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Is WW3 About to Start


WW3 warning explanation needed

This page http://www.spinsister.nl/slideshow/slideshow.php validates with one warning "line 45 column 15 - Warning: <object> anchor "slideshow" already defined". I cannot fined another 'anchor' defined. I used to have the "o

Display xml documents - how to submit a feature request?

Safari is useless when it comes to render raw xml documents. You have to view the actual source to see the xml. Is there an official way to submit a feature request for safari to apple? I would love to see something similar to what firefox does with

How to populate one internal table from another using field symbols

Hi Gurus,   I have a problem. I have to populate one internal table (sructure t_otput) from another internal table (sructure t_from) using field symbol. Structure for from table. types: begin of t_from,          year(4) type c,          ww(2) type c,

Help with a weird problem

I have a site just taking over and am having an issue figuring out why a Social link will not work. I've examined the code and can't see what is wrong. The site is here Southern Oregon Music Festival | Tickets On the home page the social links all wo

Https 1.4.1 post fails but works in 1.3

I have a simple app that runs fine on 1.3.1_04 but it does not run on 1.4.* When I debug I notice 1.3 passes SSL as the protocol and 1.4 passes TLSv1. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Can I use HttpURLConnection? Do I need to use sockets

Graph weekly scrap summary with zero value.

Post Author: Phoebe CA Forum: Charts and Graphs Hello, I have a report that summarize weekly quantity by week. Example: ww1 total= 2 ww2 total= 4 ww3 total= 0 ww4 total= 1 However, crystal reports only graph the work week that contains a value, there

Extracting Images from EPS - Problem with the Output

Hello, I got a big problem extracting images from an EPS, which has been made in InDesign. The image does not appear correct. Source code: %ALDImageFileName: Speicher:image.jpg %ALDImageDimensions: 30 30 %ALDImageCropRect: 0 0 30 30 %ALDImageCropFixe

How do I change icloud id but keep apps?

I have just bought a new ipad and uploaded my data from icloud. My wife is going to have my old ipad, but wants her own data and emails etc.  How does she set up a new icloud acount on the old ipad and sync to her own emails?  Most importantly, she w

Removing Hyperlinks from an Adobe Muse CC site

Hello, I built this site in adobe Muse CC 2014 NextGenFranchising.org It seems to be having some redirecting issues and directing to a ww3 site. In the Hyperlinks portion of the top menu within Muse, it still lists all of the hyperlinks. Is it possib

Distributors Wanted - Make Over A Million In A Week !

 How To Make One Million In A Week! Do you want to be in wealth or in poverty ? Do you want to be a millionaire this week? This is what you have to do. 1. Make 10,000 pre orders for "Putin's Trusted Psychic Attunement" Written By Elizabeth Ferna

Last ran query in the database

Hi , I need to know the last executed sql query in the data base. I tried desc v_$sql , etc.. but it says 'table or view doesnot exist'.. So could you please let me know the way to find the last executed query .. :)Not sure if you can retrieve the 'l

Flash animation consume 90-95% memory usage

Hi, http://ww3.virtualvox.com/jyoti/option1/ please check the url above..... i have used the dropdown menu in "About Us" and "Product" links... and the effect of dropdown menu is being very slow......bcoz of middle flash.... when i rem

Wah!!!!! I Dropped My MacBook Pro!!!!!

:'( Sob Story ........... I dropped my MacBook Pro ......... URG!!! It was in a case ......... neopreme, but that didn't do much, didn't expect it to either. now i NEED a new bottom case. top case is perfect, just the bottom case is SHOT. post WW3 on

Dowload pictures from snapfish to iphoto

I am unable to download pictures from the snapfish albums (portrayed as a slideshow) to my iphoto.  I am making a presentation and can not copy them... the only thing I get when I right click is information re adobeGoogle found this: http://support.s

How to Scale Images in a Table in Fluid Grid Layout?

I copied over a table full of mouseover images into my new fluid grid layout. It all works fine, but in Mobile mode, all the images are compressed horizontally. How do I fix this? http://savcp.com/howwemet-fluid.htmlStrip out your table code with F&R

Toshiba satelitte refomat - now no wireless network

Dear All, Hoping someone can help. Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 - Windows Vista 32bit model PSAG9E I have just reformtted the laptop the recovery disc  and now there is not any wireless(yes, it is  switched on). Under Device Manager there is a yellow e

Portlet to Submit Documents To Directory

Is there a way of using a portlet to submit a document directly to the Directory? I have a Snapshot Portlet that displays a list of all content in a folder but I am looking for a similarly easy way of submitting content via file upload.As you said Sa