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How to load a java script in oracle database

Is it possible to load d java script in Oracle database. while the object type is java resource ..RENUJP wrote: I meant to load a javascript to oracle database not to oracle appliocation. like loadjava.... I can load a javascript to oracle database..

Unable to get 'InitialContext' using Java Client in Oracle App

Scenario & Problem Description: Unable to get 'Initial Context' using Simple Java Client in Oracle Application Server I'm having an issue while I try to initialize the Initial Context for an EJB lookup from a simple Java Client [local lookup

Problem with Java 5 and Oracle 10g JDBC driver

Hi All, Currently we upgrade our web application to Java 5 and Oracle 10.2 JDBC driver. And we encountered a bug, when the user entered the information through UI and data didn't store into database (Oracle 9i). The problem is that this bug is not ha

Unable to get database connection  from loaded java class in oracle

Hi all, I am trying to call java class method from oracle function, but getting below exception, while creating connection. SQL> select charge_calculation(1,'2011-06-01', 'E') from dual; select charge_calculation(1,'2011-06-01', 'E') from dual ERROR

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jdbc.dr

Hi I am trying to use type 4 driver to connect to my Oracle 9i Rel2 database. I downloaded the odbc14.jar from oracle and added in the C:\Oracle9i\jdbc\lib path. As on the website, I setup my environment: Setting Up Your Environment On Win95/Win98/NT

How to load a java file into Oracle?

Hello, I have some problem in loading a java file into Oracle 8i. I used "loadjava -user <userName/Password> -resolve <javaClassName>" command. JAVA Version used JDK 1.5 When calling this class file from a trigger gives this error OR

Error while loading java file in Oracle

Hi, I am facing error while loading java class into oracle . Can you please help -bash-3.2$ cd /export/home/sacuser/ -bash-3.2$ loadjava -user sacuserdb/[email protected] - resolve Oracle_Validator/src/com/nec/blm/oracle/validator/Validate.java unrecogni

Java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLParseException

Hi there Masters I am new in Java and I would need your help please.. I am calling a function in Java passing 1 parameter and returning an XML back but at the point of execution I get an error below... At the end I have attached my java code...PLEASE

Error while importing java class into oracle forms 10g

Hi I have generated a web service client using jdeveloper 10g. It consists of complex type methods. I am trying to import the class files using java importer in oracle form 10g. I am able import all of them successfully except one. That one is the ma

Strange error while running java program in oracle

Hi all, I have written a java program and saved it as .sqlj file. i have to run the program on sql prompt. while running the program i am getting the following error.Please help me.I am in urgent situation ORA-29536: badly formed source: User has att

Error: ORA-03113 while executing complex java code from Oracle PL/SQL

Hi, I am trying to execute a complex java code from Oracle PL/SQL. The classes were resolved successfully. But in the middle of execution, I am getting the following error: ERROR: ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE begin ERROR at line 1: ORA-03113: e

How to use java source in Oracle when select by sqlplus.

How to use java source in Oracle when select by sqlplus. I can create java source in Oracle import java.util.*; import java.sql.*; import java.util.Date; public class TimeDate      public static void main(String[] args) public String setDate(int i){

Java error installing Oracle 8.1.7 EE on Suse 7.2

Hi, during the installation, when I press the NEXT button in the "Database Identification" section, the installation doesn't continue. In the error log file oraInstall.err there's the following error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/ewt/s

Java.lang.Exception: oracle.sysman.emSDK.webservices.wsdlapi.SoapTestException: Client received SOAP Fault from server : Failure in SDOSerializer.deserialize

Hi All, I am getting this exception while invoking one of our service from EM. Any pointers will be very helpful. java.lang.Exception: oracle.sysman.emSDK.webservices.wsdlapi.SoapTestException: Client received SOAP Fault from server : Failure in SDOS

Java.lang.Exception: Oracle server error604....

can you please let me know what might be the cause for this "java.lang.Exception: Oracle server error604...."Hi, its JDeveloper and ADF on this forum. For EM related questions, you should try the EM forum FrankRead other 2 answers

How to use Java Script in Oracle Forms 10g

Hello, Appreciate if anyone could help me using Java Script in Oracle Forms 10g? Thanks GMThank you for your reply. I was reading on the metalink that we could use the to call the java script from oracle Forms 10g (Doc ID 265863.1) Example: WEB.SHOW_

How to use java programe in oracle form

Hello Expert, My Config is : - Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production) Jdeveloper - 10.1.3 I want to use the java programe in form builder. I create the one java class in Jdeveloper - package demo; import java.net.InetAddress; import java.net.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/xml/parser/v2/

Hi! Kindly assist on the following error. I'm doing the sample acmevideo on Cashier Application deploying as a Java Application from JDeveloper3.0 and Oracle8i 8.1.5. And I had this error after executing the following command; Path=e:\javaWebServer2.

How to deploy a POJO or a java application in oracle ESB?

hi, I m beginner in oracle ESB. please someone tell me how to deploy a POJO or a java application in oracle ESB? thank you. Peter.The short answer is "you wouldn't" The long answer is that you would expose your Java Application or POJO as a Web

Java.lang.ClassCastException: oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLText cannot be cast to org.w3c.dom.Element

Hello I am getting java.lang.ClassCastException: oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLText cannot be cast to org.w3c.dom.Element error. This code is in java which is present in java embedding. The SOA is parsing the xml in java code using oracle.xml.parser.v2 . T