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Error While Creating Material Classification Characteristic DataSource -

Hi  All,     I am creating the Material Classification DataSource 1CL_OMAT001 with CTBW in R/3 with the following info: Basis DataSource = 0MATERIAL_ATTR; Client = 200; Class Type = 001; Obj table = MARA; DataSource Type = ATTR,  DataSource = 1CL_OMA

Error while generating material classification data source in R/3

Hi, I am trying to generate the data source for material classification in R/3. I have created the data source entry in CTBW and added the classification fields required for the data source. But while generating the data source i am getting an error,

Initial load of material classification

Hi, We want to start using GTS to maintain tariff codes and to assign materials to tariff codes. We will start off with loading tariff codes in GTS from a dataprovider. However, we do not want to start from scratch with assigning materials to tariff

To load material classification from SAP R/3 to BI 7.0

Hi, Theres a requirement at my end to load material classification data (data that u get to see in MM03 in the 'Classification' tab for a material) from R/3 to Bi 7.0 I did see a few threads on this; tried it out; in vain. Can someone please forward

What is the impact - Activating Change Logs for Material Classification Dta

To activate Change Logs for Material Classification Data I must first set the flag for "Multiple Objs Allowed" for the Class Type 001 Material Class. I am curious of what the impact of setting this flag will be. Also, is there a way to measure t

CIF of material classification data

Dear Experts, Since a recent technical upgrade to our systems, I have seen a change in behavior of the integration of material classification data from ECC to SCM.  Before the upgrade, classification data transferred with the initial CIF of the mater

Urgent help with Material classification

Thsi is regarding data into BW for Material classification. I am tryign to create the extractors as suggested in BW expert & in the forums posted by others. I did create 1CL_0MAT001 .but i did nto understand where to add the charerceristics & furt

BTE for material classification

Hi, im searching for a BTE which trigger modification on material classifications. I found EVENT 4004 and 4005, but they not work. I change classification with mm02 under the classification tab. Have someone an idea if there is an EVENT for this? Or

Error while working on 'Material Classification'

Hello Guys I was working on creating a generic datasource using t-code CTBW (material classification technique). And i got the following error: Object type is not a sheet type in the class type Diagnosis A class type with several object types can hav

Raw Material Classification ?

Hi All, Weare facing a problem  during uploading material classification, using BAPI "BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE" , or BDC using transaction "CLMM" , or LSMW using transaction "CL20N". Each material classification upload is taking nea

Material Classification Data in BW

Hi All, Please help me to under stand the concept of classification datasource. How the data for the fields are populated etc. A document on creating these datasources will also be helpful. My requirment is to bring material classification data to BW

Material Classification Data changes

Hello, I need to track the changes done to material classification data. I can not see changes through MM04 transcation. Is there any way i can see the table where changes are stored or way changes are tracked? Best Regards HimanshuHi, Generally CDPO

Material Classification Data extraction fron ECC

Hello Experts, We are trying to extract material classification data from ECC 6.0 to MDM 7.1 using mdmgx T-Code. We are using the standard SAP list of tables which is uploaded in MDMGX. On performing 'Start Extraction' it gives us the following error

How to integrate cProjects with R/3 to get the Material Classification Data

Hi all,    We are installing the cProjects and we have to integrate it with R/3 to get the Material Classification data.   Is any one has developed the object link, which links cProject and Material Classification data in R/3?   Thanks in advance. Re

Functional module for Getting Material classification data.

Please tell me Functional module for Getting Material classification data like class type , class, characteristics and characteristics values for material.Dear, FM: CLAF_CLASSIFICATION_OF_OBJECTS Table KLAH Class Header Data - KSML Characteristics of

What next...After Loading  'Material Classification' data in to BW from R/3

Hi all,     We want to load the 'Material Classification' data in to BW from R/3.     0MATERIAL_ATTR and 0MAT_PLANT_ATTR are the Basis DataSources and the following DataSources are created with Tcode CTBW:     1CL_OMAT001, 1CL_OMAT002  & 1CL_AMFG002

Change Documents for Material Classification data Changes

Dear Friends, We have configured custom classification objects for material master and also we are able to maintain the material characteristics using MM01, MM02 and also using ALE interface. But I am not able to find the Change Documents in any of t

Import Failed loading Material Classification data Links

Hi Friends Please help me in solving the issue. I am doing Data Migration, The data is provided in Excel sheet.All the data related to Material is imported successfully in MDM. But the Material Classification links ( 40K+ rows )  is throwing Import f

BAPI to Update Material classification data

Hi All,   Is there a BAPI that can be used to update material classification data? Regards, Hari.Hi Hari, Please try this FM UPDATE_MATERIAL_CLASSIFICATION. Also check program standard SAP program RCCLBI03. Regards, Ferry LiantoRead other 5 answers

Copa - text of material classification values to copa

we will use copa for analysis. we want to have some material classification values to pa. we have the ausp value at copa by using kedr. but the problem is text of the classification values. When i try to create a value field with referance to the dat