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Control izarc or winzip or winuha with labview

Hi. I have a lot of data with my acquisition program. The idea is to compress it to file it. How can I make an automatic program with labview to compress datas with winzip or izarc or winuha or anything else??? It's very important for me because my d

Guide: Optimizing Your Windows XP/Vista Notebook

purpose: to build a highly optimized, personalized, faster, smaller and more secure OS installation using windows xp (can use vista also but this guide will not cover it in any detail) plus i was bored to tears information: this is a somewhat advance

Problem with Java and Zip Files

Hello there everyone. I have a problem with trying to zip up directories with empty folders in them. They zip fine with my code, but according to winzip, the number of files in the archive is incorrect. It's supposed to have a total of 288 files in i

I'm planning on buying a MacBook Pro 13" soon and I do a bit of photography. But I still have a few questions!!!!!

Well, I'm currently on a Windows 7 based laptop (HP Pavilion dv6 2010). I like Windows and I've been using it all my life and I think it's great!!! But, there are features the the OS X has that Windows doesn't have (namley the Motion Gestures). Thing

How do I disable zip folders in Windows 7?

I like to use a third-party archive application, so I really don't like how by default Windows makes zip files expand automatically in Windows Explorer and show up in the folder view. So... How do I disable zip folders in Windows 7? In XP and Vista,

Problem Connecting iPad or iPhone to Wifi (Linksys E1000)

I recently moved from my parent's house to a condo and I am having trouble connecting my iPad or iPhone to my WiFi.  I have not problem with my main desktop (connected to the router via ethernet), but my iPad and iPhone fails to connect to the networ

Custom Tab Missing in Template Section

Hello - I recently migrated to SharePoint 2013.    Under Site Settings > Web Design Galleries > Solutions, I can see that my site templates carried over.   They have been activated.    However, when I go to create a new subsite, I noticed that the C

Problems extracting bin files

Because of problems with the activation server that was disabled, I've had to download photoshop CS2 and reinstall it on my new laptop. I've had my old laptop for almost four years, and had no problems with it, so I guess this activation server probl

Customized Web-Auth Bundle

Hi I am trying to upload a customized web-auth bundle to a WLC 5508 and having some issues. I have downloaded the web-auth bundle from Cisco and used this as a template to create the web pages. I seem to recall that there is only a couple of Windows

Windows 7 validation errors on almost every software

Hello, I recently, downloaded Windows 7 professional from MSDN, I have a valid key. After I installed windows 7 I repeatedly get validation error on the following softwares: Internet explorer windows explorer skype Izarc Eclipse the error is like: NA

LR CC backup corrupt

Needed to get access to a backup of my catalog, created with LR CC (on Windows 7). The backup file is in a ZIP file now. I was unable to extract the .LRCAT file from the ZIP file. I tried both IZArc and Windows ZIP folder and got an error message: "F

Edir sharepoint designer 2013 workflow xaml

How to edit sharepoint designer 2013 workflow xaml I was able to edit it by exporting wsp and cab and modified xaml but how to again create wsp of this modifed cab. I took reference of http://netwovenblogs.com/2013/12/10/export-sharepoint-designer-20