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I am Newbie in Java ME, Could all of you tell me , how to Install JAVA ME in UBUNTU.... maybe have link or PDF file :-) THNQ Davidyou can also try out... google "WTK Release" on linux.. download WTK Release and follow the instruction given, u ca

Java j2ee with ubuntu

hi... i am trying to useing java 2EE with linux (ubuntu) like.(servlet , jsp , ...). first : i downloaded java sdk and set the enviroment variables (PATH , CLASSPATH , JAVA_HOME ) right. second i downloaded tomcat (Servlet Container ) ,configure it a

Can't get Safari 5.1.1 to run a java applet from Ubuntu Server with unsigned cert

Hi there, I am trying to run a Webmin control panel in the latest safari and no matter what I do, I keep getting this error message: Works fine in Latest Chrome. I am running latest Lion and would like to use Safari as my main browser, but if I can't

Java install on Ubuntu

Hi all, I downloaded the latest j2se1.4 (test purposes). I have followed the install instructions, i have even added the following to my /etc/profile. export JAVA_HOME=/opt/j2sdk1.4.2_07 export CLASSPATH=. export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin I am only a

64-bit firefox on ubuntu 11.04 crashes trying to run 32-bit java applet, should this be possible?

on 64-bit Ubuntu installation I need to be able to run a 32-bit java applet within browser. If this is possible, how? With icedtea6 plugin (for 64-bit jre) firefox crashes when applet first starts to run. 11.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.04.1Hi, You can try t

Gui710 for java rev7 run in ubuntu(linux os)

hello, I install the gui 710 for java rev7 in ubuntu(linux) whose java version is sun java Version 6 Update 11 . I can only run the guilogon and start graphic window in the command mode, but can not start graphic window when double click the guillogo

Eexception in java.awt.AWTError

Hi all, I am starting with java in my Ubuntu box, and am faced with a problem. Consider a simple program import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; class helloSwing{      public static void main(String[] args)           JFrame myWindow;           myWin

Trying to use a java 32bit program in Arch 64bit

After giving up some time ago, I decided once more to try to run a commercial 32bit Java application in my Arch 64bit. The same program runs fine in a vm with Ubuntu 64bit. Also, I installed bin32-jre from aur and I messed up the jre.sh and jdk.sh sc

CDC compiling problem

I am compiling CDC source code (j2me_cdc_fp-1_0_2-src.zip) downloaded from sun java website in Ubuntu Linux. But now I have problem to pass it. I have jdk1.6.0_03 installed in my Ubuntu. When I start to compile this package, I got 24 errors like this

Vivado 2014.2 crashes on Debian [solved]

Hi! Today I installed Vivado 2014.2 on my Debian machine (kernel 3.14-1-amd64, Debian version "sid" with all packages updated today, "de_AT.UTF-8" locale, Gnome desktop). When starting Vivado:   . /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2014.2/settings64.s

Get rid of that "blue" look and feel which overrides GTK?

Since Java 5 when you run on a GTK system (or a windows system if I remember correctly) you get a pale blue look and feel in Swing rather than one which looks like your usual operating system's L&F. Can that be turned off? :) Cheers, ChrisThis is wei

Java does not work at all upon using the update manager to update to firefox 3.6.10 for Ubuntu 9.0.4

OS: Ubuntu 9.0.4 Browser: Firefox 3.6.10 upon updating to firefox 3.6.10, java does not work at all. websites that use java do not work at all anymore, when they worked just fine before the updating thru update manager. e.g. hulu website cannot play

Java not showing up in ubuntu

I have installed Java Studio Creator successfully in Ubuntu. But when I open the program, all I get is a gray window. Is there a way of fixing this. (I am using Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy gibbon)Are you using compiz (a.k.a desktop effects)? If so, try disabli

Gentoo doesn't run a Java (Flash) application but Ubuntu yes

Hello everybody. I can't find a solution to a Java-Flash-Gentoo related problem. I would like to run a Java program, using an [external library|http://djproject.sourceforge.net/ns/] , to realize a Java FlashPlayer. This is the code of the player: pac

I am using Ubuntu 10.04, when I am trying to open a java dependent browser i am unable to open the content.There is some problem to load Doc,exl files with the content transfer protocol of the linked browser.

I am working on Ubuntu 10.04, Whenever I use to access a site which is java based site I am having problem to see the contents.There are several instants while browsing that we clicks a link & it opens a site which is a Ms DOC/EXL file which should g

How to upgrade to Java JDK 1.7 on Ubuntu Unix Server 12?

Well, I have just installed Ubuntu Server 12, and, I am trying to get Java JDK 1.7 to run within the unix box, so I took the easy way and it would seem like there is some variant named 'ice tea' which is based on 1.6. When finding (searching) within

How is Java JRE or SDK actually installed in Ubuntu?

Ive used Java since the 1990s. Its been mostly on windows that has an exe installer; But always get to this difficult part when it comes to installation. Right now under Ubuntu i am installing java runtime again, have done it before but simply cannot


hello .. i have a problem.. i already search on forum a lot..but i couldnt find the solution or something exactly like that..so..i'd like to ask some help over here.. i already installed jdk..jmf.. jmfregistry detects my webcam without problems.. i c

Running FireFox 7 on Ubuntu, I can't access any java chat rooms - it pretends to load then just stops. any suggestions?

When I try to access any chatroom using FireFox depending on the website it either pretends to load that application but nothing displays OR it tells me that connection is refused on Port 843 and I get a java access security error. Initially it did w

New to java, having trouble with Installing JDK on Ubuntu

Hello, everyone??? I'm try to install j2se jdk-1_5_0_15-linux-i586-rpm.bin on my Ubuntu Linux 7.10, I ran the self-extract file and everything just seemed fine. But when I get to setting the system environment variable , something must have gone wron