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Jabber 9.2.1 disable local chat archive

One of the new features implemented with Jabber 9.2.1 is to save your current chat to an HTML file.  I wouldn't have a problem with that feature, but now when you close a chat window and reopen it, it keeps the history until you log out of the client

Help with Presence Server 9.0 and Compliance Logging to Postgres

I recently got Presence IM up and running, version, 9.0.1, using Jabber for Windows 9.1.1.  I am required to log all conversations so I stood up a postgres server, version 9.1.  I am not having any success with getting messages to log however.  I hav

Cnetralization of Jabber Logs

We just rolled out Jabber at our company and our compliance came back to us saying that we need to have a way of able to archive the Jabber logs at a centralized location and be able to retrieve it for compliance purposes. I did a lot of research and

Message Auditing and Compliance

Good evening. We're looking at rolling out the Jabber client system wide, but am curious what people are using for message archiving and auditing for compliance/legal requires and HR needs? We're engaged with Actiance currently, but am having some ma

Save Jabber chat history in outlook

Hi We are rolling out BE6k's for customers, and one question keeps surfacing: if there is a way to save employee chat history, and search it. I realize there are 2 sides of this... one being a way to save it, and the second is being able to search (a

Grabar el Chat del Jabber

Hola a todos. Requiero de su ayuda para conocer si existe alguna forma de poder grabar los chat de los usuarios que tienen instalado  Jabber .  Existe alguna forma de poder resolverlo? graciasExiste un CSC en español, basta seleccionar Spanish del dr

Disable chat functionality of Jabber for specific users

Hello, Although I think Jabber's chat functionality is a great tool to boost productivity, I'm also aware of the downside of it. It makes it very easy to trash-talk about colleagues without anybody knowing but the senders and recipients of the chat.

Jabber Options - Phone Accounts - Voicemail -- "Spinning Wheel"

Been trying to resolve a nagging issue.   We currently have CUCM 8.6.2-20000-2, CUPS 8.6.4-10000-28 and just put up Unity Conn 9.1.  Jabber Win clients are 9.2(1).   Several people have not been able to integrate voicemail into the Jabber client.   W

Setting up Chat Room with Jabber

I am trying to create a chat room for multiple users all using a Jabber (gmail) account within ichat.  Is there a special naming protocol to creating a chat room or do you need to create an address somewhere before joining this chat room? I have no p

Intergrating Unity Voice-mail with Jabber

We are currently looking at using Jabber and have installed Jabber V 9.2.4 We are running Unity voicemail 7.1.3. I think we have Unity all set up to use voicemail and we can indeed forward our phone using the computer to our voicemail but we are not

Softphone feature for Cisco Jabber Client

Hello everyone, I have a CUCM cluster v.8.6.2 and a CUPS v.8.6.4. I've installed my full CUWL licenses as well as my CUP Licenses AND the Jabber for Everyone COP file. I've managed to install Jabber on Mac and on Windows and have all the features suc

Remote deployment switches for Jabber 9.2.2

Are there any installation switches for remote install via the MSI/DMG? I will be pushing this backage via Dell KACE K1000 appliance and would like to configure default options for the users during the install/upgrade such as Disabling (or 'unchecked

Customerise Jabber installer with phone account populated

Hi, I got a question in customerising the installer. Is there a way we can populating phone account credentials (File > Options > Phone Accounts) using the same as the login ones? We are using one set credentials for CUP and CUCM. Regards, LeonHi Le

Jabber call to voice mail fails with fast busy over VPN

I have an issue that I ran into with CIPC phones over a VPN.  If a CIPC phone called over a VPN and started ringing a phone the call would fail with fast busy at the time the call would be forwarded to voicemail.  I found the issue was when remote th

Jabber/WebEx Connect SSO Questions

I've got a few questions around exactly what needs to be done to get SAML working for our Connect accounts to successfully authenticate from Jabber for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. We have both a Meeting Center and Connect account under WebEx u

Jabber for iPhone and iPad cannot receive calls

We currently have Call Manager 9.1.1 and Presence 9.1.1. I am starting to use the Jabber Client for iPhone and iPad, but am having trouble receiving calls dialed to a particular extension. If I can go settings for the iPhone Jabber client as an examp

Jabber for Windows- VM issue

I had configured Jabber for windows in  windows 7, the problem is after logging into jabber client iam not able to get the "phone accounts" under options. Iam able to call , and recieve calls but no voice mail. In the Jabber cleint diagnostic it

Jabber Client softphone is "No Connected"

Hi, I am trying to setup a lab for cisco partner testing. I created Collab 10.5 topology with cucm & cups 10.5. I am running out of ideas of what could be wrong. My jabber client for windows works with deskphone but it does not work with it's softpho

Jabber 9.1 Registration To CUCM 8.6.2

Good evening, I have a problem I am hoping someone can answer for me. I have a CUCM/ Unity Connection/ CUP platform which are all 8.6x I have configured all the components and I am currently trying to get Jabber to work, I have 1 user who has 2 clien

Jabber 9.2.6 - No Phone Tab

When clicking on the message icon in jabber we get an error message stating the user is not signed in, to resolve goto the phone accounts tab under the options window, we have no such tab showing, anyone help?Neither CUCM nor CUC are SSO-integrated w