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ITunes 11 custom color changes all the sudden (album)

Because I use iTunes 11 between 2 PCs, I've noticed this slight issue since, where one particular album on 1 PC gives a slightly different palette of colors than the other. All the sudden today, my Kelly Clarkson Greatest Hits: Chapter 1 Deluxe album

ITunes album cover color is broken in windows 8, please help

My itunes shows broken color like this on windows 8 pro 64 bit: http://i.imgur.com/i7rjJfL.jpg?1 Anyone else having the same problem? can anyone share the solution to fix the color? Thanks,Have you: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows Re

ITunes 9 background color

Hey... i recall iTunes 8 having a dark grey / black background... which was very pleasing to the eye. now iTunes 9 is all white, and it's straining let alone very 'boring'... why the change? the contrast was so much more easy on the eyes. Is there a

Quicktime/iTunes Full Screen Color Profile Issues?

I'm running Yosemite now, but this has been an issue long before I upgraded from Mavericks as well.  The default color calibration in OSX is overly bright and blown out on my monitor, so I have a custom calibration set up and in use on my Mac Mini. T

Is there a way to change Itunes 12's color scheme?

I have frequent migraines, during which time bright colors are very painful to look at. In fact, bright colors can be a trigger for me. I've customized most of my programs and websites to have gray or black backgrounds because these dark colors are m

ITunes app changed colors

The color of my iTunes app changed from blue to red.  Why?Because you downloaded the iTunes 12 update.Read other 3 answers

ITunes 8: Weird Color

I dunno if its supposed to be the default or not, but I recently downloaded iTunes 8 and the menus are in all pink and the sidebars look washed out. As far as I can tell, everything else works normally but what's with the color? It wasn't like that w

ITunes causes windows color quality to drop

I have been using iTunes along with my 3G iPod on my computer for some time now. But for some reason now when I open iTunes now the screen goes black and then when the screen comes back on the color quality has been reduced from 32bit to 8bit. I have

My ITunes is different colors!

I downloaded Itunes 8 for Windows XP on my computer, and now all of the sudden it's different colors. Where all the songs are listed is purple and the left sidebar with all my playlists is a grey/black color. I know this isn't right. HELP!Oh, thank g

The iTunes icon in my iphone disappeared

one day, after sync with my PC for backup. The iTunes icon (Purple color) in my iPhone 4 disappeared. How to get it back to my iPone 4?The iTunes app and icon, like all the stock iOS apps, can't be deleted.  It's been moved to another home screen pag

More music on iPhone than on iTunes

Hi all,      I've had my iPhone 4S for almost a year now, and I've replaced it twice.  The first time was because of a stuck sleep/wake button, and the other because my phone had someone else's informaiton on it.  This phone that I have now doesn't h

ITunes displays my podcast show but no podcast episode?

I was notified that my first podcast was accepted by iTunes a day ago.  Here is the URL given in my acceptance email: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/just-love-walking-show/id733590672 I can see my Just Love Walking show description and the first

When will apple change the color grey and white?

I may be color blind and have trouble seeing certain colors but that doesn't make colors a bad thing thing for itunes. One reason I don't like using to much my itunes is for the fact I can't change the color. It's rather a big issue for me because I

IPad screen has colored lines

The screen on my original iPad has horizontal colored lines and won't turn on.  This happened suddently.  I restored it via iTunes, but the colored lines are still there.  Please help!Sounds like a potential hardware issue, in which case it would nee

Burning bounced projects with iTunes

Hi, I'm planning on sending my album out to be mastered soon. I've bounced my songs from Logic into iTunes as wavs. I'm sure iTunes is fine as a program for burning the CD I send to be mastered, but I have an issue. When I listen to my bounced songs,

IPod Touch Crashing iTunes

Here is what I am using: iPod Touch 8gig iMac G4 Mac OS X 10.4.11 iTunes 7.5 Here is what is happening: When I connect the touch to the Mac everything appears to be working. The iPod displays the green battery alongside the date and time and 'slide t

Airtunes makes iTunes 8.1 crash

While my computer is connected to my ADSL Box, iTunes (seems to) work(s) fine. This noon, I wanted to listen to some usic via my Airport Express and Airtunes. Once connected to my Airport Express, iTunes freezes, the colored wheel spins and there is

Sync with Photoshop Elements 4.0

Windows: I have the latest version of ITunes and Ipod (Color 60 GB) software installed. I have been uploading photos via the standard "Select Folder" process. I just installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 and am not able to sync any Collections

Calendar colours are different in iPhone than what's on my iCal

Why is it that the colours that I assign in iCal on my computer is different than the colours I see for the same events on the Calendar in the iPhone? Say, for example, I set an event for MISC for a whole day for today, and make it Red in my iCal - w

Syncing Photos from PC

Hi, I am unable to sync the photo's from PC to Iphone 6. When i open the itunes(Latest one color Red Dont rememeber the #) under photos tab it says photos are in sync with Icloud, but i dont see any option to upload the Photos from PC. Am i missing a