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Java 1 6 0 07 Download Free


ANN: SAP GUI for Java 7.10 available for download

Hi all, SAP GUI for Java 7.10 is now available at <b>http://service.sap.com/sapgui-java</b>. In case you are not registered on service.sap.com, you can alternatively download it from ftp://ftp.sap.com/pub/sapgui/java/710. <b>New platform

How do I clear all of the java applets that have been downloaded?

I migrated firefox and other applications to my new mac so that I would not to reenter all of my passwords saved by firefox. However, it appears that the java applets were also transfered and one of these applets does not work with the new intel mac.

With 8.0 version of Firefox, clicking links to .tif files on a java web app are being downloaded as .ppt, .part.ppt., or .ppt.part. The change of name to PPT causes them to associate with powerpoint. IE opens the files normally as .tif as expected.

When using java based webapp to view a remote directory, clicking .tif files offers the standard "Open" dialog. If you select open, an error is produced saying file is not a valid powerpoint file. Selecting download will download the file as a .