negates mp3 music? anything mp4 goes on but it downloads extremely slow. please helpThis is normal for all softw

I have an ipod touch 8gb 3rd generation , and it was working good last night and when i woke up this morning it turned off and doesnt want to turn back on ?

Any Suggestions ?Try: iOS: Not responding or does not turn on If not successful, make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store. Apple Retail Store - Genius BarRead other 2 answers

Ipod touch 8gb

i have a ipod touch 8gb 4th generation and i wanted to put ios5 in to it but there is only 2.8 gb space available i wanted to know that how much space will remainIt shouldn't take up much space, probably about 100mb because i only had 1gb left when i

TS2634 ipod touch 8gb not working wont charge or connect

help i have an ipod touch 8gb 2nd generation and it will not charge , not link to pc or re boot ?Try here. iOS: Not responding or does not turn on An appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store may be in order.Read other 2 answers